Is this misogynist?

No, it made me laugh, and that is my test for what gets used. I don’t have to agree.

The interesting thing about this, if you want to analyze it, is that the target is not really women — it is the Disney corporation, and its movement into the Magic Kingdom of Wokeness in recent years. It is not just me saying it — Disney has admitted a dis consonance between what execs are doing and what the audience wants.
They say you should not explain a joke, but there are exceptions to every rule.

3 thoughts on “Is this misogynist?”

  1. The Babylon Bee is the best publication in America (am I still allowed to call it that?). They are satire, pure and simple, and they’re very good at targeting everyone, especially those who can’t take it.
    Liberals tried to shut them down last year. I encourage everyone to read The Bee a couple of times a week, if not more. Good for the soul.


  2. Funny is funny. To me, you can be as insulting as you want as long as it makes me laugh.

  3. Seinfeld, the show, insulted (gently) all races, religions, disabilities, sexual orientations, etc. Even mired in today’s WOKE stupidity, Seinfeld’s humor works magnificently.

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