Jan 6: Trump staffer asks, “Does it look like we’re f’ing winning?”

They say it ain’t over until the fat lady sings (sorry for the body shaming), but Thursday night’s prime-time, seventh broadcast of Jan. 6 House committee hearings probably will not be the last. The Democrats are having too much fun. (In fact, moments before the hearing began, word leaked that this would not be a series finale, but a season-ender, and those usually have a cliffhanger.)

President Trump’s actions led Sarah Matthews to resign

Going into the telecast, the Dems had their own ideas about which people should be called to play To Tell the Truth, primarily two members of the Trump inner circle who resigned eight after Jan. 6. They were repulsed by their boss’ action.

My idea is there are a different bunch of people Americans want to see and hear.

I refer to the Secret Service agents who could corroborate — or dispute — stories previously spun about President Donald J. Trump: such as wrestling for the wheel of his limo, and decorating the walls of his dining room with food that had been on plates just moments before.

These are not important elements of the story, but they are known in the trade as “talkers” — things that people will talk about. Used to be at the office water cooler, but in covid

 times, stuff shared on Instagram.

The committee’s stated aim was to create a timeline of what Trump did during the riot on Capitol Hill, all 187 minuets of it.

So the bulk of the hearing was a rehash of the 187 minutes during which there was a riot on Capitol Hill that Trump could have called off. The proof of that is when Trump issued a “go home” video — the crowd did.

Much is it was not new, aa were  video statements from Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, blaming him for the riot or for failing to act against it, as his oath dictates.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy chided Trump

Two two staffers — deputy national security advisor Matthew Pottinger and communications aide Sarah Matthews — said that Trump’s actions and inactions that day led directly to their resignation.

Even after the mob had breeched the Capitol, Trump was tweeting that the crowd was doing a great job.

Donald Trump Jr. texted Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to say, “He’s got to condemn this shit.”

Meadows replied, “I am pushing it hard.”

“They will try to fuck his entire legacy on this if it gets worse,” replied the junior Trump with more analytical skills than his father. 

Lots of the Trump inner circle were sending futile message to get the big guy to turn it off, along with GOP leaders and media figures such as Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. 

I must mention a lack of actual evidence that he turned the riot on. He did assemble the crowd, sure, but never called for violence. Some say he lit the fuse.

And I think that is what a future criminal case might center on — his instigation. Failing that, there is dereliction of duty,

Committee member Elaine Luria cited numerous Trump appointees and Republicans who felt Trump should have shown leadership by stopping the riot.

He steadfastly refused.

Matthews said she suggested the violence be condemned quickly and unequivocally, and to tell these people go home. “I couldn’t believe  we were arguing about this in the middle of the West Wing, talking about the politics of a tweet, being concerned about handing the media a win, when we had just watched all of that violence unfold at the Capitol,” said Matthews. 

She motioned at the TV and said, “Does it look like we’re f’ing winning? Because I don’t think it does.” She resigned after the President’s  4:17 tweet, which started with the big lie about a stolen election. As a spokeswoman, she knew she could not defend that lie, so she resigned. 

When House Minority Leader McCarthy couldn’t get Trump to agree to stand down, he then called the president’s daughter, Ivanka, and her husband Jared. 

Eventually, he conceded and asked his followers to go home.

Which they did.

Pottinger and Matthews were fine witnesses, but they were not in the hot corner — and that was before we learned that most Secret Service texts sent on Jan. 6 had mysteriously vanished.

So there is our cliffhanger — when will the committee line up Secret Service agents to raise their right hand and pledge to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

See you in September.

29 thoughts on “Jan 6: Trump staffer asks, “Does it look like we’re f’ing winning?””

  1. Well done January 6 commuter. I always knew Trump was an amoral narcissistic sociopath. Each one of these hearings has confirmed that opinion. What scares the hell out of me though is that the plot to overthrow our election extended so far beyond him and invoked many people having planned this ou for a long time.

