Getting your attention

This is what is known as a place holder.

Courtesy Babylon Bee

I’m sure it gave some of you a laugh, even though the situation down there is not funny. I will have something to say about it, but time has been scarce lately in the runup to my birthday party, and even the after-party carnage cleanup.

I just haven’t had the time to do a credible job, so while I carve out some time, you have this to view in the meantime.

3 thoughts on “Getting your attention”

  1. Stu, the caption is almost believable given the dems new spin on what is infrastructure:

    On a similar note If you have time look up (apolitical) John Ondrasik’s new song BLOOD ON MY HANDS, but not on facebook (banned).  Still up on utube. I used DuckDuckGo because Google took me to a different old song by the same title. Also Hugh Hewitt’s Ondrasik interview is  excellent except the volume. 

    Yo Old Timer !
    I can say that. I have a long way to go to hit the BIG ’80’!
    Babylon Bee, The Patriot Post and a few others. They really know how to hurt a guy. And the ammunition just keeps com’n’.
    Sad to say. It’s one diversion after the other. In your facebook blog today, the satire, I believe, was completely missed by those that replied in your blog. Those few are really filled with hate for President Trump. It’s sad that people are like that, yet at the same time, they see very little wrong with the present administration.
    I will say one more time. I am a republican. I am an American. I will always try to do what is best for my country. I fought for this great country and I would have gave more, if asked. I will continue to vote for the person that is best suited to lead us, the American voter. I think that Donald Trump did a good job for those several years. Not the full term because he had as many RINOs against him as he did dimocrats. I also think that it’s time for him to relinquish the stage. He will not, can not unite our country. It seems that he will only divide us even more. Sorry to say all of that. If the man had the support that he needed, we would be seeing a better country. True, President Trump would need someone like me to tell him to reign it in a bit or even shut up a minute.
    I do know for certain. A divided country will keep the democratic party in power and that will keep us heading down the road toward socialism.

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