George hammers Joe, who avoids a knockdown

George Stephanopoulos interviews Joe Biden

It was a little Dodge City as  ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos hammered President Joe Biden on his cognitive ability and his political viability.

Stephanopoulos opened by announcing the 22-minute interview was without edits, without cuts. (Anyone believing ABC would risk its reputation by trying to “help” the President through editing should have their head examined.)

Has Biden had his examined, Stephanopoulos asked, framing his question as interest in whether the President had a cognitive test.

Biden dodged, saying he did have a physical test. When the anchor repeated the question, Biden said every day he is on the job is a cognitive test.

Well, he was sharp enough to duck the question.

It was also a dodge when he replied “in terms of success, yes,” when Stephanopoulos asked if he was the same today as four years ago.

Biden appeared relaxed, tan and fit, wearing a sport coat and tieless, speaking softly with a slight rasp.

It was drastically different from Debate Biden but also different from Rally Biden, when he addressed supporters in Madison, Wisc., with a booming voice, high energy and radiant smiles.

Biden denied he is making more mental lapses now. He denied he is more frail. He denied or discounted polls that show he is trailing Trump. As an illustration of how on top of things he is, he said he spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, but seemed to forget the name of the just-elected prime minister of the United Kingdom.

The entire 22 minutes focused on Biden’s mental and political fitness.

Stephanopoulos hammered him on reports of donors and other Democrats deserting him, and Biden responded that those who matter have not. Couldn’t anyone get him not to run? Maybe if the good lord almighty came down, Biden joked.

He also insisted that he could beat Trump, but declined to answer if any other Democrat could.

He did well, he appeared presidential, he probably brought relief to the people who are in his corner.

Did he change the minds of people who hate him, or who have deep qualms?

Probably not. 

He will have to do a lot more, if he is able, to make voters forget the debate fiasco.

21 thoughts on “George hammers Joe, who avoids a knockdown”

  1. Joe is done he won’t step down and he can’t win. He is 81 but acts much older. As time goes on he will have more elected democrats drop support. It’s to late to replace Joe.The democratic senators and congresspersons lied to us telling us Joe was good, he is healthy, mentally and physically. Looks like a loss for the D’s in 2024.

    1. At this point in history, a loss for the D’s would be success and jubilation for our beloved America! The D’s and their party have been hijacked by a bunch of crazed, anti-American Socialists and anarchists. They appear to be hopelessly infected and powerless to rid themselves of this criminal malady. The Democrat Party is akin to a plethora of shit in the swimming pool. No hyperbole!

  2. Thought Stephanopolous did very well. Maybe a couple he could have asked, but 22 minutes is not a long time. I watched some analysis on Fox and there was criticism of the interview as being soft. Just shows you the media divide. Biden should have said yes to the cognitive test question with the proviso that Trump do the same!

  3. When the leftist press (a redundancy) turns on its own candidate, there is too much blood in the water to be ignored. But Obama and Jill are holding on to their backroom power for dear life, the good of the country be damned. If the coming election is fair, DT will retake the White House.

  4. Didn’t watch for a very simple reason. Donald Trump is not fit in terms of his narcissistic personality disorder, demanding total fealty from his advisors and acolytes. Joe Biden is also not fit for the job, but I believe he will have better personnel surrounding him than Trump will to aid him in running the country. My vote this November isn’t as much for Joe Biden; it’s against Donald Trump, and anyone else who may run against him will get the same vote. If Republicans were thinking rationally this primary season, and not blinded by the egotistical creature running their show, they would have nominated Nikki Haley. Their win would have been absolutely assured.

    1. Donald Trump was a better than average president with many achievements. If you are foolish enough to vote for Biden you know he will not be calling the shots. And we will be governed by unelected bureaucrats. Even you are smart enough to see that. Is this the kind of country you want to live in? Wake up.

    2. Each candidate was fairly chosen by each party’s nominating system. Even Biden was challenged — by Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson.
      So when Americans say they don’t like the choices, who is to blame?

      1. Trump is by far the best choice and should win in a landslide because he has a record of accomplishment and is a true leader. Biden is a puppet and a complete failure. You have to be a complete idiot not to see it.

          1. Not until it sinks into your thick skull. At this point if you back Biden you are anti American. The country is being led buy unelected people. This is not democracy. You claim to love your country but you want to elect this brain dead bastard again.

    3. You are completely right. The republicans foolishly kicked to the curb, a fully capable, intelligent and courageous candidate. The two major parties have let the country down.

  5. The democrats and the media have been covering up for Biden since before he was elected. He has proven to the American people that he is incompetent. The debate finally opened the eye’s of those blinded by hate to see what a fool they elected. Meanwhile the rest of people who were paying attention and have common sense are relived that people have finally woken up to what’s going on in this country.

  6. There are valid arguments both pro and con. I cannot see Biden back again. Our country is in a very vulnerable state right now.

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