ICE feints on Sunday

The nationwide sweep of illegals that was announced to begin on Sunday did not begin on Sunday because it was announced. Arrests were few and far between, according to the media I checked. The targets went to the mattresses. 

Philadelphia was not one of the chosen cities, maybe because the local ICE office already is the most aggressive in the nation. 

In the weekend runup, all media outlets I checked ran the story of the impending “raids” (a loaded word, rather than “arrests,” but OK), and many indicated that the 2,000 targets already had due process — judicial hearings in which they were ordered to leave the country, and they simply refused.

So-called “immigrant advocates” rallied to their side, pledging to protect them.

A quick question — who rallies to your side when you go to court, lose and refuse to obey a court order? 

(I can actually think of some cases. Reporters who refuse to name their confidential sources or surrender their notes. You know what happens, usually? They go to jail.)

In its Monday coverage, the New York Times characterized those threatened by ICE as “undocumented migrant parents,” which may be true, and that they vaguely  “are not eligible to remain in the country,” but the Times neglected to explicitly state why.  

By my count, the story runs 34 paragraphs. You have to go two-thirds of the way down to find a quote from the government side, after drowning in quotes from supposed “victims” (actually law breakers) and from the “advocates.”

Trump critics say the president talked up the ICE raids specifically to create fear in immigrant communities. 

Actually, the fear exists among illegals, because legal immigrants have nothing to fear. If they actually are fearful, chalk that up to the advocates who never distinguish between legal and illegal. They are all just “immigrants” now. 

Trump may be employing psychological warfare to keep his opponents off balance, although I don’t credit him with being a strategic thinker like Carl von Clausewitz.

I may be wrong and ICE may pounce later in the week. The media will be filled with heart-rending  tales of the deported, while ignoring that their own illegal actions got them into the soup.

“Fight back,” the targeted shout. Against what? American law? 

Way back in 2010 I noted that “illegal” was the unspoken word in our national debate, and in the years following, terms such as “illegal alien,” used for many decades, were prohibited by most media outlets, following the AP Style Book. AP gave a lofty explanation that smelled like bull. It was a triumph of the PC Police. 

Style, shmyle. It was just an attempt to obfuscate.

Oh — if you are offended by the word “illegal,” there will be no apology. “No person is illegal,” I hear them bleat (looking at you Kirsten Gillibrand, among others), to which I ask, “Is any person a criminal?”

To them, such words are “dehumanizing.” To me, they are harsh — and apt. 

If you abuse immigrants, Elizabeth Warren said the other day, “you break a law of the United States.” I agree. And there should be consequences. How about when you break an immigration law of the United States? 


Let’s be clear on a few points:

1- No one has a “right” to be in the United States without permission, under U.S. law.

2- Any person who enters without permission is subject to removal.

3- ICE enforces U.S. law approved by Congress. So when some in Congress attack ICE for enforcing the laws Congress itself wrote, is that hypocrisy, political posturing or stupidity?

4- Polls with good reputations show a large majority of Americans oppose two things: deportation of millions of long-here illegals who have clean records.  They also oppose Sanctuary Cities.

If you support those who defy legitimate court orders, you are lining up with the anarchists. 

If you are a Sanctuary Citidiot, you implicitly are for Open Borders.

“No I am not,” they tell me.

If you believe anyone who gets in here is home free, and can’t be deported, that is Open Borders. How can you not see that? 

You think Open Borders is a good idea, warm and fuzzy? Gallup reports 750 million people would like to relocate and the U.S. is the top pick.

You think we could survive the arrival of 300-400 million people? Think of jobs, housing, schooling, medical care — even if they came from Norway, Trump’s most favored nation, they would swamp us.

C’mon, man, as Joe Biden might say. 

As is, the U.S. accepts close to 1 million immigrants each year, almost as much as the rest of the world combined. So our door is open. Almost 90 percent of new Americans are nonwhite. So we are not bigots.

I am 110 percent for legal immigration and I’ve been writing about this for at least a decade. I have come up with a five-point plan that would seal the border, install a statute of limitations, jail employers who hire illegals, and give those people a path to legality — but not citizenship. I offer no rewards for breaking our laws.

To me, it is fair, just and humane. If you agree, talk it up. If not, we are still friends. 

