Injection site: Don’t f—- with South Philly

Having reduced the consumption (or at least the sale in the city) of tobacco and sugary (and many non-sugary) beverages through onerous taxes, Mayor Jim “Do Gooder” Kenney now has decided to increase the use of deadly drugs.

To paraphrase Yakov Smirnoff, “What a city!”

Mayor Jim Kenney lacks transparency

There is no question increased drug use will result from what was called a ”safe injection site,” until people — such as state Attorney General Josh Shapiro — pointed out there is no such thing as a “safe” way to shoot up street-bought drugs. The euphemism now is a “harm reduction site,” also inaccurate, because when you increase drug use, and this does, you do not reduce harm — you increase it. 

Philadelphia launched the first-in-the-nation program in the metaphoric dead of night, with no notification to the South Philly community that it was coming their way, and blindfolding the two Council members affected most, Kenyatta Johnson (it’s in his district) and Mark Squilla (it is across the street from his district). They were made eunuchs.

Remember Mayor Jim Kenney promising a transparent administration? He meant transparent when he feels like it. 

The announcement of the city-sponsored shooting gallery at Broad and McKean, the site of the former St. Agnes Hospital, and the way it was done, did something unusual — it split Council President Darrell Clarke off from Kenney, a usual ally. It was like a flea jumping off a dog’s back when Clarke said he opposes it at the announced location, which is a middle-class, working-class neighborhood — and any other Philly location.

The shooting gallery has opened a fissure within the ranks of the woke, and that is fun to watch.

Opposition to the site from state Sen. Larry Farnese was expected, but reluctance from South Philadelphia freshman state rep Elizabeth Fiedler, a hard-line progressive, came as a surprise. The site is a tar baby no one wants to touch. Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez said “no” when Kenney said a shooting gallery would be coming to her district. Even Super-prog Councilwoman Helen Gym complained the site intro was a hot mess.

I lived in South Philly for a decade, about a mile from the proposed shooting gallery, and can appreciate the usual political advice: “Don’t fuck with South Philly,” which once drove a mayor (Richardson Dilworth) out of the hood under a barrage of garbage because he wanted to install parking meters.

There is still parking in the middle of Broad Street.

Yes, South Philly is no longer dominated by the Guidos; a lot of millennials have arrived with their new way of thinking. But if even Fielder is backing away, that’s a bad sign for the geniuses trying to force the shooting gallery down South Philly’s throat. They are ready to go to the mattresses. 

“South Philly is on fire,” says community activist Jody Della Barba, who is organizing a Monday march from Marconi Park to the shooting gallery.

That won’t be the end of it.

47 thoughts on “Injection site: Don’t f—- with South Philly”

    We’re The Left…Hi there neighbor! Vote for us, we’ll return the favor.

    We’re always looking out for your health. We band smoking on the beach, and tax soda by the ounce.

    And if you like crime, don’t worry about jail, in Philly the DA will pay your bail.

    To hell with innocents caught
    in cross fire. Our bleeding
    hearts provide lots of cover.

    And if an illegal on the run, California’s bigger, enjoy the sun!

    We take from the rich as much as we can, and tax the hell out of corporations.

    Besides who cares that it’s wrong, when you’re getting back what’s yours all along.

    And If illegal drugs is your hoot, head back to Philly, there’s places to shoot!

    We’re on the east coast, the west coast, and big cities between. ‘Heaven Now’ is our motto to fulfill all your needs.

    This is just the beginning and don’t you forget, we’re getting much bolder as we drift further left.

    And in about ten years or so, if you vote left we’ll have attained our goal.

    Oh! But there is one thing I haven’t said, if AOC’s right, we’ll all be dead!!

    But just in case that lady’s wrong, Vote for Bernie, you can’t go wrong!!

  2. First, Stu you got it….here is the thing with South Philly we do not give in and go full force. Even if people moved out of South Philly and they have family or friends still there, they join the fight so now you have South Philly half of South Jersey and Delaware Co in the fight!!!!

    Second, not sure if the poem about the left is a joke or sarcasm or what!

    1. Nancy,
      It is the results, all around us, of liberal policy, unfortunately. One of those being the subject matter. I’ve used ridicule mixed with levity, hopefully, to make it palpable. It is an honest summation of their twisted ideology.
      I suppose it’s a satirical poem?

