I’m in the jailhouse now (again)

I am in Facebook jail again, so that’s good news to subscribers here.

Without that massive platform, I will be pouring more work into this outlet.

Can I hear an amen?

Notification that I am a bad person

This is at least the fourth time my privileges have been revoked by Team Zuckerberg, which makes me wish for a Facebook takeover by Elan Musk, one of my favorite billionaires. Another is Bill Gates, for his humanitarian work; another is modest philanthropist Warren Buffet. 

Anyways — Facebook. 

The first time I was flagged was for publishing a picture of the local Naked Bike Ride — a stupid event that is held around the world — in which cyclists ride naked. (It is a hoax because most are not naked, and the ones that are, you wish they weren’t.)

The picture I used showed a tiny penis — if you looked hard to find it — which meant two pricks on one bicycle.

The picture was taken on a public street, and the cyclists had a police escort.

So how, dear Facebook, could I have “violated community standards” when the f’n community provided police protection to the pedalphiles (unregistered trademark)?

My next violation played off the idea that the victorious Taliban were going to be kinder, and gentler to Afghans.

That meant, I wrote, they would say “please” before cutting off your head and raping your daughter.

Bam — I’m in jail for violating “community standards” which seem to prohibit making fun of 12th Century religious fundamentalists. So I’m the hater?

I forget the next one, but here’s the current one. In the context of Vladimir Putin’s disingenuous claims to Ukraine, I posted a demand made by Hitler to be given the German-speaking portion of Czechoslovakia. 

The world caved, and that just showed Hitler the world had no backbone. He took more and world war ensued.

Yes, I am appealing Facebook’s numb nuts decision. I won my last appeal, but it neglected to restore my service.

Some sort of an oversight, for sure. 🤐

As regards Musk, the Left has been going batshit with concerns the “hate” will return to Twitter. (“Hate” is defined as any opinion that differs from their own.) We’ve known forever that Twitter is very Left, disproportionately Black(!), wealthy, young, and that 80% of tweets are generated by 20% of the users, according to Pew Research.

Hardly representative of America, but able to organize a lynch mob to intimidate gutless corporations and others, such as foolish celebrities.

I believe in more free speech, even when ugly, even when lies, because the premise of free speech is that the bad will be countered by the good.

Admittedly, it ain’t perfect, but the “cure” is not some just-announced government-run  “Disinformation Governance Board,” which just smacks of “1984’s” Ministry of Truth.

If you think this is a good idea under President Joe Biden, how would you like it under President Donald J. Trump?

This is not a role of the government, most especially under the Department of Homeland Security that can’t even secure our southern border.

This is an ill-advised attempt to skirt the First Amendment that says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press….”

OK, it ain’t Congress creating this agency, and no “law” is being written, but the aim is the same. It is a government gag order, and government, which so often is disingenuous, is the last place to look for truth. The Ministry of Truth ought to be taken down.

In all the screaming I heard about Musk’s takeover of Twitter, to expand the voices able to be heard, he says, the loudest screech was from MSNBC’s Ari Melber, with a total lack of self-awareness, saying that under Musk one side would not be heard.

Musk’s takeover was to cure what was currently happening — one side — conservatives — were not being heard, starting with then-President Trump.

Yes, Trump is a proven liar and often seems deranged, but he was the President, and while he was kicked off Twitter, Iran’s Grand Ayatollah was not; Russia’s Putin was not. 

Does this seem like a fair policy, a sane policy? Is this — heh, heh — inclusive?

Not to me, even though I have not (yet) been kicked off Twitter.

That privilege belongs to Facebook.

As I said in an earlier piece, follow the link above, Twitter can be a mean, vicious place. That is a drawback of free speech.

But the possible exposure to unpleasant language and ideas is still better than having some political bureaucrat decide what ideas Americans can and cannot hear. That is not democracy.

