Impeach Trump — and he runs again?

Impeachment has barely begun and if you’ve been following it, as I have, you are probably sick of it.

The President and Impeachment. (Image: CNN)

In order to wrap my mental arms around it, I turned to a primer   by Ellie Silverman, that answered a question I had, one that opens a page to a delicious conspiracy theory.

Before I get to that, my opinion of the president: He is a thin-skinned, lying bully and if he had any guts he would show up at the hearing, testify under oath and allow his subordinates to do the same. Mr. President, if you are innocent, you have nothing to fear. (Actually, with the Senate owned by sniveling Republican sycophants, you have nothing to fear even if you are guilty.) Show some balls and show up.

For the purpose of this exercise, as unlikely as it is, let’s imagine the GOP Senators will find Trump guilty of one of the two charges and removes him from office.

That makes Mike Pence the president.

But — here’s where Silverman answered my question: Can Donald J. Trump run for president again?

“The Senate could also ban Trump from running for public office again,” writes Silverman.

Note the word “could.”

That means, according to this, removal from office does not automatically bar him from running for office again.

Here’s where the fun begins.

Because Trump believes the entire process is a hoax, he would want to run again.

OK — then what?

Will President Pence agree to step down? Now that he is Batman, would he agree to become Robin again? This would be the ultimate test of loyalty.

Would the GOP back Trump, when at least 20 Senators voted to remove him? 

That seems unlikely.

If Trump ran as a third party candidate, he would guarantee a Democratic victory, meaning the Dems could pick the craziest of the crazies to be elected. Say hello to President Sanders or President Williamson.

Have I missed any possibilities? You will let me know. 

29 thoughts on “Impeach Trump — and he runs again?”

  1. Stu – your argument is an un-American, specious fantasy. Twenty Senators are not going to vote to remove a President who committed no crime. Moreover, you’re taking the “let the President prove his innocence” path, which turns the American system of justice on its head. John Durham and Bill Barr both strongly indicated that indictments of Obama Administration officials are forthcoming for their many crimes.

    You’ve been mostly sensible through all this. Now at the end, you’re cracking. Why?

      1. Stu, the point is that you have accepted the premise that has been put forth that Trump cheated, ergo impeach. Also you said at the very beginning of your article “Impeachment has barely begun etc.” No the impeachment began the night he was elected. Dems were calling for it because they did not like the outcome. I know you meant the official process, but respectfully you need to dig deeper. l have said before that we’ve been bamboozled by both your party and some of your willing counterparts in the media.

          1. The earlier “yowlings” have got us to where we are. The last 3 yrs have been a farce! And I see no end until Jan 2025.
            On a lighter note, You must be busy as hell between Facebook and Blog.
            More power to you!

  2. Stu – what you have missed is – Expect the Unexpected. In the last 60 years of modern presidential elections, very few have been even near-predictive. I believe that nearly all that respond on this forum will say that the 2020 election will fall under the heading of most unpredictable. It will be as unpredictable as our current very unpredictable prez. There have been, and will continue to be for the next 11 months, more twists and turns than Lincoln Drive (yes, this Jersey Boy knows that road only too well). It’s what keeps your forum alive Stu.

      1. Stu – you are right regarding the fact that this column hypothetical. And it will remain so right up to election day. Happy Hypothenticating!!

    In spite of your lousy political views of OUR President, we’re still pals.
    Apparently, you did not watch the rally in Hershey, PA last night. I’m trying to find out just how mant die hards were standing out side in the rain.
    Your blog today is really scrapping the bottom. It’s written by some one with a lot of hate but not to much understanding of this country’s politics. That’s a bit of a surprise, considering that you are quick to point out your political views and that of your family.
    Trying to stay calm ( you know me ), I will say that I have read the constitution, and most recently, reread the articles that are most popular today. Impeachment will remove President Trump from office. After that, it is just fodder for the airwaves that Mr Trump would seek political office again. In layman’s terms, “ARE YOU F**KING NUTS ?!?”. This same explority work of fiction was published before by several others. Pure Fiction.
    How about this.
    As I have said in previous blogs. Ever since the ’60s, politically, we have been going down hill. Instead of “statesmen” trying to better the United States for all, we have greedy “scumbags” ( thanks, Chitwood ) thank are only interested in stuffing there pockets full of our cash. It is so bad that the greed extends into generations. Pass the torch to your heirs and let them get rich off of the backs of the working public. And if the money is not coming in fast enough, then ship the work overseas, where you can exploit the government and the workers, and really pick up some hard fast cash. When the upper echelon retires from service, cut them in on the gravy train. Their full salary ( pension ) plus a life time of bennies just isn’t enough to live the high life . Don’t forget to payback the big shots that contributed to your election campaigns. one mill contribution should be worth ten times that amount. For the really big players, anoint them with positions of grandeur. Ambassador, prestigious chair knighthood.
    And here we are today. Donald Trump ran for the office of the President of the United States against 12 members of the swamp. He ran with the belief that the American public has been screwed enough. Black, white, brown, yellow, whatever. We were kept divided and we were conquered. As the man says. Promises made, promises kept. Put ALL Americans first. Protect the borders. Educate the children. Provide affordable health care. Bring the work back to the states and pay the workers a decent salary. Forget about welfare. Get a job and become part of American Pride. Never mind a $20 dollar minimum wage. Menial labor is supposed to be a place to start your career, not something that you grow into.
    Woops. Got on a roll there. I’ll get off my soap box now. But pallie, you are so wrong. President Donald Trump is not the messiah. He is a man who pulls no punches. He’s on a stage and he has the people present enamored . That not bulls**t. For the first time in a long time, some one in Washington, D.C. actually cares about us people out here in the trenches.

