Is that headline too subtle?

Well, no one would say it’s click bait, and I appreciate the helping hand. (Saying “please” might have been nice, but OK.)

This was the work of the good folks at Philadelphia’s favorite weekly, a.k.a. Philadelphia Weekly, where I am happy to be a contributor.

The rest of the blurb said Press Card is my first novel, after 60 years of writing journalistic nonfiction, mostly for the Daily News.

The central character, Claude Shelby, is a political reporter for a Philadelphia tabloid called the Free Press, which might put some people in mind of the Daily News. The book is fast-paced, funny, suspenseful and one of the most interesting things I have ever written. There is more about the book, and how to order, at the website

It’s available as an ebook ($9.99), from Amazon ($15), or an autographed copy from me ($20).

Please buy the book. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Is that headline too subtle?”

      NICE ! Here we are on fixed incomes. The economy is about to do another death spiral and the future looks bleak.
      I wonder id Stu will accept bit coins ? 😊🤣🤞

      1. I have a beautiful library within walking distance. Why buy when you can walk? Sorry Stu, I hope I’m not putting a downer on your bucket list achievement. Much success with the release.

  1. Dear, dear Stu-

    No one has, or shall ever, describe you or your reportage as “subtle”.
    And that’s good.
    I will certainly, buy a copy of “Press Card”. And I will almost certainly have you inscribe it
    to me.
    Keep up the good work!
    ,Stay Safe and Sane (Well, make an effort, anyway),

  2. My favorite ad of all time in re selling a book/magazine was the National Lampoon’s cover of a dog with a gun to its head. The ad read: BUY THIS BOOK OR WE’LL KILL THIS DOG. Naturally, a lot of people got their panties in a twist, but I’m holding onto my copy of the ad forever!

  3. Stu: I am trying to order this book for my Uncle Mike “the Strongman of Manayunk” he adores you. I am having a tough time find it on Amazon can you offer any suggestions?

    1. Yes. To receive an autographed copy, write a $25 check to Stu Bykofsky and mail it to 1326 Spruce St., #2405, Phila., Pa. 19107.
      I expect books by 8/20, and will mail them out promptly.

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