Hunter’s pal’s testimony was a split decision

Devon Archer’s Monday testimony before the closed-door House Oversight Committee was a split decision, with the Republicans slightly worse for wear.

Devon Archer on Capitol Hill (Photo: ABC News)
Archer is Hunter Biden’s longtime friend and business associate, not to mention a convicted felon in 2018 for a scheme to defraud a Native American tribe.

Republicans had been touting his appearance for a long time, panting, saying he would handcuff Joe Biden to his son’s nefarious business dealings.

Instead, what he said, according to multiple sources, was that Joe Biden did get on the phone with Hunter’s business associates about 20 times but “never once spoke about any business dealings.”

Hunter sold “the illusion of access” to his father, Archer reportedly said, and that seems straight as a yardstick.

There are two takeaways from the testimony, assuming Archer was telling the truth:

1- Joe Biden did not have business dealings with his son, which squares with the latest from the luscious lips of Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s Minister of Truth.

2- Joe Biden lied numerous times, each time he said he never discussed his whore-chasing, drug-addicted son’s business dealings. “Never,” the president said. 

The first time I heard him say it, I said this. “You’re a liar. What kind of a father doesn’t ask, even if just in passing, ‘How’s your business doing?’”

I base my incredulity on several things. For one, I am a son. For another, I am a father. For yet another, Biden has a long, infamous record of exaggerating or lying — from inflating his college way back when the earth started to cool, to when he supposedly got stopped by the cops while trying to visit Nelson Mandela, to appropriating British Labor Leader Neil Kinnock’s bio as his own during a previous run for the presidency, to denying having a seventh grandchild.

And that just scratches the surface.

So, he’s a liar, but — so far — there is no evidence that he, personally, enriched himself through his son’s shenanigans.

The GOP bombshell was a dud.

And the rule, here at the Stu-niversity, is this: Show me the proof. Display the evidence.

Without that, you’re just wasting my time.

8 thoughts on “Hunter’s pal’s testimony was a split decision”

  1. So Biden’s a liar. So is Trump and he’s also a crook. Show me a pol who doesn’t lie. Even Frank Rizzo lied (and failed a Daily News lie detector test). As much as I dislike Biden, Trump is unfit for office. So I’ll hold my nose (again) and vote for ‘Sleepy Joe’ instead of the malignant narcissist, grifter and serial liar ‘Orange Jesus’. Maybe in 2028 we’ll get some better nominees, but probably not.

    1. Point your fingers all you want. The truth is Biden is a longtime liar. The truth should not agitate you. That does not disqualify him from reelection, and I will vote for him against Trump.

  2. Joe Biden is worth $8-9 million. His only job has been in government.
    Hunter was paying his father $49,910 a month in rent while living off-and-on in Joe’s Wilmington house. Maybe that was part of the “10% for the big guy.”

    1. Could be, but I can tell you that if Biden invested 10% of his Senate salary starting 50 years ago, that could have yielded millions. I was late investing in my 401k, and I deeply regret it, because Vanguard has been crazy good.

  3. I’ll be waiting on your piece about the 45-page indictment of the worst criminal in United States history, Stu. There is LOTS of evidence of that to discuss. I’ve read the document, and it laboriously details the crimes, which are stunning and disturbing Anyone who votes for this orange menace should be in a mental institution.

    1. I am on record as opposing Trump. Period, full stop, as Obama used to say.
      The document is damning but it is an ACCUSATION, not “proof.”
      If there were an angle that hasn’t been mined, I will go there. I didn’t write about the first 40 indictments, either.

      Now, if you go back to my coverage of the 1/6 hearings, I reported on what his own inner circle was telling him — that he did NOT win and that his claims were bogus.
      His defense will be First Amendment protects political speech, even lies. The counter argument is that it doesn’t protect lies for gain. It will be an interesting and important debate.

    2. Let’s see how it all plays out. You are innocent until proven guilty. The witch hunt to get Trump for the last 8years has been a complete failure. All we have proven is the Clinton campaign the democratic party the FBI and the justice department are corrupt. If you want to continue to live in a corrupt country vote for Biden.

    3. I’m not a Trumpster or a Republican.
      Political persecutions are a greater threat to our (so-called) “democracy” than that buffoon Trump could ever be.
      The neocon Establishment, FBI/CIA, hated Trump from the beginning. The reasons are many. Starting when debating Jeb Bush, Trump called the war in Iraq a “big fat mistake.” Then in an interview with Bill O’Reilly who told Trump that Putin was a killer, Trump replied that there are a lot of killers and, “do you think we’re so innocent?” Trump wasn’t wrong, if you compare the amount of innocent people killed by Putin to those by George Bush and Obama, Trump was stating the obvious. Trump’s next “mistake” was saying that we should be friends with Russia.
      Other reasons for hating Trump are because he carelessly blurts out the truth and reveals our ugly intentions. Trump, instead of saying we’re in Syria “to bring democracy” or “to end human-rights abuses,” said, “We’re taking the oil.” When pushed to condemn Saudi Arabia for killing Khashoggi, Trump’s truthful but unsentimental reply was, “The fact is they’ve been a very strong ally. They create tremendous wealth and a tremendous amount of jobs in their purchases. They keep the oil prices down – if you want to see a global depression, raise the oil prices by $50 a barrel.”
      Obama would probably have strongly condemned the crime. Then he’d get on the phone to MBS and tell him to ignore the statement, that it was for domestic consumption.
      Truth is bad optics for the empire.

      A lawyer named Michael Sussmann, who said he was a “concerned citizen,” went to the FBI to say that Trump had a secret server to a Russian bank (Alpha). The FBI looked into it and found no evidence, but (not so) strangely allowed the media to continue broadcasting the lie. Sussman was charged with lying to the FBI – not for the non-existent secret server – but for hiding that he was working for Hillary.  
      The Steele Dossier was funded by Hillary’s campaign to find dirt on Trump. Christopher Steele used lies invented by a Russian national, Igor Danchenko, who was working for him. When the FBI offered Steele $1 million if he could prove the allegations, Steele never collected.
      So if anybody colluded with Russia it was Hillary.
      Both Sussman and Danchenko went to court for their lies. But the beltway courts, using  juries of the defendants’ peers – D.C. insiders, and weapons contractors – acquitted them both.

      The DNC claimed the Russians hacked their servers. But when the FBI wanted to forensically inspect them, the DNC refused. And surprisingly, the FBI agreed. The servers were turned over to CrowdStrike (in which the Pelosi’s own stock). In 2017, when questioned under oath by congress, CrowdStrike CEO Shawn Henry said that they didn’t find evidence that the Russians hacked the servers. But we never heard about it because it went against the Trump-Russia narrative.

      A former FBI lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, was convicted of altering a document to get a FISA warrant to eavesdrop on Carter Page, who was working on Trump’s campaign. They wanted to prove he was working for the Russians. But in fact, Carter Page was an “operational contact” for the CIA since 2013 – who was working AGAINST the Russians.
      The security state hated Trump so strongly that the CIA failed to tell this to the FBI.

      NY state dropped the statute of limitations for sexual assault for ONLY ONE YEAR so writer E. Jean Carroll could sue Trump for sexual assault and defamation.
      If political persecution is allowed to continue, then don’t think it can’t happen to your chosen candidate.

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