How to thwart check counterfeiters

The Inquirer had a Page One story Friday that reminds me of a column I did in 2019 that started with mail being stolen from U.S. Postal Service mail boxes, but ended with stolen checks being “washed” with chemicals. Your ink is removed, and the counterfeiters fill in a new recipient and a new amount. And you are out the money.

One reason you see mail boxes gimmicked to open one inch, is to prevent someone “fishing” for checks inside the box.

I know many people no longer write checks, but if you do, there is protection. The Uni-ball 207 uses ink that can’t be washed away.

7 thoughts on “How to thwart check counterfeiters”

  1. Thanks Stu for the tip. Btw sorry for you being scrubbed from Facebook but nice to hear from you more often😀

  2. Ah, yes, Stu, the Old Indelible ink pen. Or was that Illegible ink? Or Ineligible ink? Or unintelligible ink?
    Whatever…yours is an excellent suggestion even in this day and age.

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