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    We usually agree on just about everything. This being one of many agreements.
    To the four young ( freshman ) congresswoman. You must have had some good points for you to win your election. Those points are becoming very dull with all of your rhetoric. Are you as bad as our President is indicating?
    By the way. It must be unprofessional to look at your backgrounds. BUT ! Omar. How was it that your family was at the top of the food chain in Somalia?

  2. An absolutely excellent article. You’ve set the bar pretty high for yourself. Can you keep this up?

  3. Although I disagree with them ,I at least respect the tiny no of extreme leftists who will admit they are for open borders ,who specifically advocate for a system where you show up at the border , and short of being a convicted murderer ,drug dealer or sex trafficker ,your given a social sec no or whatever , allowing you to work . Most of the rest of the extreme left are of the ” I’m not for open borders, BUT ” crowd who’ll then explain why they are, in effect ,open borders. Australia is in the same boat as the u.s . We are a high living standards country of 25 million people ,only 130 miles away at the nearest point ,from a low living standards country ,Indonesia ,with 250 million people ,and we are scared shitless of having a million or so Indonesians crossing by boats and coming to Aust every year, and overloading our health and social welfare systems . So , anyone picked up by the navy in Australian waters is forever barred from entering Aust so as not to encourage people. We do our part by taking in 18k u.n refugees a year , but they are from places like Somalia and Syria , thousands of miles from Australia, we won’t take in refugees s locally .

    1. I agree, too. If you support Open Borders, say so and let’s have that discussion.
      And be bright enough to understand that when you want ICE to stand down, you are approving Open Borders.

  4. Amen Stu! I appreciate the 4 ”clear” points on immigration and our boarders. Good balance and straight to the point, bravo!

    IMO, the border crisis (as well as other self inflicted national problems like the national debt and healthcare) could be solved in a reasonable timeframe if our polarized, “Do nothing” Congress add two simple words to their job description……. “Term Limits”.

      1. AOC? That’s not her real name, of course. It stands for America’s Original Communist.

        1. I hear people attacking Ocasio-Cortez because she worked as a bartender, because she’s young, because she has some “scary” ideas that we ought to take care of the most vulnerable among us and turn weakness into strength. Screw them! She is more American in her spirit and her example (working her way up from humble roots, studying to improve her mind, speaking up on behalf of those who cannot find their own voice) than those close-minded bigots who discount her by attacking by calling her names and mocking her humble roots.

          Stu, you see ICE as the vanguard of the law — unblemished, noble, and impartially enforcing the law that We The People enacted. I, like many others, see ICE agents as they revealed themselves in their facebook group — government and law enforcement officials who traded memes of AOC being raped and dehumanized refugees in their posts (honest-to-god, certified, accepted, authorized asylees, not just “illegals”). ( We have a growing security complex (militarized police, private prisons, perpetual wars) growing in our country that scares the hell out of me.

          Not that it should matter, but I’ll say this so that you and your readers won’t discount me as some leftist leech — I’m an American citizen: a successful, happily married, 50 year-old white male from an East Coast suburb. My dad was an auto-worker and my mom was a teacher. I’ve never been in trouble with the law and have contributed to my community. You would probably love hanging out with me at an Eagles game. I am not (as) vulnerable to law enforcement’s abuse of power, but I’m aware of it, and I hate it. I know that the state troopers are increasingly packed with white supremacists, that body cameras are revealing abuse that has been there all along, and that turning the cops (or ICE) loose to enforce a law on a group of vulnerable humans will lead to abuse. “Raids” may be a loaded term, but it’s probably not incorrect.

          I don’t even disagree with most of your points (except for the non-path to citizenship — we do not want to have a permanent underclass of “guest workers” in our country). Maybe improve your idea by doubling the time they would have to be green-card holders before they can apply for citizenship, but don’t close them off. Our country will be better off for this.

  5. Stu – normally I would quote Mark Twain: “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Because too many times numbers are taken out of context by politicians and the general media. However, your numbers at the end of the article are spot on regarding how many immigrants come in legally every year, % of color, etc. Those are published numbers by the gov’t (even if they fudge things sometimes).

    I think you are the new leading contender for the title of “Captain Obvious!” 🙂

  6. “And be bright enough to understand that when you want ICE to stand down, you are approving Open Borders.”

    Ah, the fallacy of the excluded middle! You know, there is an awful lot of space between “open borders” and “supporting ICE crackdowns.” I don’t know why you insist otherwise.

