I don’t believe any woman

I believe nothing a woman says, ever.

I didn’t even believe my mother when she said she loved me.

Myka Brzezinski questions Joe Biden

Women never tell the truth.

By now you are scratching your head (male), pumping your arm while cheering (divorced men), or throwing your device out the window (female).

And I don’t blame you, ladies, because that would be the dumbest thing I have ever written.

As would be the opposite — I believe everything a woman says, always.

Yeah, #MeToo, here we go.

#MeToo played an important role in creating courage for abused women to come forward, in the era of sexual carnivores like Harvey Weinstein, following the outing of a half-dozen prominent men from the relatively innocuous Al Franken to the egomaniacal Matt Lauer to drug rapist Bill Cosby to accused pedophile R. Kelly.

But some women lie, for whatever reason, just as some men lie.

I have written about this before. The accusation against Joe Biden, and the too-easily satisfied women’s chorus, brings me back to the subject. Belief should hinge on evidence, not gender. Our legal system is predicated on the presumption of innocence. That means you are innocent until proven guilty and an accusation, no matter now credible it may appear, must be backed by evidence.

Too often the #MeToo movement has demanded a pound of flesh, or a career,  before the presentation of evidence. In the full bloom of its self-righteousness it used a hash tag #BelieveTheWomen.

While performing a civic service, it also created a climate which said all women must be believed. The Left went particularly bat shit with this idea during the hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh around the accusations of Christine Blasey Ford.

Democratic women dutifully are lining up to say they believe Biden: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, potential VP picks Stacy Abrams, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, even unhinged actress Alyssa Milano, who (until now) insisted all women must be believed. All except this one?

Hillary Clinton joined the chorus but she has a history of not believing women who accused Bill Clinton with everything from groping to rape.

Biden has now flatly denied the charge, under questioning by MSNBC’s Myka Brzezinski. Kavanaugh had denied such charges. So had Donald J. Trump. 

But Democratic women believe only Biden (or say they do). This is more political ideology, not feminism. 

Part of the problem is that Tara Reade’s account has changed over the years. Back when it supposedly happened, she filed no police report and the senate report she supposedly filed was not for assault. She does not have a copy of that complaint. 

Where is that report?

It is possible she did not file one. It is possible she did and some Biden ally has made it disappear. It is possible it is buried in Senate records, which Biden has asked the Senate to open. It is possible it is in the 2,000 boxes of personal material Biden gave to the University of Delaware, which Biden has asked not be opened, he says, because it contains no personnel records.

Prove it. 

Biden ought to tell the university to seek and release anything pertaining to Reade, but nothing else. Have student journalists conduct the search under the supervision of faculty and campus police.

Do I believe any random U.S. Senator could be guilty of sexual assault?

I do.

Do I believe this specific former Senator did it?

Not without proof. 

This is not male solidarity. As the son of a mother, the brother of a sister, the father of a daughter, I think punishment for rape should be more severe than it is. Don’t believe men can’t empathize.

This has to do with justice, with evidence, with proof before conviction.

Many supporting #MeToo appear to be hypocrites. It’s time to stop the bleeding and have #MeToo reorganize under the banner of “Truth First.”

12 thoughts on “I don’t believe any woman”

  1. This is the world we live in….certain people will sell there soul to the devil just to make a point, whether it is right or wrong. The Society, the Country that we used to respect and was once great has become nothing but lies, full of scandal and corruption and thus is by the people we wish to run it. I, for one will take anyone’s words as serious as they are presented to me, it will then become my job to figure out the truth from the lies, I never pass judgment unless your actions make me. What has me scratching my head is how people ,we are told to look up to and respect have so easily flipped thier feelings and beliefs in order to fill their personal agenda, in other words “to hell with what’s right”. This is exactly the kind if person we need to rid ourselves of.

    As always, truth is written by you. It is sad times for all of mankind. Many countries treat their women like third class citizens. Some countries, the women have no rights at all. Then here, we are just plain screwed up ! P.T.Barnum would appreciate how easy it is to manipulate the peoples. Find a topic, in this case women’s rights, feed the masses with a truth or two, then some half truths. The crowds go wild to jump on the band wagon.

  3. Sensationalism is the new norm. Stories are being reported as fact before evidence is presented. You are no longer innocent until proven guilty but rather the opposite. Every one has a skeleton in the closet,
    there is no reason to ruin a person’s life for something that supposedly happened thirty or forty years ago. Most of these people are vetted long before they run for a certain office. There should be a statute of limitations. If you didn’t report it before then shame on you. Let us decide on a person’s competence for an office and not something that supposedly happened many many years ago.

  4. As Ray Donovan, President Reagan’s Secretary of Labor, famously asked the media (which had pilloried him sans evidence), when cleared of corruption charges: “Where do I go to get my reputation back?” Indeed. The same question might be asked by Justices Cavenaugh and Thomas, whose names were dragged through the mud simply because they were not liberals. And what about the women who were besmirched by Bill Clinton toadies, when they tried to bring sxual assault charges against the erection-that-walks-like-a-man? Remember the comment by one lowlife about one of Clinton’s accusers? “It’s amazing what you find when you drag a $50.00 bill through a trailer park.” No man (or woman, for that matter) should have to prove their innocence; rather, it is up to the accuser to prove guilt. That’s what ‘presumed innocent’ means. I’m no Biden fan, but I will wait to see evidence before I toss him on the ash heap of history.

    1. Vince – your comment regarding Ray Donovan reminds me of the McCarthy-ism days in the 1950’s. Thank God there was Edward R. Murrow to put McCarthy in his place. Those people just don’t seem to exist any more. Well, except for Truth-Man Stu.

  5. The real problem is that the accusation is more damning than the true. People only remember the screaming headlines and breaking news. You are forever stained by the accusation. There ought to be a penalty for false accusations. A sort of public shaming enough to cleanse the stain.

    1. Some countries allow for such an action. The USA is not one of them.

  6. Stu
    You have mastered the clickable headline without needing a “?” as a fallback.
    Listen then Investigate then take appropriate action on both sides.
    Old guys can be creepy eh? 🙂

  7. Amen! Like in education, people like to label. No shame. No guilt. What are lies? The same for everyone. What is truth? Bless those who search for it.

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