I am the dumbass dimwit

In my most recent post, I broke one of my general principles and embarrassed myself.

The general principle is to avoid using the term “racist,” which is thrown about too casually, unless I was sure. I withhold it because I regard it to be a serious, toxic accusation. My reticence to use the R-word actually annoys some of my friends.

In my most recent post, working off what appeared to be a black image I saw online, and the coincidence of a different offender in blackface I was told about by a city source, I wrongly accused this guy of being a dumbass, dimwit and racist.

He is not. Images he furnished to me prove the makeup is dark green, not the black it appeared to be to me, and he has used the makeup in the parade for years without incident.

This was from 2012.

And this shows yesterday’s color to be green.

When you screw up, you admit it. At his request, to avoid spreading this further, I am withholding his name. We spoke Thursday afternoon.

I screwed up because I violated my own principles. I am ashamed of doing that, and I humbly apologize to the guy I wrongly accused.

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  1. That was very big of you Stu! You wrongly made accusations about a great guy. I commend you for making your mistake right, not many people would’ve admitted not apologized for it! Good job and happy new year!

    1. That shows high character! Whoever that green guy is I heard he’s a swell fella!👍🏻

  2. Where did checking facts BEFORE publishing a story go? Out the window until you’re caught? You get no credit for an apology. Your ass was wrong. You could have known that before raking this guy over the coals. Are you so eager to be part of cancel culture that has gotten so out of hand?

  3. still HAPPY THURSDAY !!!
    u dun gud ! I make mistakes constantly. They usually start as soon as I wake up.
    I think in retribution, you should put yourself in a dunk tank, the next time one becomes available. A buck a throw to your favorite charity.

  4. Admit you are wrong again, this guy has green on his face but the other racist 2nd Street piece of shit had black on his face. Screw froggy car.

  5. Stu, People need to stop looking for problems. A black face in a Mummer’s Day Parade is no more insulting to African Americans, then a green face is insulting to the Irish Americans, it’s all nonsense. Let’s stop all this political correctness it’s getting out of hand. I was going to finish my post with the hand gesture for ok, but I heard that is racist sign…. See what I mean. Have a good day. J.R.

    1. J. R.. I couldn’t agree more! Everything does not have to be a race issue. Kudos for correcting your error Stu, but black make up in this 120 year old tradition is no different than green or red or yellow! Sure there are a select few that are foolish and ignorant, but do not lump together all of these hard working men who are simply enjoying a fantastic day. This parade means a lot to the people of South Philadelphia and racism should not even be a topic of discussion.

      1. KT if your skit is pertaining to any particular ethnic group ie Asian or Indian, you are not allowed to use yellow or red either. As for black face make up, no more than1/4 of face may be black.

  6. Thank you, Stu! People need to stop looking for racism where it doesn’t exist. Its making it so nobody cares anymore, even when ot is legitimate racism. The boy who cried wolf!

  7. Well I will give you credit for 1.) apologizing for being wrong – dead wrong and 2.) calling yourself a dumbass as I would concur with your assessment. Although I do hope that during your conversation with the “frog” with dark green face paint, you gave him an apology to his face like any person who wronged another would do.

    I read both your original post in which you confused green with black along with the comments and this subsequent post and its comments. I know all involved and take offense to the name-calling in general. You do not know these people and maybe would not want to know them. It is easy to call someone an asshole or dumbass. For example, we could easily accuse you of being an asshole for your lapse in judgment and siding with the more dimwitted city leader who has strayed so far from his 2nd street roots that he could not find 2nd street with a map.

    Knowing these men, there was no racism or offense intended. Sometimes people make poor judgment calls that does not make them a racist or asshole or dumbass. I was on 2nd street last evening for the “parade” and saw diversity in our streets…people dancing, singing, and having fun (minus the guy who was from the suburbs who pissed on my step)…Mummers strutted along with those who wanted to join in…no matter their race or ethnicity.

    So Stu, as you pointed out, words used without true meaning are just that overused, empty, meaningless words. And boy do politicians and the media know how to take a meaningless situation and turn it into a shit storm leaving me to wonder who the true racists are.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  8. 1 . You did screw up and admitted.
    2. You did break one of your own principles and admitted so.
    3. You’ve made recompense to the man you called a racist.
    4. You have admitted your shame.

    The best thing you did not say was ‘I’M SORRY IF!! I have offended or hurt anyone,’….the common warn out weak non apology repeatedly reserved for the elite politicians and others.
    You owned up and I respect you.
    And there will always be some that won’t let go. It’s called holding a grudge.
    Happy New Year!!

  9. Too bad our Commander-in-Chief can’t do the same! We all screw-up so apologies are in order every time we do!

    1. A fine player named Stu, with a
      vary of smart moves, for the first time left down his guard. Quickly back at the game, he owned up and took blame, but someone just had to toss the Trump card.

      1. barely HAPPY THURSDAY !!!
        Sorry pal, but (sic) you are soooooo wrong to pick on Barry. Since we are both deplorables, we understand that OUR President should apologize for the following :
        1) the economy
        2) the money in your pocket
        3) the jobs that have been created
        4) sending another extremist to the promise land
        5) “This will not be another Benghazi”
        6) tooooooooo many to list, but you get the idea

        1. Tony,
          Barry wants Trump to apology for what? is how I took it to mean. All 3 of us are deplorables. I was pointing out with my Trump reference that he went off topic by pulling the “race card”, like the left and the media acolytes.
          I didn’t know Barry’s politics?