    1. Tony – you will have to admit, though, that when Trump is up on the podium talking to his masses, that he very much emulates Mussolini, almost to a tee. It’s amazing. Nose up in the air; slowly turning his head from side to side while nodding self-approval; the wide use of his arms swinging, and, of course, the rhetoric. The only thing different is the language. So sad…(sorry, I just had to borrow one of the man’s famous retorts).

    2. You gotta write shorter if you want a complete answer. I don’t give a crap about the windup dolls that applaud him. I expect him to be exonerated. Today’s theme was the “what if” — he is removed. What does he do next? I said it is highly unlikely that will happen.
      It’s a brain tease.

      1. Pallie, I assume that you are addressing me. For me that was short! What’s with the insults ?!? Are you joining the rest of the low lifes that can’t have a discussion, so you resort to insults ?
        Your hypothetical was waste of space. As usual, I get carried away and keep reasserting the positive. You and most like you have nothing. You do however benefit from OUR Presidents drive and initiatives. If you really are that unhappy with the man and the progress that he has made – for ALL Americans, then send a check to some one who could use the money. The disabled Vets would be a good start.
        And then there is Randy with his Benito (ILL Douche )humor. If President Trump was Italian, then his hands wouldn’t stop moving. ( like me, hold down one hand and I’ll stutter. Hold down two hands and I wont be able to talk )If El Presidente was Pisano and from Philly, then everything would be “YO ! Guido !”
        BTW the President, if tried, will be exonerated. And if it was up to me, a lot of heads would roll .

        1. Pallie — I did NOT insult you, other than to suggest brevity.
          But look at your response to me. Remember Trump is a politician. Stop acting like he is your god.

          1. Pallie,
            Some times I’m thin skinned and the warts show thru.
            But that’s another insult ! Like you, WE have known Trump for some time. I met”the Donald” when he bought his first casino in A.C.. (around 1980) I didn’t care for him then, but he signed the paycheck. I also told you that my #3 brother knew him better than I and to this day, Bill can’t stand the President.
            Anywho. I have trouble mixing fact with fiction. But we’re still PALs and my birthday is still on Christmas Day !

          2. I can’t keep up, so I’ll try to sneak in a comment here. I was clapping at home and laughing, my favorite pastime. And I only have one God. Thanks guys.

  4. I decided to attend the Trump rally in Hershey yesterday, as an impartial observer. Actually I was a Never Trump activist in 2016. But anyway….holy hell. The stadium was filled to capacity, all 10,500 seats, BY 5 pm. How do I know? Because my husband and I were inside, but our 2 kids were outside, unable to get in! The organizers and security made us go in earlier, bypassing the thousands still waiting, bc I am disabled and for the safety of disabled ppl, had all of us disabled folks go in first. We arrived at 3, the event began at 7. Thousands had to be turned away AT 5, bc the Giant Center was maxed out.

    This guy is going to win, maybe even by the largest landslide in history. You had to have been there yesterday. Holy crap.

  5. I refuse to engage in this “what if”

    The truth is out there

    The question: Does the MSM have enough koolaid left to ladle out?

    PS Is this brief enough?

      1. Never once watched the X files and btw Stu what is a primer? I honestly don’t know.

  6. The impeachment freak show serves to unite Deplorables and the Trump-Pence team easily wins re-election. They’ll defeat the former Native American Elizabeth Warren and Spartacus, her VP tag-team partner. Larry Krasner will sue the Electoral College over LGBTQ issues..

  7. What’s that old expression about not discussing sex, politics, or religion in public? Obviously that doesn’t apply to this forum since its inception. LoLLLLL

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