Helen Gym begins to show her true colors

And now, Helen Gym begins to reveal her true self.

The true self that is consumed with nonessentials and superficials.

Mayoral candidates Jeff Brown (left) and Helen Gym at mayoral forum. (Photo: Inquirer)

She lifted the curtain at a Thursday forum sponsored by the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists in an exchange with Jeff Brown, another mayoral candidate.

They were asked how they would cut the lengthy wait times that plagued people attempting to buy properties through the Philadelphia Land Bank. 

Not the most burning issue for most people, but what the hell. (Land banks are public authorities created to acquire, hold, manage, and sometimes redevelop property in order to return these properties to productive use, such as increasing affordable housing.)

Brown said the bank should be shut down and its assets sold off to Black and brown developers, which would create wealth in the minority community.

Gym countered with a clunky reply that said Brown doesn’t “have an understanding of how we direct a real, city-led vision for affordability in an environment in which market forces destroyed Black and brown communities.”

Kind of a combination of racist theory and Marxism, but OK. 

“Helen is the least informed person on this stage,” replied Brown. “She knows nothing about the free market. She knows nothing about real estate.”

A little rough, but probably true. Notice he attacked her knowledge, not her gender or her race.

Gym responded, according to the Inquirer, that Brown “sounds like an angry man right now” and “has no respect for women.”


She takes a legitimate policy difference and twists it into some kind of misogyny. Criticism of her becomes an attack on all women. This is slightly different from her usual approach, which is to racialize almost any issue.

It immediately brought to mind a famously racialized mayor, Lori Lightfoot of Chicago, who took any criticism of her half-witted policies to be racist, misogynist, or homophobic. Lightfoot is a Black, and lesbian, who at one point said she would not take questions from white reporters. 

Say what you will about pinhead Jim Kenney, he never called his critics anti-male, anti-white, or anti-Irish. (He would not answer questions from me,  but that wasn’t because I am white. It was because I condemned his ridiculous actions.)

The shrewish Gym also said Brown “has no respect for people who have a different vision from you.”

This is hilarious coming from a loudmouth who has as much respect for different opinions as Vlad Putin.

As a political analyst once observed, “If you are in Philadelphia politics and haven’t been attacked by Helen Gym, you aren’t in Philadelphia politics.”

The idea of four years of identity whining from a Mayor Gym makes my blood run cold.

13 thoughts on “Helen Gym begins to show her true colors”

  1. Spot on, Stu. I was furious when she declared that his comment was “sexist.” How on earth was that sexist?

  2. Gym displays the classic use of misdirection the far left is so famous for. Poor Philadelphia, to have such people vying to run the City further into the ground.

    1. The right is as masterful at misdirection and deflection as much as the far left. Helen Gym is a typical far left blowhard, but the GQP has their fair share of those as well.

  3. Blacks please Vote for Cherelle or Jeff Brown, Stop Helen Gym who will run down our City of Philadlephia, and let the neighborhoods go down with rampant crime and lawlessness. Helen Gym is being renamed, Mao Helen, Marxist for Mayor.

  4. Gym wants Billions not millions for her campaign promises to improve city schools. The city does not have the ability to pay for these promises. Gym is following the Larry Krasner playbook to get elected. She will have 20 to 22 percent of the Democratic voters casting their ballots for her. The college kids who have gentrified Fishtown, Strawberry Mansion, Fairmount, Manayunk, Point Breeze and Kensington along with the Gaborhood will vote for her. She is a financial nightmare for our city. Due to the large amounts of candidates running her chances of winning are greatly enhanced. Remember she led the police protests to Defund the Police. Hopefully she loses to a centrist candidate.

  5. It is hard to fathom why any reasonable person continues to reside or wants to reside within the boundaries of the (once great) City of Philadelphia given the quality (or lack thereof) of most of the elected officials and candidates for high office…..unless you like policies that are guaranteed to breed crime and other forms of social unrest.
    For Helen Gym to be a serious contender for Mayor speaks volumes about the mentality of a significant portion of the Democrat party base.
    If at least a plurality of Philadelphia Democrat voters cannot see that Philadelphia continues to inch closer to the bedlam and chaos of Chicago, SF, Minneapolis, NYC and other large cities then Philadelphia residents deserve what they vote for if Gym or a Gym-like clone is elected to Mayor and to City Council.

  6. Some canidates feel as though , if there is a card to be pulled, they pull it. It doesn’t show that the canidate has any one group backing them, just that they are grabbing for a straw and hoping a group is at the other end. Unlikely for Helen Gym.

  7. Helen Gym thought she had clear sailing to the mayors throne. Now she sees failure in her quest to be crowned Miss Mayor. She would be the worst person to run the city. Hopefully she will lose by a large margin and go back to Seattle.

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