  2. The Democratic Party, of which I have been a member for over 50 years is in shambles. My concern is about the parties political strategy. Is this all we got? We’re going to re take the majority in the Senate by connecting every mid term Republican candidate to Donald Trump? Is every Republican Senate candidate supported the RvW decision, and religious conservatives? No. As such, the platform talking point won’t be abortion. Polls suggest not every Democrat is for open borders, particularly along border states, so that won’t be a platform talking point. Polls also suggest not every Democratic Party member is in favor of continuing mail in balloting created during the Covid 19 pandemic. Lord knows the economy is in the crapper and both parties get the blame for that as well. What a Charlie Foxtrot we have going on here! Makes me think of the John Lennon song Nobody Told Me. “Strange days indeed”

    1. Will the Dems return to center, as people like you and I want, or go further left as the young and progressive want? The woke left seems to have the upper hand right now.

  3. Anyone defending this criminal at this point is simply defending the indefensible.

    1. Freeze, it is unreal that trump still has people who support him. It tells me that there are a lot of sick maladjusted people out there…some of them here.

  4. I sort of gather, Stu, that you’re telling us that September will be reruns?

    Sorry to say. Trump is not only nailing the coffin shut, he’s digging his own grave. That’s the problem with genius. They are so far beyond us mere mortals. Read about anyone of them. What they did in their chosen fields is nothing short of spectacular. Then they set out to change the world, according to their thoughts and plans.
    As for more of this wasteful money spending spree. Right up till the mid term elections. You heard it here. The dims have nothing else, As Greg pointed out.
    The sad part of this, to me, is that our youth is on a tear. Noone is stepping in to guide them back to center. On both sides of the political divide, common ground can be found in the center. Having said that. Iy appears that no one is really looking to unite our country.

  6. Trump a genius? You’ve got a real interesting sense of humor Anthony. He’s self-defeating like every human who has a personality disorder. Look it up. And please tell us what geniuses you refer to. Aristotle? Newton? da Vinci? Einstein? Curie? Tesla? Edison? You equate them with this grifter? Absurd.

        1. Yo, Anthony, I thought only the less-well-informed gambled. Life is enough of a gamble without, literally, throwing one’s money away. Only thing one can say about casino gambling is that (hopefully) one already knows the odds – and they are not in your favor. I don’t find any enjoyment in showering money on gambling parlor owners. I’d just a soon donate it to some better charitable cause. As to tRUMP having owned several casinos – he couldn’t even do that right. Another one of his boneheaded operations, just like his presidency.

          1. Randy, you’ll never convince Anthony that his hero is a boneheaded grifter. He doesn’t even understand that you want to invest in something that will make money for many years, not risky casinos that ultimately fail because of the huge debt that you can’t repay. So you declare bankruptcy and leave everyone else holing the bag. I tried to explain it to him once to no avail.

    1. wnda,
      you’re spots are showing. And I used to think that you were an ‘intellectual’ with common sense. NOT ! You were just hiding, getting ready to pounce.
      Let’s just say, for conversation, that here you are with a few bucks to invest and it’s late 1970s. You read that Jersey is coming in with casinos in A.C. Sounds good, so you do your homework and invest. No surprise, your investments are paying off. Now it’s the early ’80s. A few casinos can’t get the funding, so they have to sell off. Can’t remember the name used, but along comes Donald Trump. His reputation is tough to say the lease. So you watch and wait. You get some of his stock on his first casino and you’re happier than a pig in mud. Trump takes over another casino. I think he got up to four, then sold one off to Merv Griffith. You got some bucks. Everybody’s stock has split at least once. ( still with me) Now it’s the 90s. Casinos are starting to pop up on the easternseaboard. A.C. is in a tail spin. Time to bail. Get out while the getting is good. In less than fifteen years, you made your salary a few times over, cause you kept reinvesting. Now it’s time to pull out and look elsewhere. That’s called smart investing. Playing the stock market, etc. I guess you have a problem with eating steak instead of tuna fish in a can. Wearing clothes with nice labels instead of shopping at that big blue box on the corner ?

