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  1. I am thrilled that you have a blog. My favorite Philadelphia writer of all time. ❤️

    1. Agree! Stu has been my favorite journalist forever! I look forward to following your website.

    2. My Favorite as well. Have read Stus column for years. Best of luck Stu. ☘ Looking forward to reading your blog. 😊

    3. Can’t wait until you and Stu drop dead, will be a great day for Philadelphia and America as a whole.

      1. Nice answer to our columns. So reasoned and logical.
        You thought I would delete this, but no. See, Christine and I put our names on our opinions. Gutless shitheels don’t.
        Let all see.

      2. Christine Flowerz you are a complete moron. I never liked you, and your SJW opinions, and I wish you the worst of all outcomes. You may think that you are cute, but guess again. You are lucky you said this to him, bc if you said it to me, I would be much meaner in response. GTH Seriously.

    4. Of course, Christine is the first to laud the continuation of Stu’s vitriolic rants on a new platform. #BirdsOfAFeather

    1. Stu, You will be missed, you did a great job for many years and I am happy you will soon have a blog. During your career at the newspaper you did tell it like it is and that’s what your readers liked about both you and your columns. Looking forward to your blog.

  2. I am happy to be here…. now you wont have the constraints of a boos… lucky you

      1. Oh, glad you clarified that – I was wondering if you missed an ‘e’ on the end there a minute…?

  3. Stu, I.m so happy for you. Keep up the good work in telling the truth to Philadelphians.

  4. What a prominent & long time relevant name in this great city of top notch journalism! So glad you will continue to share your articles with us! Congrats on your well deserved “retirement” and the very best of luck to you in all future endeavors!

  5. Stu, you will be missed! Thank You! Happy to continue to follow you here! Enjoy!

  6. Good Luck Stu…I’m looking forward to checking out what will be going on here..I can’t believe what a rag the Inky has become…

  7. You’re the best ! Glad you will continue with your own blog notes…..look forward to more reading from you……
    Tina S.

  8. Good to know you still plan to poke and pry and report and enlighten in this Next Act of your journey. That’s good news for all of us who saw the Inky farewell column and braced for a cold turkey withdrawal. Thanks for many years of entertainment and education. I accept that your new schedule may be less predictable, but it’ll be fun to see how the letters and numbers tumble from your fingertips now that you know there’ll be no outside editor.

      1. So now, according to Philamag we judge a column’s success by how many comments it garners? Then I fail. I’m thinking my stories just leave my readers breathless at the end.

  9. I’ve enjoyed being informed, prodded, supported, entertained and not infuriated…maybe agrevated, by you. LOL. Will keep in touch. All the best, Stu. Looking forward to reading your blog. — Mary Jude

  10. My favorite columnist and, more importantly, journalist. Glad you’re going to be readable through your blog… out me in!
    Paul Touhey

  11. Keep telling the truth Stu. You’ve opened my eyes many times. Adding this to my home screen. Journalistic integrity. You are a first ballot Hall of Famer.

  12. Glad you aren’t disappearing completely. Now I only have one favorite columnist in Philly print.

  13. Congrats on your semi-retirement! One foot out and one foot in is a good thing! Just keep your head up! Looking forward to reading your blog ~ thanks for continuing to keep us informed and opinionated,
    Donna M Kennedy

  14. Last compelling writer left at the Daily News. Very sorry to see you go. Anxiously awaiting your blog. Thank you Stu.

  15. Stu- so glad you decided to continue writing. I have read your articles for years and used to get the Daily News just for your “celebrity” gossip articles!! Your insightfulness and fairness is unmatched.

    1. Saw him Friday. He then sent me a long email of support. He walked out 25 years ago in disgust. He is a tour guide at Independence Mall.

  16. Congratulations on your retirement and new life, doing exactly what you want! We look forward to your musings..

    One question on hyper self described position on “Obey the Law.” What about laws that are patently absurd? Are you that rigid and is it that simple? Are you sure chaos will ensue when you break any law? Or am I misunderstanding you?

    Regardless, glad to have you still gadflying about.

    1. Queens, huh? Went there for Shea Stadium.
      Obey The Law is a general principle. In the case of absurd laws, or immoral ones, (peaceful) civil disobedience is fine, but in a democracy you change laws by legislation or the courts.