          1. HAPPY FRIDAY !!!
            I took Barry’s comments as an another attack on President Trump. As I see it, the President has nothing to apologize for.
            Let me put this another way. Many of us have been successful in our lives. Some have been good at both private and business. Few have been great at both. I don’t think most men have it within themselves to be good at both, never mind exceptional. People who are very successful have a very different mind set from the rest of us. Politicians are very different in that their decisions can affect the world. ( e.g. middle east ) The President has an even more greater responsibility. In this case, President Trump is changing world policy at every opportunity. These decisions will have long lasting results. These are the positive attributes of the President. We can not completely understand the reasoning, mostly because we do not have all of the facts. Then add in the all of the false accusations from the dark side along with the fake media. I certainly could not function at that level under these current conditions. Few could. Think about all of the personnel that was nominated for various cabinet positions. Many dropped out when the accusations started to fly, never mind getting to the senate hearing and really getting blasted. (SCOTUS)
            Se, capiche. Very well, I think

  10. Hey Stu remember that article in 2013 where you wrote about the mummers and you ended it with this quote…
    “If you’re offended, here’s a buck. Try to buy a sense of humor. Or an ounce of sense.”
    And you have the audacity to smear this guy?! You are a disgrace and your apology is a joke. You are the perfect example of what’s wrong with the media today. Running your mouth before you fact check or in this case open your damn eyes!!
    This guy with the GREEN makeup should sue the balls off you!

      1. YOU are a joke!! And a very sad man for continuing to call people dumb. You are acting like a 5 year old.

  11. I personally know this man and he is one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet! Although you were the bigger person and took credit for what was said, What if his face really was painted black? He still would not deserve an apology? We paint our faces to match our costumes. It has nothing to do with Race. Out of 900 people 2 people had an all black face and I could guarantee it was not done to hurt anyones feelings or be racist. It was simply done to match a costume. When girls go out we do our eyeshadow to match our outfits, when I do my black smokey eye am I being racist? We also like to match our accessories with our outfits. It’s the same thing! Our costumes were black and orange. Of course our faces are going to be black and orange. That’s what use mummers do we paint our faces and dance around! 900 people wear a costume with Froggy Carr. Do you know how hard it was to find face makeup!? I found black in party city and had to go to NJ for Orange. Say I didn’t have a car and couldn’t make it to NJ for the orange paint. My Father, brother, fiance and newborn son would all be called racist? I can’t speak for the thousands of mummers that walk in the parade but New years is a family tradition for so many and racism does not even cross our minds when we decide which color to paint our faces. I guess it was just the way I was raised but the color of someones skin does not ever cross my mind. I visually can see it but it does not even cross my mind when im introduced to someone. I treat people the same reguardless of appearance. So while im painting my families faces on New years Morning it’s so they match and look sharp in there costume. Maybe something is wrong with the people who do have a problem with it since use are so aware of skin color. If I seen a picture of someone that was not “white” with white makeup on in a costume I would never even look twice! So what! Why are we always so worried about what other people are doing? As long as people aren’t being hurt what is the problem? You made horrible accusations against a man off of ONE picture. Accusations that could have cost him his job, his way of providing for his family. I think people forget that mummers are actual people as well. People working full time jobs. Social Workers, Teachers, Fireman, Doctors, I could go on. “These mummers” are not just drunks who run around broad street in costumes. Most of these people are the ones holding the door open for you at wawa, teaching your children and even saving lives. That is the problem with society and social media. One picture and you think you know someone. Although I think you were the bigger person for apologizing you should try not to make assumptions from peoples appearances. One picture at that. And now people who have seen your post are still commenting “Fuck Froggy Carr” and the entire club has a name of being racist. See what 1 article could do?

    1. Jordan,

      Where did you first hear about this whole clusterf—k? I know channel 29 six o’clock news made a big deal, although never mentioned the Green face.
      I really feel for you all, have many relatives, fireman, take part for many, many years!
      Hope it gets smoothed out!

  12. Tony,
    I agree with every point you just made about our President. I don’t know where or how we got off the same train! We have been beating the same bush back and forth!
    It must be this medium.
    Let’s blame it on your Pallie.
    Stu will straighten us out.
    Hope your Friday remains “Happy” for you!

  13. We (all of us) have to remember that language and gestures change with the times. The saying “Our hearts were young and gay” often brings snickers today. What may have been acceptable when I was young, in the early 1950s, (e.g., the word Negro for a Black person…oops, I mean African-American…see what I mean?) may now be considered racist; or the gesture of a friendly pat on the back (He assaulted me, officer!) offensive. Is there a better example of an unacceptable — formerly okay– action than a white person putting on blackface? I remember when I was a kid watching Eddie Cantor in blackface on TV singing “Mammy.” It was very touching then; today I would cringe in horror. Like I said, words and actions change with the times. Once in a while we will screw up without thinking about what we’re saying or doing. Let’s cut each other some slack, people. And, finally, think about this: AI is on the way. Will it be okay to make fun of someone’s robot years from now?

    1. Vince,
      This PC culture we live in continues to rule. I would hate being a parent today. I hope “back in the day” for the future or something similar!
      This is a new decade, right? Or an old post?

      1. Remember the word “Cool” back in the day. It’s been back again for sometime now! That’s a good sign!! I use it a lot. But then it hasn’t changed its’ meaning, like your examples.
        Just a thought!
        Best wishes!

  14. HAPPY FRIDAY !!!
    Just heard you on the Dom Show. You sound a lot younger and taller on the radio!
    I liked your top 5 list. We may have to tie Dominic to a no parking sign and make him watch the whole parade next year.

      1. Sorry I missed today’s show. I write Dom often ’cause Waiting to be on makes me nervous.
        He’s a good one!

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