    Immigration is a policy matter, and policy should be applied thoughtfully and with an eye towards what is moral, what is practical, and what is truly necessary.

  7. Nobody is serious about “immigration reform” if they aren’t talking about “jail (for) employers who hire illegals”. And this humanitarian crisis on the border is completely manufactured. Deliberate theater to terrify. Red meat for a base that feeds on anger and scapegoats. We’ve seen this show before. There are plenty of oligarchs who profit from the status quo, and there is an endless stream of vulnerable people who will be brutalized by them with the full support of the gov’t. See part of that history of officially sanctioned abuse in the “Bracero program”; the entire industries of construction, landscaping, agriculture field work and dairy farms, slaughter houses, restaurants, hotels; employers who hire coyotes to bring people in; employers like tRump who knowingly hire, and in at least one instance, assist in obtaining counterfeit identity documents for people who are not authorized to work in the US. Cutting off US Aid to Honduras, etc. is just sadistic, after the US backed a coup that installed a repressive and violent gov’t., unleashing a crime wave. The US gov’t over many years has constructed a perfect labyrinth of poverty, violence and existential terror for vast numbers of citizens in Central American nations to navigate. US law and practice has been deliberately constructed to frustrate legal attempts to enter the US. The US pulls people to us by continuing to permit employers to violate the law in employing those who are not authorized to work; and at the same time pushes people out of their own countries to escape the mess that our military, our gov’t, and major private corporate interests have helped to make. US gov’t policy towards immigration is coupled with US trade policy, diplomatic and economic policy, law enforcement and military, and most of all the potential for private profit from gov’t/taxpayers. Demonizing a vulnerable group of people who can’t speak back is just the oldest political trick in the book, and as disgusting now as it has ever been for US politics, used to deadly effect in more than one historical precedent. The immigration issue is bullshit.

    1. I agree that Employer’s who knowingly hire illegal aliens should be prosecuted, but if you think that will stem the tide, think again.

      I’m a small business owner. I don’t want to hire illegal aliens because I believe an open borders policy harms my fellow Americans (it’s the elite’s answer for those situations where they can’t offshore a location dependent job — import labor, drive up competition for jobs, and thereby put downward pressure on wages).

      When I hire someone the IRS gives me a handy table outlining which documents I need to check to make sure it is legal to hire the worker. If the person I hire is using borrowed, stolen, or quality forged documents, I’d have no idea and may well hire that person. Throwing around the idea that employers are THE problem and prosecuting them THE solution, ignores the way most illegals go about getting jobs, which is through false documents of some sort.

      So while I whole heartedly support prosecuting employers who hire illegals when they knew or should have known they were illegally here, I also recognize it won’t stop any illegal aliens from working if they wrongly have the documents the IRS requires employers check.

      1. I was a union organizer for 20 years, during which time I took some immigration law courses in night school and IRCA, the Immigration Reform and Control Act went into effect, November 1986. I was part of the army of people who were drafted to implement, enforce and explain the Act to employers and workers.

        I did HR for 10 more years, and I have audited (ugh!) a number of Employer’s Personnel Files for compliance with the I-9 Form required by IRCA. The I-9 Form is the simplest, easiest, and fastest government form that I have ever come across. 5″ or less to complete it properly.
        The employer’s obligation is only to request and review documents presented within 3 days of hire, to complete and sign the form, and to file it. The employer is not obligated to be an expert on documents, but to exercise civilian common sense in determining that the documents are genuine. That’s it.

        I have been party to the discovery that a long term employee had presented false documents at hire, and they looked perfectly legit, and the Dept of Homeland Security didn’t even contact the employer when the employee got himself legalized. He just brought in a new Social Security card and a current Driver’s License. Employer suffered no consequences whatsoever. That’s it. And that’s as it should be. The burden for the employer and the employee of complying with IRCA should be easy, that encourages compliance.

        IRCA has required all employers in the US to request, review and maintain these documents in the Personnel files for every employee hired since November 1986, and to maintain those documents and all other Personnel documents in a secure place safe from ID thieves.

        IRCA is the easiest employment law at local, state or federal level to monitor and enforce. You just send someone into the files with a clipboard and tell them to count the I-9s. See if they are in all the files and completed as required.

        Here’s what I have observed and noted on my clipboard:
        Most employers don’t always do what they’re supposed to do, even though it’s really easy. The forms are incomplete. They aren’t signed and dated. The document description is missing, rendering it useless. Or the form just isn’t there.