      1. What are you babbling about Anthony? Incoherence at its finest. You are emulating your genius hero. I don’t pounce, I just have issues with nonsense statements. I also don’t gamble. Only fools do. I also address relevant data and don’t deflect like Trump cultists presented with inconvenient facts.

        1. Hey Tony, time to back off a little. Or maybe a lot. At the risk of repeating myself… tRUMP has overwhelmingly proved out the old adage: “Even a stopped clock is correct twice a day.” That’s as much as can be said good about him. As far as what you have said above, regarding tRUMP and the casinos he built and operated….other than having provided jobs for people, while getting there, he screwed over every last contractor he dealt with. And then couldn’t figure out how to properly manage to run the casinos, other than into the ground. Like I said about that clock…

  7. Seems all the replies are telling us the same thing. None of these hearings have changed anyone’s mind. You either are for Trump or you are not. The people who hate him voted against him and we’re able to elect Biden. The big question is, is the country better off?

  8. I have to admit the democrats, Pelosi & Co., are playing J6 like a Stradavarius. (Ah! The irresistible sweet music of revenge…and that aroma? “Is the popcorn done Sweety?”) Oodles of voters gather in their homes mesmerized each time another former Trump employee surrenders under the pressure of that wonderful human being and author, Adam Schiff or the forlorn face of Lis Chaney. The lure is irresistible…let the show begin. (As my deceased Ukey Father-in-law used to yell in broken English when watching politicians… “those no good lousy goddams….!”) He had their number, did he ever.

  9. Mr. Vagnozzi makes the most important point in all the rambling give-and-take preceding his post: to wit, will any of the Left’s shenanigans or the Right’s support of DT really change anyone’s mind? Yes, some RINO’s turned on DT, but RINOs have always infected the GOP. Nothing new there. The ONLY thing evident to me is the glee the Left seems to take in abusing DT’s corpse. The man is dead, having committed hari-kari via his Twitter account while he was president. I voted for DT and cheered when he started to undo some of the damage the Obama had done to the nation (especially in the area of racial amity). And I cringed whenever he used Twitter to diminish his and the Office of the President’s stature. As I have said, the man is history, leave him alone. What is it about the Left that it enjoys so much wrecking people’s lives and reputations? It is a sickness, and it is dreadful to behold in action.

    1. You can’t be serious. You people amaze me in you capacity to not see what is in front of your face. The Dems/left love to destroy lives? I’m far from being left and am no fan of progressives and find it really sad that this guy has managed to act to his own detriment and tried to destroy our republic while he was at it. He has not been yet mortally wounded and as you can see here lots of people still love him and the GOP is still cowering in fear of him. If destroying him and putting him in prison is what it takes to BEGIN to heal the US, I say have at it. As for destroying people. Really? Who destroyed the lives of Ruby Freeman and Shay Moss? Capital police officers? Who threatens Adam Kinsinger’s wife and baby? Raffensberger, Bowers? It ain’t the left making those vile threats of violence. THAT is the group that is scary as hell.

      1. I guess you conveniently forgot the YEARS of hatred directed at Richard Nixon, the destruction of Judge Bork, ongoing insults and disdain directed at Ronald Reagan (“an amiable dunce” was one of the kinder things said by the Left), the accusation of sexual assault hurled against Justice Thomas, and on and on. The Left’s hatred is bottomless.

        We always need loyal opposition. The Left has no concept of the meaning of that phrase. I despise what DT has done. But I find the wretched hatred directed at him to be disgraceful. What the Left hates most is that DT tried to take away its power. THAT is what motivated DT’s voters — the idea that MAYBE he could undo much of the damage the Left has inflicted on the financial and moral fiber of the nation. Fat chance when the Left owns the media, the entertainment industry, the courts, the schools, and so on.