18 thoughts on “I’m in the jailhouse now (again)”

  1. for some of us – not you HAPPY FRIDAY !!!
    pallie, when all else goes wrong and life is too quite, I can count on you to blow everything to hell ! Glad to have you for a friend.
    Yea, I remember your stepping on the mine field know as facebook hell . BOOM ! To me, the annoying part is when someone says to you – about you, “well, it is privately owned, so the first amendment does not apply” ( are you sh*&ting me ?!? )
    Like you and most, I am for the freedoms found in the first amendment. I, however, don’t agree with you on the deliberate lies. It’s one thing to tell the truth as you understand it, but it’s quite another when you deliberately lie. That’s what politicians do. They bend the truth so far that in fact, it becomes a lie. You either pointed a gun at somebody or you didn’t. You’re either hiding behind your corporations or you’re not.
    At any rate, good luck on your appeal. As was often said to me – but never followed. Write down anything and everything that is bothering you. Then hit delete.

    1. I understand your feeling about lies. Obviously, I oppose them, but they are protected speech unless they are defamatory, in which case there are legal remedies.

  2. Is there anything more chilling than the idea of ‘thought police’? Or people in power who don’t understand satire, hyperbole, sarcasm, fun with language, etc.? I’ll take my chances with people who have different ideas than I. The decision of my accepting or rejecting others’ ideas or opinions is MINE alone.

    1. Vince,
      On the humor side. Apparently you didn’t go to North Catholic. If the Oblates wanted a thought out of you,they would squeeze your head !
      Staying with humor.
      From the movie, ‘Oh Brother, where art thou ?’, ‘In the jailhouse now” sung by Tim Blake Nelson. Lip-synced by
      George Clooney.

  3. Dear Stu, rejoice that your sentimental side will not be skewered by Zucky for a few days. Twits for twitter aside, I like what you when you put pen to paper

  4. Very good piece, Stu. Tucker Carlson virtually said the same the other night. I think it’s another facet of BBB or the “Reset” or “One World Order” or whatever. Who the hell knows? It’s designed to confuse. “They” just don’t like the America I grew up in and “they’re” bent on changing it by first destroying it.

      1. HAPPY SATURDAY !!!
        Great Question ! What does America stand for – today ?
        Most of us subscribers have seen many days come and go. When we were young, America stood for everything good. We welcomed the people of the world to our shores. Why not ? Didn’t most of families come from Europe ?
        I look at life through the eyes of a scenic with humor. Eisenhower created the middle class. Ever since then, Washington politicians have been trying to get rid of us. Nothing quite like the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.
        We have had more wars than we need. Their great for the economy – or used to be when everything was made in America. War is a great ( bad ) way to cull the heard, so to speak.
        So here we are in the 21st century. The world is a mess and because of that little problem, the world is trying to move into our little country.
        With all of this calamity going on, we are so divided that we are heading to doomsday. The far left has so many young people brain washed that the commies would be proud of our methods of ‘programing’ the young. All the while, the motto of ‘graft, greed and corruption’ is written on the capitol building !

          1. with the strong leadership of a President, the economy made leaps forward. In essence, Ike created the middle class

          2. I don’t recall Ike doing much for the economy other than standing aside.
            He showed great leadership by sending the 101st Airborne to Little Rock to enforce court-orderd desegregation. In NO way did he WANT to send military into a U.S. city, but it was needed.

  5. I agree that limiting speech of any kind weakens our one major difference from those who hate free speech and look for our demise. How many commenters like you have also been told their voice will remain silent because of some phraseology that failed the test of Facebook’s 1984 replay. Should those in control choose what dictionary word is not usable in a post of inclusion or opposition to an Issue being discussed? How else can you refute a lie unless you confront it with the truth. Facebook has always had an agenda set by the owner especially of the Liberal bent of supporting BLM as stated clearly by former employees. If Musk provides a true open forum for all free speech without breaking the law, then at least let trial and err showcase the difference from the previous owners so that there are no voices “Crying in the Wilderness.”

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