  17. I’m a Philly transplant from the midwest living in the area for a 2nd time since 1998. I’m also somewhat of a creature of habit rising each morning before my household wakes and heading out for coffee and a newspaper. You, my friend (is it ok to call someone you’ve never met “friend”) have produced hearty laughter and at times, tears as I’ve read your columns. No, twitterverse and fans of sound-bite-sensationalism may not get you, but I do!
    Thanks for all you’ve done and all you have left to do. I will add reading stubykofsky.com to my routine!

  18. This is going to be long. No apologies.
    We, any American that understands the value of the Fouth Estate, mustn’t let the death of newspapers lead to the death of journalism. The problem, from a mass informative aspect, of blogs, is the narrower and unbalanced messaging of information. The reader has surf a tital wave to find the shoreline. The beauty of yesteryear’s newspaper (remember that ten pound Sunday morning gift to humanity, anchored and paid for by millions of classified ads?) was it’s ability to present varying insights into a story. The reader had an opportunity to process, take it has his/her own. To decide truth. There was a time classified advertising accounted for 80% of a newspaper’s revenue. The importance in understanding this is that no ONE advertiser could hold a newspaper publisher hostage. It was easier back then to write truth. Newspapers started to die twenty years ago at the hands of… Angie’s List… Monster…. Trulia…. Craig’s List… Auto Whatever…
    Some wise ex-newspaper publisher, one that remembers when the editor, not the marketer, determined the “above the fold” story and photo should consider gathering the best of those that have been laid off, downsized, marginalized … city by city… provide these journalists and photo-journalists a branded online portal for their respective blogs, Real News Philadelphia, Real News Baltimore, Real News Chicago… allow sponsors to supplement costs and salaries, could be Craig’s List, Indeed, Monster, Trulia… might want back in… (sreucture like PBS – lobby local government to enact legislation that would ensure perpetual funding from tax dollars) …. free reign to the person with the pen and or camera… no rating agenda driven, placement… a rotating a list of journalists on the landing page. Last name, first name headline (click) done reading, back to the landing page. Reader Comments? The length of this is arguement for a gateway.
    Reader identities would be verified. Readers could offer subscription donations, but all required is verification of their reality. Sponsors would provide funding, possibly through a structured approved non-profit company.

    Most importantly, the big names of yesterday’s bylines would all be welcome… and these journalists, while tasked with doing what they do, communicate, investigate, disseminate, communicate… would also mentor. Each would mentor a vetted apprentice. In the name of democracy.

    What better city than Philadelphia to work through finding a viable means of ensuring the long-term health of the Fourth Estate and the American dream?

    We haven’t found a way to properly digitize the newspaper of yesterday. The New York Times speaks to its choir, The Wall Street Journal to its… don’t get me started on video based “news” programs…. soundbites, screamed over and over and over. We are growing more divided by the day. Someone, somewhere, has to take us back to the future. Before ego driven, power hungry, men and women, relocate us back to the very place America was born.

  19. Good luck Stu , always enjoyed your writing , didnt always agree , though you always made it interesting and honest. You were the stars at that paper , biggest reason to pend a buck . Mark

  20. I’ve always enjoyed reading you, thank you. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we do not. Glad to hear you will keep on truckin’. I’ve just bookmarked your new Blog and look forward to reading more common sense.

  21. Mr. Bykofsky:
    Your work has been and will continue to be well-considered, straight-talking treasure. Your decision to “wear-out instead of rust-out” is the only path the true old-school hard-research journalists take. Like the rest of these replies, we are glad to continue to be privileged by your work and wisdom, and will add reading stubykofsky.com to my continuing reading list.

  22. Carry on, Stu. I’ll miss your column but I look forward to reading stuff here!

  23. One less reason to bother reading the Inquirer. Looking forward to reading.

  24. I am one of those traditional , older, newspaper-reading Americans and am looking forward to reading your blog daily.

  25. I’ll echo the comments that, although I did not always agree with you, I always enjoyed reading your column. I have never read a blog, but I have bookmarked this one.

    1. During my farewell Friday, I said the common thread among emails was something like, “I didn’t agree with you all the time, but …”
      My Response? I didn’t agree with myself all the time.
      The BEST compliment is to read a writer when you know you might disagree.
      I say that is because of my charm, but my girl friend has another theory. ☺️

      1. And now I am actually reading a blog. And no, you’re not so charming, but you are well written, even when I agree to disagree.

  26. Stu : You were one of the very few reasons left to read (Even for free) “Philly News .Best wishes for ALL your new projects.

