“I” is now an “it”

I’m sure you didn’t notice any change, but a few weeks ago I transitioned.

The new voice of journalism and opinion

No, not like Caitlyn Jenner. Not that there is anything wrong with that. 🙂

No, I have transitioned from a person publishing a website and books, to a corporation, what’s called an LLC.

So this blog — StuBykofsky.com — is now the property of Byko Media, along with my books and the websites that support them. The books include the nonfiction ”Stu Bykofsky’s Little Black Book: A Gentleman’s Guide to Philadelphia” and ”Cats Are Supermodels,” plus the fiction ”Press Card.” The latter two can be ordered through www.presscardthebook.com

The Cat book is about cats, written with humor and fact, it is wonderfully illustrated, and a quick read. ”Press Card” is much longer and is set in the newspaper business of the ’70s. It is a fast-paced, hard-edged novel about the struggle between good and evil, reporters and editors.

I think of this as my first step to becoming William Randolph Hearst. (Not really. He was a bigger sonofabitch than I will ever be.)

Maybe being a millionaire is not in my future, but becoming an ”it,” is a smart move at this time, and, really, you won’t see any difference as I approach my third anniversary of publishing this centrist blog.

Thanks for your support.

15 thoughts on ““I” is now an “it””

  1. You still have time to be a bigger bastard than William Randolf Hearst. It took years for WRH to amass his fortune and build his castle. 🙂

    CONGRATS ! You becoming a LLC will help stimulate the economy. In this time of need, your diversification will no doubt employ many of Philly’s elite. Accountants, lawyers, hardened criminals……
    I can understand you wanting to follow in the footsteps of giants. The plus side is obvious. You get your own castle somewhere in Philly. I don’t remember the architect/designer’s name. This guy bought an old factory on 20th street. It was about twenty stories, I think. He put a penthouse up there ! The views were amazing, naturally. With your connections, Jimmy Kenny will help set you up, complete with tax breaks, ordinance approvals and friends in L&I. You can even name the building BYKO !
    Now, I have to find the meaning of atruffke.

    1. “Atruffke” is like Trump’s “covfefe.” A typo. That column got released by mistake, before it had been edited, but I’m glad you got a kick out of it.

          1. The Columbus Typing System teaches you to ‘Discover and Land’.

            There is another typing method. It is known as The Bible Method. That method teaches you to ‘Seek and Ye Shall Find’.

        1. Vince, I am not trying to “step on your toes”. I hope you do not take offence to what I just posted.

  3. Congrats,
    Just finished “Press Card”.
    Lot of fun.
    I was trying to guess who Gil Spencer might have been.
    Got it on Amazon( Prime =easy order).

    1. Thank you for your purchase, glad you enjoyed. This took place BEFORE Gil Spencer. Had it been later, the editor would have had a heart.

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