        Then there are the employers who are deliberately violating the law, knowingly hiring persons unauthorized and even assisting them with obtaining false documents or letting them work without them.

        Few employers get caught being so careless with paperwork or outrightly flouting the law because the government doesn’t audit them. Any civil servant with a clipboard can do an audit quite easily, they should be done at random and as warranted on employer’s with less than stellar reputations. But they aren’t.

        Rather the DHS prefers to send in paramilitary forces with helmets, body armour and assault rifles to scare the fuck out of everyone, and kidnap a lot of people who don’t carry all their docs with them everyday, as well as those who are undocumented, put them o buses and deport them with nothing but the clothes on their backs and no notice to family or friends or legal counsel. Often leaving dependent children to be orphaned. The advantage of this method is that its highly photogenic and sexy. It looks good in an annual report to whatever neanderthal in Congress is supposed to get the report.

        And best of all, photos of those raids and mass deportations look great on the DHS website!

        Effective enforcement = better compliance. Audits are cheap and effective, but not sexy, not photogenic. No military hardware or personal protective equipment suitable for a war zone is needed for an audit or for a regular pattern of audits to determine and to encourage compliance with IRCA, and thereby the most effective means ever committed to statute of enforcing our immigration policy.

        Therefore, I sincerely believe, that the perennial political putzing about immigration reform is bullshit. Too much money is invested and expected of industries that routinely use undocumented labor, and they have bought perpetual indemnity from those who are responsible for making and enforcing our laws.

        “Immigration reform” is a red herring dangled before that part of the electorate that craves raw meat.

        1. Shoot! Stu! You gotta give us an edit and a delete option here!
          PBW – Amendment to the comment I just made:

          Employers who do their honest best to comply with the law and aren’t too sloppy and lazy to complete a 5″ form should not be penalized.

          Employers who flout the law do so on a regular and systemic basis, often as part of an organized effort involving others up to and including “Coyotes” to recruit in Central America and bring people across the border. They bring Chinese people into the country in shipping containers FFS*.

          It’s not just random employers, it’s entire industries which in the aggregate constitute a very large part of our economy. Too much money chasing down anyone who might have the balls to suggest actual reform.

          Talk of “Immigration reform” is bullshit, and will be as long as our government deliberately fails to enforce existing immigration and employment law.

          “Smuggling of Chinese Ends in a Box of Death, Squalor
          By KIM MURPHY
          JAN. 12, 2000 12 AM
          SEATTLE — Their prison was a 40-foot-long metal box, stuffed deep into the cargo hold of a ship. In darkness lit only by flashlights, 18 men sat on old blankets and cardboard boxes. First, they spent five days at the Chinese docks, waiting to be loaded. Then, a two-week journey across the Pacific.
          When they got hungry, they had crackers, rice and water. When the seas turned rough, they had buckets for toilets. The flashlights gave out after a few days.

          When immigration officers peeled back the container top this week, 15 blinking, sick men crawled out, barefooted and barely able to stand. Three others lay dead in the mess inside. The holes in the canvas top, through which the men inside were able to get air, showed where some had tried to punch their way out, only to find themselves buried beneath four other massive containers in the hold of the ship.

          “They were virtually entombed there,” said Sharon Gavin, spokeswoman for the Immigration and Naturalization Service. “You had 18 people in total darkness, stuck in this container with their own human waste, exposed to extremely cold temperatures. The people who died may have been dead anywhere from three to seven days, and you’re still stuck in the container with them. It’s disgusting.” Officials had the stowaways wear masks in case they were infected with communicable diseases.

          But in what is becoming a wave of illegal Chinese immigration on board container ships bound for the West Coast, authorities Tuesday found 19 more stowaways at the Port of Seattle. The arrests, coming just one day after the shipment that left three men dead, brought to 203 the number of people smuggled in containers over the past year into the U.S. and Canada.

          Officials say the bulk of the illegal migrants are from the southern Chinese province of Fujian, where thousands of young workers have agreed to years of indentured servitude for the chance to work at low-paying jobs in America, mostly in the Northeast.

          It is an epidemic that has brought embarrassment to the Chinese government in Beijing and is rooted, in part, in decades of illicit economic interdependence between Fujian and Taiwan–its neighbor 100 miles across the sea–and that island nation’s connections to jobs in America, political analysts said.

