Georgia elections on my mind

Remember when the chicken-legged clowns who run Major League Baseball actually moved the All-Star Game from Black majority Atlanta to white majority Denver to protest the racist and voter-suppression laws passed by the Georgia legislature?

Other corporations, stampeded by the woke on Twitter who hadn’t read the law, cravenly protested against it, based on the certainty of ignorance. 

President Joe Biden had one false point to make. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

That law was called — what was it, again? — “Jim Crow 2.0” by President Joe Biden, an intellectual Dumpster.

Georgia’s law — less restrictive than some blue states, including  Biden’s home state of Delaware — went into effect after the 2020 election.  Its backers said it supported voter integrity, its opponents used the ubiquitous and elusive claim of “racism.”

I have covered this manufactured hysteria earlier, which you can read here.

This morning, I have Georgia on my mind. With the election over, what do we know now?

We know now that three times more people voted this year than in 2018, according to the liberal Washington Post, which editorially opposed the changes to the law. Don’t wait for an apology.

Have you noticed that when Republicans propose changes to law, that is called restrictions, but when Democrats propose changes to law, that is called reform?

It is true that these changes, and others proposed in some red states, followed Donald J. Trump’s false claims that the election was stolen. I say false because he was unable — in some 60 lawsuits filed across America, including before federal judges he had appointed — to present any valid evidence of fraud.

It is also true that so-called “expanded” election rights — such as (way too early) voting, no ID voting, drive-through voting, Sunday voting — over recent decades have done nothing to increase voter turnout. The numbers prove it, as shown in this column. There is a problem with turnout, but it probably has more to do with the lack of civic responsibility than it has to do with easy access.

In fact, only two things in recent decades have increased voter turnout — the candidacy of the first Black candidate of a major party, and the Trump candidacy of (mostly) disenfranchised white working class people. You know, the Deplorables.

The Georgia results prove that what many on the Left believed — that turnout would be suppressed — was wrong. It was not. Don’t wait for an apology.

As for people on the (far) Right, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger — who defied Trump’s demand that he find some votes for him, and who vouched for the 2020 election’s integrity — was again selected by Georgia Republicans to hold that office.

He was opposed by a Trump-endorsed goon who said the election was rigged. He lost. Don’t wait for an apology.

Incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp beat another Trump election-denier for the nomination. Don’t wait for an apology. Kemp will face Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams, who denied the 2018 election results.

This proves that democracy is more resilient than some of its critics say, and that Trump’s stranglehold on the GOP is waning.

7 thoughts on “Georgia elections on my mind”

    As always, your research and honesty proves you right. I will say ( again ) that President Trump is still beating a dead horse. I do admire the man. I knew him when he built casinos and I voted for him Should he be the Republican candidate for President, I will vote for him again. I must say ( again ) that WE LOST the election! We fell for the tricks of the dimocrat. If Joe Biden was hiding in his basement ( HA ! ), then I would call it a ‘war room’.
    Georgia. It is amazing that every so often, common sense prevails. Politicians do what his right for the people, not for themselves. The electorate proved that this time and the voting public using common sense and brains proved to the rest of the country that given a chance, the best man/woman will win.
    FYI. I recently completed researching the voting record of a sitting State Representative. In two years 4,000 bills were proposed in Harrisburg. This particular person voted straight dimocrat. 14 times against firearms. 5 proposals were sponsored. To me, they were the type of bill that the party gives you so that you can say that you actually done something for the money. Electorates that care actually propose meaningful bills.
    Now that I have some time, I’m going to research Senator Biden.

    1. Since Biden was in the Senate since the Ice Age, that will be a grand task. I think you will find him to have been a moderate liberal.

  2. That’s a great synopsis on what went down – down there. Thanks Stu! I knew we could count on you to break through the political fog.

  3. Three points. 1. No politician is particularly interested with “fair elections”. They are mainly interested in winning elections by any means necessary. 2. More voters concern themselves with their own point of view rather than the facts. 3. Voters tend to vote what they feel, not what they know. Once again, your observations are spot on!

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