  27. So excited about your blog!!!! Your honesty is a rare treasure!!!! Looking forward to Monday!!!!

  28. I have enjoyed your common sense approach to all issues. Your column was the only reason (excuse) I had left to continue with the Inquirer. So goodbye Inquirer, hello blog. I am very happy you have decided to do this and look forward to a “no holds barred” approach to the issues of the day. Please take no prisoners. Will you miss Trudy Rubin and Will Bunch?

    1. You may find this hard to believe ☺️ but Bunch and I don’t talk much. We are in different areas of the newsroom. (I am in the Reality Corner.) I often disagree with Trudy’s opinions but she bases them in fact and reporting. Unlike some in the newsroom, I am fine with opinions that differ from mine, because I am a Liberal.
      A JFK Liberal.

  29. Not big on responding to articles but I will miss your informative insights; plan to follow your blogs. Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts

  30. Stu,
    Ive read your forever and always appreciated that you would interact with readers (like me).I think a blog, without the inflexible barriers that traditional newspapers impose, is a perfect medium for you. Everything is on the table! Looking forward to reading your future topics. Stay well.

  31. Hey Stu, Welcome to retirement! It is the best job I’ve ever had. We will miss your column, and we appreciate that you have made arrangements to stay in touch.

  32. If you continue to be inspired by the life and deeds of your Blessed Father, good causes and challenges should bring you health and happiness and continued support from your loyal readers who are ready for a good fight.

  33. Congratulations on your retirement. You’re probably my favorite Philly writer, although it could be Bill Lyon. Good luck with the blog.

  34. I was disappointed as I began reading your article about your impending Inquirer departure. It was a great relief that you will continue to write on your blog. Thank you and good luck.

  35. I’m anxiously awaiting your debut in this space, Stu! As you know, I’m indebted to you for helping me get my first job in journalism. Thank you very much. All the best, Bill Marimow

  36. Congratulations on the new blog! I’ve been following you for years too and am glad I’ll be able to continue!!

  37. I was disappointed to read your latest article announcing your departure from the Inquirer but relieved when I read further and saw you were starting a blog. Good luck. I hope you are successful.

  38. Hi, Stu: I’ve been doing a blog for 10+ years — haven’t missed a single day. I’m delighted to welcome you to the blogosphere. Your lifelong body of work is a testament to your extraordinary talent and enviable work ethic. More, more, more! All the best, Dan Cirucci

  39. Glad to see you’ve still got a daily platform…you’ve been my favorite Philly columnist since Pete Dexter….You write the truth…..according to Stu….

  40. Your blog is now part of my morning ritual of coffee and Metamucil. Thanks, Stu.

  41. Proud to be one of your first followers! Now you really say whatever you want to! We’re holding on right . . .

  42. Looking forward to hearing from my favorite columnist! But try to enjoy retirement too.

  43. Congratulations to your retirement! I hope it will be a long and happy one!
    Thank you for always helping Philadelphia citizens – your column will be sorely missed. Glad you will be continuing on your Blog!

  44. Good Stuff. Bykofsky Unchained! Django aint’ got shit on you. Congrats and Godspeed.

  45. Can’t believe this website name wasn’t already taken. 😋 All the best to my longtime colleague in the industry. Though you are up to your neck in it whilst I merely have toes in it. See you in the sphere!

  46. Hi Stu! Mazel tov! I’ll be reading. Maybe commenting. If you’re lucky. 😉

  47. Ready to read the next chapter and see it shared over the internet. Your writing will help level the playing field as you present fairness, truth and integrity with a bit of wit. Good luck and look forward to following and reading.

    Brian Doc

  48. Marching with Bernie will bring change to Hahnemann.
    Free Healthcare and Sex Changes for Albinos could turn a profit.

  49. Not sure who had the “brilliant” idea to invite Slanderous Saffron to your retirement party. That had to be one of the lowest, classless and evil attacks by a nasty woman I think I have ever seen. You deserved better.

  50. Now that the Inky, led by your thought to be ally Marimow, who is subject to World Ridicule, see Daily Mail, how do you feel about serving for nearly 50 years on a sinking ship that is the pure and simple excuse for corrupt and slanderous “journalism.”

    When you emceed Roasts which defamed many and destroyed a few, now the tide has turned and you will forever be remembered as a beached Larry Fields wannabe, viciously hated by a bleached overrated cow and her supporters in the News Room.

  51. Thank you, Stu, for giving me another reason to dislike Inga Saffron.

    -Pattye Stringer

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