          The number of migrants from the Fujian region arriving in the New York area has reached 200,000 over the last two decades, said Graham Johnson, a sociology professor at the University of British Columbia who is an expert on Chinese immigration. Many of them, he said, must work at wages of $200 a month or less to pay off fees to smugglers that now average $50,000.

          “We’re looking at something very like indentured labor,” Johnson said. “They’re working in the restaurant trade; women may well be forced into prostitution, sweat shops, of which there are large numbers–they will do anything.”

          Over the last several years, American and Canadian authorities have intercepted large numbers of illegal Chinese migrants stuffed into old cargo ships and fishing vessels–their human cargo often dumped near shore to complete the journey on their own.

          As recently as last summer, Canadian officials intercepted four boatloads of nearly 600 Chinese migrants, all from Fujian, many of whom quickly claimed refugee status and subsequently disappeared. Most of them, Johnson said, were bound for the porous border between Canada and the U.S.

          Not all of them have been near death; several arrested in Seattle earlier this month walked out of their container, equipped with fans and mattresses, sporting new clothes and a cell phone.

          Officials say the use of container ships for smuggling humans is a relatively new phenomenon, presenting substantial difficulties for law enforcement.

          “This is a new tactic, being able to bring them in smaller groups,” Gavin said. “These ships carry upward of a thousand containers or more. So in this case, it’s almost like the needle-in-a-haystack type of situation. . . . There’s such a large number of containers on so many container ships, coming into a number of different ports along the coast.”

          In October, the Pu Progress, a freighter registered in Singapore, entered the Port of Long Beach carrying 54 illegal immigrants from China. A total of 143 illegal immigrants have been detained on ships arriving in Los Angeles and Long Beach over the last year.

          Seattle and the Canadian port of Vancouver have intercepted several more. Seattle was able to make one of the first criminal cases against migrant smugglers earlier this month, filing federal charges against three men who were arrested after apparently trying to meet a container ship carrying 12 stowaways.

          The men, identified as Sheng Ding, Ju Shu Huang and Yu Zheng, are scheduled for a hearing Friday in U.S. District Court. They were detained after being seen driving uncertainly in the area around the ship. When asked where they were headed, the driver of the car pointed to a map and replied, “Chinatown.”

          There had been no recorded fatalities before Monday’s discovery of the desperate stowaways aboard the NYK Cape May at Seattle’s Harbor Island. It left Hong Kong on Dec. 27.

          Acting on a tip from authorities in Hong Kong, INS officials met the ship and had to remove 35 other containers before reaching the one with the sick and dead men inside.

          Although autopsies have not yet been completed, authorities suspect dehydration as a cause of death.

          Fourteen of the men found Monday were admitted to the hospital, and seven remained hospitalized Tuesday in satisfactory condition, suffering from malnutrition and dehydration.

          “I talked to one of the mates [on the ship], and he said they had run into some rough seas. People were getting woozy, and if you’ve ever been seasick, you get dehydrated very bad,” said Scott Guntle, a longshoreman who helped unload the container. “It’s just a sad situation, to see people die to get into this country.”

          Said Bob Coleman, the acting INS director in Seattle who was down at the docks: “I’ve never seen a group of people so disoriented and so distraught as they were when we found them. . . . This is a human tragedy.”

          During a visit to Seattle on Tuesday, U.S. Atty. Gen. Janet Reno said that “anybody that traffics in human beings is, I think, the worst kind of criminal.” Federal authorities, she said, would work to identify the smugglers and bring charges against them.

          INS officials said they have no reason to believe that shipping company officials were aware of the stowaways. Port authorities in Hong Kong repeatedly have provided tips that have enabled authorities here to make arrests, they said.

          But there is no way of knowing how many stowaways made it ashore without INS interception.

          Fujian and the neighboring province of Guandong historically have been the source of the bulk of the Chinese, with young workers for about 300 years departing a marginal agricultural economy for higher-paying jobs abroad.

          However, it was Taiwan’s strengthening links to the United States over the last several decades that increasingly lured them toward American shores–particularly migrants from the regions of Chang Le and Lian Jiang, nearest Taiwan, Johnson said.

          “I think myself that the so-called snakeheads, or the bosses who orchestrate this movement, are a combination of Taiwanese and American Chinese who together see that there is a great deal of profit to be made from moving people illegally into the U.S.,” he said.

