It’s toon time

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and Stu a tired boy. There is no way I can produce crisp, sparkling copy and deep analysis on a daily basis, so I will take occasional breaks and will cover the breaks with fun — cartoons, memes, jokes, whatever.

The jokes will make fun of everyone — left, right, center, men, women, crickets, naked mole rats, even me. The only test I apply is this: do they make me laugh? If so, they go in. Or on.

They may not appeal to everyone, and that’s OK. If you find a side-splitter, send it to me. You will receive a prize. (Exposure and my eternal gratitude.)

41 thoughts on “It’s toon time”

  1. Great to see you uncensored. Hope you are a person that makes fun of everything… like me. Well I don’t mean you make fun of people like me, just that well you know…

    I learned early on as a child everything is funny until your parents catch you. Or now that you’re older, you find a typo in one of your written pieces.

    I mostly have a fun filled attitude now – my kids have it too, and when they come home from college we have dinners that last way into the evening, with us all laughing good naturedly funny stuff well except for me who evidently doesn’t know how to filter out some of the some of the funny other stuff. Like the article I wrote on my website against handicapped people. Some people just don’t think things like that are funny. Never mind one of my good friends is one of the last of the polio victims and walks with crutches. I make fun of him too – and we’ve been close for over 20 years as we were both on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Inventors.

    Stu – welcome aboard to the other side. I can’t wait to read your articles. Thanks.

    1. You’re just actually both not funny. Sorry to break it to you, but everyone can see through your ego-based humor that caters to the lowest common denominator. The awkward chuckles you get aren’t actual laughter. It’s a coping mechanism that people do until they can escape.

  2. Wow, I didn’t think I’d have so many typos in such a short reply. Sorry. You might think about giving some of your readers a chance to edit their stuff after it’s written. Sigh…. I guess I always do my best proofing after I hit “Publish”.

  3. It’s always fun until somebody gets hurt. Then it’s hilarious!
    Just saw the Saffron videos. I enjoy Phila.’s architecture and once emailed her asking to recommend a basic primer for the casual fan of buildings. Never heard back. Loser. You always connected with your audience and WE APPRECIATED IT!

  4. I welcome a chance to reconnect with your writing. Even if we disagreed it doesn’t mean we have to mortal enemies. Some people, especially the boring ones, never seem to get that.
    Bless you for keeping it interesting.

  5. After reading the WaPo review of your “career” and watching the epic takedown by jello wrestler Ms. Inga, and your timid retort, it is no wonder that you never tried the podcast route or talk radio.

    Do you miss your days with JE in Thailand and can you share those little dark secrets?

      1. Your meshpucha cares Stu.
        You have been humiliated in front of the world by your own people.
        Ask Netanyahu how it feels.

          1. Marimow, lurking in the corner, obviously enjoying your balls being handed to you, is the clear reference.

            If Damon Feldman gives you top billing for a fight with the Bagel Eating White Midget Civil Rights Leader in the Boardwalk< I bet you could draw a crowd.

  6. Stu,
    I am always amazed how a columnist is able to put out an column twice a week. So if want to enjoy your retirement, take as much time as you want you earned it.
    One comment about the Saffron video, when she tried insult you by calling you ” a Newspaper Man” ” Not a journalist “.
    The problem with journalism today is there isn’t enough people learning their craft. Wear that as a badge of honor.

  7. I would say the woman is taking poison, hoping to kill the man.
    I wonder which will die first.

  8. If you really think about it, you should thank Inga Saffron for the free publicity.

        1. Poison ivy is dirt cheap and about right.

          How about a cauldron, a jar of eye of newt and a fresh broom? She might appreciate that. Or not.

          Real men don’t care.

  9. I’m sorry you had that little bit of unpleasantness on your last day party, Stu. Why did they even ask her to speak? What ever happened to if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. What an obnoxious, spotlight grabbing move. It’s all about her, apparently.

    1. If you examined the footage shared, it is obvious Stu was loved by the sistas.
      Breakfast at Ms. Tootsies on the house.

  10. I see this funny little picture as perhaps the most elegant reply to “that woman from you farewell party who deserves not to be credited with even having a name” you could eve possibly have made.

  11. Stu is simply an ass! His reality is rooted in trips to Thailand to play with the kids. He is an embarrassment to Philadelphia and everything Inga Saffron said at his “can’t wait to see you go party” was spot on. He is far from a legitimate journalist. But I bet this comment is taken down by Stu because he can’t handle his own truth!

    1. You are an angry boy James. Name calling is a sure sign of a person who can’t handle emotion. I took the time to read the article in question. Though there are unpleasant realities in the world, it doesn’t mean they can’t be written about.

  12. Glad to see your words will not be muted. I’ll keep reading because I know you are honest.

  13. It sounds like the party was a glad you’re leaving type. The same ones who flag and remove every dissenting opinion in online comments. I’m sure they couldn’t wait to have one less voice of reasoned thought to deal with. I’m surprised your weren’t called a racist as that seems to be the favorite label for anyone dissenting.

    Really? Inga thinks she’s a “journalist “? All she does are puff pieces raving about the latest concrete and granite project the city spends millions on to replace trees, shrubs and god forbid grass!

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