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  1. “Even on the most exalted throne in the world, we are seated on nothing but our own arse.” — Chester Nimitz
    He never said whether the throne was warm.

  2. IMHO what we have here in Anthony Clark Sr, Vincent P Benedict and Tom Wetten, as well as a few others, is the core of a group of neo-nazi’s, commies, kkk’ers or a combination of them. It appears Anthony is the ring leader (grand dragon?) who believes that trump, the mother-fucker in the White House, is the best thing to come along since slavery. I believe this group would do anything, I mean anything, to keep the son-of-a-bitch in power forever.

    This will be my only posting here so the klan clan can go ahead and respond without fear of my response.

    1. HAPPY SUNDAY !!!
      Truth be Told,
      please see my earlier posting on 4/17 in the blog,Virus: the plan to save economy looks good.
      TbT; Thanks for the promotion to Grand Dragon ! I’ve been called /compared to Napoleon often, but never a grand dragon. Not even a little worm……………………………

      1. Vince, maybe Truth be Told was just being “sarcastic”. If it is alright for tRUMP to use it why not others?

        I will admit calling you three the “klan clan” was funny, although if I were to give you three a name it would be The Three Stooges.

  3. Years ago when I was 57 I was looking for some full time work. I had worked numerous p/t jobs, but needed health benefits. I was paying huge COBRA premiums for both my wife and I from former full time employment. My wife worked p/t also, all to supplement my pension!

    I eventually landed a job as a custodian (janitor) in a middle school 6,7,8 grade. At this point I didn’t care what the work entailed. I was just happy as hell to have a job.

    I was given the eleven 6th grade classrooms to clean each night and two bathrooms!! Yikes!!
    I was assigned a young man about 20 who had been 2 years before a student there, to train me. For a 20 year old he sure loved bossing me around! “Why didn’t you do that like I told you, what’s the matter with you, are you lazy or stupid, or both, why this, why that? I’m going to tell the principal.” Goodness gracious, I couldn’t do anything right in his eyes, yet I stood tall and refused to let this youngster bully me out of the job. At first I said “I’m trying, show me that again, that’s a bit tricky” (running this big hallway floor machine which was one of my other duties.)

    He was beginning to annoy me, so I fell silent, not saying an iota…just tolerating, and seeing if the maxim, ‘silence is golden,’ or as I like to think, “can (also) speak a thousand words’ would work here. Eric, my antagonist was curious with me as I stayed mute. “What’s the matter Tom, cat got your tongue? I know who you are, I can see right through you.” Silence. He kept quizzing me, and badgering me like an interrogator…silence…’patience Tom.’

    Long story short, after several nights of uncalled for abuse, I told him he could kiss both sides of my beautiful behind. (I figured he had connections but also problems!! So, I took a chance, I was betting on me).

    “That’s it Tom, I’m telling Mr. Jackson.”(the principal, who always stayed until about 7pm).
    He left in a huff and 5 minutes later this child of 20 and Mr Jackson came down to speak to me. “Tom, what’s the problem?” “I’m giving it my best Mr Jackson, but Eric here is making it difficult for me.” “How so, he tells me you swore at him.” “No, I was just rude, sir. My work looks pretty good, please Mr Jackson, take a look.”

    He did and said “Eric everything looks clean to me.” Then Mr Jackson said, “it seems, Eric, you need to show more respect for your elders, I bet Tom could show you a thing or two, he’s like your grandfather, please treat him that way.”

    This aneecdotal analogy, if you will, speaks to some of its commentators, lately.

    1. well said, my friend ! I’ll try and behave
      ( beautiful behind ?!? who have you been talking to ?!?! )

    2. You need to tell that story to tRUMP. I am doing nothing more that what he does to people he disagrees with. I never read anything from you, nor your little gang when tRUMP is doing the name-calling. Why? I guess you three feel he can do it because he is your boy. Well I say I can do it as well. If you do not like it, it is just to damn bad! Your little gang also does name-calling. Ask Tony why he calls Democrats dimocrates. Also ask him about the things he calls Nancy Pelosi. You can also ask Vince about the comment about Truth be Told doubling his meds.. Each of you think you are so self-righteous and anyone disagrees with you must be wrong. All three of you are morally deficient.

      I can see you replied to Truth be Told. My guess is because he, or she, said they would not be back and you cowards felt safe I know you will not respond directly to me since you know I will rip you a new one.

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