          “So what is happening at the moment is that notices are going up in the villages saying there’s industrial work in the United States. They’ll quote a sum of money which by local standards seems astronomical but by American standards is of course virtually slave labor. And the catch is you have to come up with $30,000 to $50,000 to get there, and you have to put some of that down, and then you are guaranteed passage to the United States.”

          David Bachman, chairman of the China studies program at the University of Washington, said Beijing has been embarrassed by the illegal immigration. But local officials in Fujian, he said, have everything to gain.

          “It’s taking some people out of the population pool, which makes it easier for them to fulfill the population quota. And down the road there will be remittances back to Fujian that will help to bring prosperity,” he said. “So even if they’re not directly benefiting from bribes or kickbacks, Fujian is going to come out beneficially from this process.” ” Excerpt from article

        2. My point was this: no amount of auditors with clipboards is going to prevent people with false documents (whether borrowed, stolen, or forged) from getting a job that should have gone to a legal resident. Perhaps the auditors would catch them after the fact, but the illegal immigrant still deprived a lawful resident or citizen of work for some period of time prior to being caught.

          I’m not worried personally about the implications to me as an employer, because I always check the documents and store the forms required, and I suspect most business owners act that way. What I am saying however, is that despite good intentions, employers like me can be duped, thus prevention of illegal immigration should go hand in hand with other enforcement regimes.

  8. We have been commercially colonizing, and most of the time through violent means, Central America and Latin America for long, long time. This is the result. Want different results? Do different things.

  9. Nice column. You make me understand how and why America shut the door to the millions of Jews fleeing the Holocaust. You see, we had this law, passed in 1924 that established quotas on immigrants from countries like Poland. And that is where a majority of Jews were from.
    Some miscreants tried to break the law, like on the ship the St. Louis which made it all the way to Florida before FDR rightly enforced the law and sent them back to Holocaust Europe. But what are you gonna do? The law is the law. It’s a shame about those gassed kids but they shouldn’t have been lawbreakers. Why don’t liberals understand that?

    1. Check the calendar, it’s not 1924. Current immigration law favors nonwhite immigrants.
      In a democracy, when law is unjust, it is changed legislatively or judicially.

  10. When we can take care of the people we have, we can start worrying about letting new ones in. Until then, close the borders. Walk around LA, San Francisco or any major city and view the incredible number of homeless before telling me otherwise.

      1. I am in the first generation of my family to be born here. No drag, just reality. We do not have infinite resources. There has to be a limit in my opinion.

    1. Stu – RE: Colonizing. The US has been screwing around in other people’s Central American and Latin American, and Pacific Island countries since the Spanish-American War. Our foreign policy, overt and covert, is hugely responsible for the “push” factor that drives people to our southern border. If the results of that foreign policy aren’t favorable, change the policies. If the favorable aspects of the results outweigh the unfavorable, ie: we get cheap food, natural resources and labor, in return we create systemic violence and poverty, then immigration from the south, legal and not, will continue. That’s the price we pay for Empire.

  11. Tony Ridder seized control of his Family Media Empire and stands as a shining example of a man who held power when Print Journalism gave way to the Digital Revolution.

    When he found the Sucker in Chief Brian Tierney and his Billionaire Investors to take Phila. Media Corp. off his hands, this boatload of cash fueled his investment in Facebook Google Microsoft Amazon and Apple and his Venture Capital Partners are now embarked on the next journey into the AI and 5G Generation which will again generate new trillions and continue to disrupt society and the civilized world.

    Silicon Valley and its Worldwide Partners including China and Russia are bent on disruption and civil unrest and support any means necessary to accomplish that goal.

    This is why the timing of the Decline of the Old Media is synched with the advent of 5G and AI. Trillions of new dollars will be spent to allow faster distribution of data and information. The Merchants of Porn and Propaganda see the future of the MeTwo Generation as lemmings with fists full of dollars, eager to line up and be raped robbed and blackmailed on their smartphones by the Criminal Hacking Elite who have created cryptocurrencies.

    Cryptocurrencies will enrich the Cartels just as all their other scams and for profit enterprises. Including the partnering with Church Ministries to foment illegal immigration.

    Under DemonRats, if you like your illegal immigrant drug dealer, you can keep him and reward him without the threat of Government scrutiny and seizure.

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