    2. Exactly right! I was born and raised in South Philly, moved to Jersey in 2002, but moved back to Philly in 2006 due to.NJ property taxes. In the Far Northeast now, which is very much like Jersey but far lower property taxes (yes I know about the city wage tax but we’re retired). We are moving next year to the small town in western PA where my husband is from, what’s driving us out is how far left (not just regular bearable Democrat) this city is becoming.

      BUT! I will always speak up for South Philly and look out for her interests! The fight in me comes courtesy of my late father who was also a fighter, and my South Philly heritage.

    3. Don’t forget that Trump’s US attorney, McShane, was working to prevent the injection site, when the people running the site decided to stop, and then the bldg landlord terminated the lease.

    Looks like you have a side kick in Tom. You can take this show on the road. ( I’m sure Mr. Mayor and friends would not miss you ).
    How much worse does Philly have to get before the residents wake up and rise up. We were not raised this way. The people that followed weren’t raised this way either. It’s just a fact that the machine beat the population to their knees. Most people are trapped and can’t escape. They don’t know how to fight for themselves against “big brother”, as the greedy bastards force more crime and poverty on everyone and anyone.
    I remember moving into our “new” house in Port Richmond in the ’50s. It was probably like most neighborhoods. You didn’t lock your doors. Every adult on the block was your parent. You had respect for all people and things, because that’s what you were taught.
    Gone forever………..

    1. woops. moved there in 1948. still had horses on the street and coal heated the house. the “lamplighter came around at dusk to lite the street lamps, then came back at dawn to shut them off. Most of you can add to that piece of history

      1. Tony
        You are old! Haha!
        My memories. A Taproom at 2nd and Shunk, 10 cent drafts! And attending a String Band rehearsal.

  4. Stu don’t forget Kenny is a product of the guidos He started as gopher in Fumos Tasker st office. I can tell you this if Buddy ,Leland ,Ozzie where still around this shit would never happen.

    1. Unfortunately those guys and their infamous corruption paved the way for what we have today, and are the primary reason why I chose to register and vote Republican as far back as 1977.

  5. Really, Stu? Guidos? That was a pretty ignorant thing to say! And for so many reasons. But, so you know, the people that were the most vocal were what you call “guidos”. I would think your command of the English language would be a bit more robust.

  6. Whats with the “ guido “ line? Id be giving you too much credit if i said you are smarter than that. Try to be better than that,although thats probably hoping for too much from you.

    1. In Stu’s defense “Guido” is in reference to Jimmy Kenney’s demeaning and prejudicial remarks about “your name being Guido or Emilio…”

      1. Ok Victor, I get it now. I guess I’m too young to remember those things, but I wasn’t too dumb to vote for Kenny. Can’t we petition his butt out of office?

      1. I guess most of you have forgotten one one of the great Saturday Night Live characters, Father Guido Sarducci. Lighten up, people.

  7. Yo, Stu. Youse gotta remember about Italian Alzheimers: we forget everything but our grudges! And youse can call me Vinny.

    Only in Philadelphia: failing schools, but a great place to ‘safely’ shoot up. Do NOT drink sugary drinks, but go ahead and stick heroin into your system…we got you covered! I wonder why the city doesn’t provide a ‘safe’ place for alcoholics to drink too much and pass out.

  8. If not for the “Guidos” who kept an eye on things, crime to the innocent would have nested in more neighborhoids in South Philly. You can do better.

    Somebody is missing. Stu is not mocking South Philly Italians. He is recognizing that the population in that region not so long ago was all from Italy. S/W Philly has/had an Italian population. Go up along the Delaware and there were pockets of Italians. Where I was raised, most of one block was all blood. We watched as a house went on the market, the “blood” bought it and brought over another cousin. South Philly has a rich heritage known world wide. Praise it, don’t disgrace it .
    Back to the real problem. As many pointed out. Philly is sliding down into the gutter because there is money to be made when there is crime and drugs running rampant. Big money ! People are held down and turned into zombies so that a few get richer. Are you listening Soros and friends?

  10. Philadelphia voters are an enigma. They heartily elect buffoons who revel in the usurpation of state and federal laws. While the city druggie den issue is on hold, the mayor and the DA can focus on more important matters such as getting Mumia Abu Jamal out of prison.

