Ida strikes region: White people hardest hit

This is a perfectly accurate headline — given the white, monied areas the hurricane and tornadoes hit hardest — but I somehow did not expect to see it in the race-conscious Inquirer.

And I didn’t. 😃

5 thoughts on “Ida strikes region: White people hardest hit”

    I see irony in just about everything.
    Louisiana always will get dumped on. Most of the lower end of the state is below sea level. The poorest parishes happen to be located in the flood plane. Couple that with my famous ‘greed , corruption and capitalism’, we will forever have problems building to REAL engineering specifications. Add in the lack of qualified on site personnel who is supposed to be representing us, we have a real ‘cluster f*&^k’ !
    There isn’t much that can be done about Mother Nature reeking havoc up here in the Northeast corridor. Many locals didn’t really have building codes prior to the Uniform Construction Codes born in the early 2000s. Those that had them codes, didn’t follow them. When I was a working construction official in Jersey in the ’90s, builders would complain about the codes. I would simply tell them, that they had to meet the minimum building codes so that when a hurricane came threw and it blew down the piece of crap next door, this one would still be standing.
    Since then, the codes have become more stringent. With the hurricane ‘tie down’ system in place, new construction will stand. Of course, that will only happen when all parties involve build ‘to the code’.
    Since I’m on a roll here. The biggest reason for flooding is the lack of PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE ! The sewers and drainage systems – including the creeks, are not maintained. Debris is permitted to build up and it will eventually cause a clog which means overflow and water damage.

        1. we could do a whole list of my insensitivities. How about, we just list me as an old dinosaur that refuses to change. 😃😆

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