    2. Agreed. Good post. But a sickness? I’d beg to differ. Rather a psychosis; a mental illness. There’s a reason we call it TDS (Trump derangement syndrome), key word being “deranged.” Not unlike a surfeit of rabid skunks. Unfit for civilized society.

    3. If you think Trump’s political career is over, sounds like you are a RINO. That is, as far as I can tell, the only way one can tell who is a RINO these days is whether they support Trump and everything he says–doesn’t matter in the least what their actual policy positions are. So, correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t the following all “RINOS”: Liz Cheney (92.9% voting with Trump); Tom Rice South Carolina, an “atrocious RINO” (94.1% with Trump) Bill Barr, Mike Pence, Brad Raffensberger, Doug Ducey, Brian Kemp, Lindsey Graham (Trump called him a RINO when he said Jan 6 rioters should not be pardoned), John Bolton, Mitt Romney (of course) and of course any longtime conservative journalist like George Will, Max Boot, Rich Lowry or any other person who has questioned the catechism that the 2020 election was stolen–not to mention any person who thinks the Capitol riot was anything more than some tourists wandering innocently through the building. If you can think of some actual policy differences between “real” Republicans and these “RINOs” I’d be interested to know what policies disqualify one from being in the GOP.

      Let’s face it, you and Tony Clark, since you do not believe that Trump is the Once, Current and Future President–not to mention that you even read Stu’s blog–are now officially RINOs who Trump has called the “lowest form of human life.” Better to be a Dim, no?

  10. still HAPPY FRIDAY !!!
    boys and girl,
    I’m glad to know that everyone’s heart is working. You three are entertaining, to say the least.
    Wanda, I gave you too much credit. Your true colors are showing. You are as much as ‘center’ as I am a dimocrat. ‘Dims’. go back through the blogs and see my definition of the ‘NEW’ democrat party. If you people are truly members of the dims, God help us all.
    I never called Donald Trump my hero. The correct phrase was, My President. I can’t say that about this guy and his party who are trying to destroy OUR country. I admired is business acumen. Doesn’t mean that I support his means and methods. One thing that NONE of you know, it seems, is business. Very simply put. When two parties enter into an agreement, there is a contract. Either side can back out ( forfeit ) at any times. Usually, the bigger the contract, the more detailed. Trumps NUMBER ONE job, was to make money for his investors. When A.C. was brand new, people not having the funds either lost or sold there casino. That’s how Trump got his first casino. Contractors of all shapes and sizes wanted to get in on the money. The problem there, is that you have to wait for your money. Your contract may say 30 day pay, but the reality is more often 90 days. In the mean time, you had better have deep pockets, because the workers want their pay every week. A grand a week was the norm on those casinos times your manpower. That’s how people go under.
    As for gambling . If you do your homework and don’t go nuts, you’ll never go broke in the stock market. Almost everyone is in it, although they may not realize it. Savings accounts, CDs, Money Market are all in there on the very conservative side. Trump and his holdings, Berkshire Hathaway, to name two are at the other end.
    Then there’s everybody’s favorite h. ( no capital ) I have never heard anything of value from this man other than when he speaks for or about our furry friends. I’ll leave it there.
    Reality check. Like Vince, we voted for Trump and we believe that he should step aside before he does more damage to the republican party. For those that are unaware. Trump’s Jersey golf course will be hosting a game sponsored by that new gulf association, owned by our ‘friends’ in the Middle East. It may be a good business move, but I think that it will be political suicide. J6 will go on right up to mid terms. Why not ! We Are Paying For It ! Nothing good can come out of these hearings.
    Hopefully Randy, this is my last reply to all of these wonderful entertaining – but not enlightening replys.

    1. Tony, why is it you feel you need to constantly attack Wanda? It seems you cannot accept that she not only disagrees with you, but she also destroys the lies and mis-information you are constantly posting here.

      BTW Tony, you know nothing about me except what you decided in your feeble mind so go ahead and ramble on.

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