    1. David,
      That last statement is inflammatory (levity!) and full of truthful sarcasm.
      And with R’s outnumbered 7 to 1, we haven’t a prayer, though, always a But…
      The answer, in my opinion, is more fighters like Seymour’s Daughter. And more Donald’s.
      And more subtle persuasion like Tony articulated to me yesterday.
      He said to Focus! I say leave all news off, if for only one day. I can see it won’t be easy shoveling the manure back up the hill. And we will soon see if Trump’s new sanctuary policy is effective.
      My thanks to Stu and all who comment. And above all, for me, laughter!
      Preachy Tom

  11. HAPPY FRIDAY !!!
    It’s only 1659 hours ( 4:59 p.m. to you civilians ) This is the longest running commentary yet. THIRTY SEVEN plus me = 38 ! It’s still early people. Let’s get Stu some more replys tonight.
    BTW Tom. 2nd & Shunk. That was originally Irish ( can I say Mick ? ) neighborhood. Up from, was it Dominoes’ ? over at Reed & the river ? 10 cent drafts ?!? Were they in 6 oz glasses ?
    Last comment; Can you regulars imagine all of us in one room ? It would kinda – sorta be like sitting around a Sunday dinner table with all of my Italian ( ya better believe that I’ll say “Guido ) family……….
    Tony ( to new york )

    1. #Number 39, maybe 40….half Mick/half Limey Me would go to Two Street & Shunk with a Polack cop friend and a WASP “best man to be” for 10 cent drafts, probably 6 ounce, (they did go down quick!). It was, as I recall, the only 10 cent’er in the city. We were cheap!! And so was gas! Stash or Stosh, the cop lived in SP.
      Me and the WASP were tolerated visitors.

      As to Guido, when Stu first mentioned it, I thought ‘Guido? Guido? Derogatory??’ Then when someone brought up SNL with Guido Sarducci, the priest, the light when on in my, ‘muster seed’ of a brain. Yeah, that’s the Guido I remember…thank you. Funny as hell, but he’s making fun of Pape’s, like me. Loved it!

      One day I was detailed to the firehouse at 6th & South (Engine 11). The Captain, a friend, and Italian asked me, Tom “what does Geet?, Jew?, Jet, Squeet, mean in Italian?” Laughing I said I don’t know, Cap, what? He says, “Did you eat? Did you? Not yet. Let’s go eat. I never forgot.

      Down South joke:
      What’s the plural of you’all?
      All you’all.

      We must keep laughing at ourselves or we will be laughed at.

      1. Tom,
        You didn’t get to go to the high society much. Two tappys (?) that I can remember for .10c brew were at Colons and Tioga and Ontario and Emerald (?). Then they went to a quarter. I forget which tappy had which. One was Schmidt’s, the other was Schlitz . You do remember that the house only had one brew. They were the for runner to gas stations that were company owned.
        You brought back the geet routine. I haven’t heard that in days.
        As for Guido. Awhile back, the mid day drive on NJ radio was Dennis and Judy. I think that they’re still at it. Him being originally from S/W Philly would come out with some real old classics. Judy is a Jew from central Jersey. She could cut loose also. That’s the first that it was widely used. It was the clean version of the earlier insults of w–p and d—-o. These two would first poke fun at themselves and their heritage, then launch out at whoever, proving that humor is the best antidote for a lot of misunderstandings.

      2. As an escapee from the city of brotherly love now living in the heart of the New South, I smile every time I hear “all y’all”. Now if a southerner says “Bless your heart”, prepare for an insult, with a smile.

        Keep up the good work Stu!

        Comment 41

        1. Good morning,
          Might as well continue.
          Bless your heart. I do remember, but never was insulted. Maybe it is the New South. I was Mr Tom for 17 years and never insulted.
          Must have been my good looks! I had a great run, but family beckoned.

        2. I remember a southern female telling me that when a southern female smiles at you and says, “Isn’t that nice,” she’s really saying “F… you.” They’re too polite to cuss.

  12. The only time I went to (can I say East Philly?) were $2 nights. I now remember the one tappy, but didn’t know it was the forerunner thing. Neat! Sorry to bore you with the geet one. I can’t remember this morning.
    This Blog is like a bar, a wealth of knowledge and much trivia, with no worry about driving home! I’m sincerely grateful to it’s barkeep, Stu.

    1. @Tom Wetten: Bykofsky and Trump have something else in common: the use of ignorant and bigoted language in a public forum. So pejorative terms for Italian-Americans are still okay in 2020: What a sad state of affairs. Prejudice is prejudice. Respect other people’s heritages or don’t say anything at all on the subject, Bykofsky.

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