Helping a hero’s family

Willy Joseph Cancel, a former Marine, is believed to be the first American to die while assisting Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression.

He leaves a young wife and toddler daughter. This link takes you to a verified GoFundMe page.

They could use help.

4 thoughts on “Helping a hero’s family”

    My sincere condolences to the family of Willy Joseph Cancel.
    A go fund me is probably a good idea. I don’t know what if any benefit package Mr. Cancel was to receive. Actually, I don’t know anything about modern day contractors. I do know that hired guns have been around as long as there was a need.
    Additionally, I wouldn’t be so quick to label Willy Joseph Cancel as a hero or anything else until more is known.

    1. Based on what his widow and mon say, he was there to help Ukraine. Some might say mercenary, but they might have said the same about Lafayette.
      I would help Ukrane if I were able. I am not, so I send money.

  2. As my son prepares to be shipped to Lithuania for a tour of duty, I feel the dread every parent must feel as his/her child heads into what could easily become harm’s way. Why this young marine, Willy Cancel, met his demise ‘over there’ is beyond my understanding. Why was he there,
    What was his purpose being there? Why are ANY Americans getting involved over there? Another apparently needless death of a young man. May God have mercy on his soul…and on the souls of the people who put him in harm’s way.

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