From crack pipe to crackpot

Elections matter.

Faced with howls of protest led by conservatives, the Biden Administration policy that was described as crack pipes for addicts was quickly reversed, to assure citizens their tax money would not be going to providing nice, clean pipes to crack addicts.

Attorney General Merrick Garland, who is supposed to uphold the law

The pipes-to-addicts line was not a fully accurate description of the program, one of those “harm reduction” deals, but it was close enough to send the lame idea back into the woodwork.

Left-wing Newsweek tried to give it a positive spin to no avail. 

At approximately the same time that was happening, the Democrat-headed Department

of Justice said it was considering a change in its previous position, and might allow so-called “safe injection” sites, that are not safe and have been ruled illegal by a court under the “crack house statute,” but that doesn’t seem to impress Attorney General Merrick Garland, a Social Justice Warrior in thin disguise. Like so many Democrats, when law is inconvenient, it is to be ignored. Illegal immigrants, Sanctuary Cities, and lack of criminal prosecution are other examples. 

No Republican attorney general would do this, and that’s why elections matter.

The strange thing is the deafness of the Justice Department. Free crack pipe kits just got smothered, but it plows ahead with ideas to increase opioid addiction.

We’ve suffered 100,000 deaths, yet the geniuses behind this program claim it will reduce deaths, citing thin, and challenged, research from Canada. 

The idea is to reduce harm, but it is laughable. They can’t even name what they want to do without running into trouble.

It is not an “overdose prevention program,” because it doesn’t prevent overdoses, it merely brings a quick Narcan remedy.

It is not “safe” because even a high-ranking Democrat, Attorney General Josh Shapiro, says no dose, no matter how small, is “safe.”

So they finally retreat to “harm reduction.”

The greatest reduction comes when the addict quits — and I know I am not supposed to use “addict” when the woke prefer a circumlocution such as “people living with additions.”

Well, I live with my dog, and I am a dog owner. People “living” with an addiction are addicts, and the ones I know — such as columnist Solomon Jones and former columnist Elmer Smith say the word should be used. It is accurate and appropriate. (Each is no longer addicted.)

Some questions for you: 

Being as we can’t know what it is in them, can illegal drugs ever be “safe”?

Is drug use positive or negative for society?

Do we want to encourage illegal drug use?

If a non drug user asked your help to shoot up for the very first time, would you help?

Then why would you help for the 50th time?

So what’s my solution?

Illegal drug use is, like, you know, illegal, so arrest the sellers and the users.

The sellers go to jail.

The users go to rehab. 

That is “harm reduction,” and stands a chance of returning a drug zombie to a productive life.

20 thoughts on “From crack pipe to crackpot”

    We’ve been down this drug alley a dozen times. It seems that we’ll just keep the parade going till everyone gets on board the addition express.
    I’ll answer your questions in my usual long winded round about way.
    As far back as I can remember, the dimocrats have been social justice warriors. What started out as helping the working class, slowly came the idea of socializing everyone. It would be much easier to accomplish, if the masses were completely aided (?) by the government. First social security, then welfare and now drugs. All of our work went south, courtesy of NAFTA. Then the real hammer was making china our ‘favorite nation’. Big business went to bed with the politicians and made more money by selling us cheap crap made ‘off-shore’. Drugs were always available, but with encouragement, they flourished. Now, they are welcomed across our southern border, courtesy of Washington, D.C..
    solution: DRAIN THE SWAMP ! and VOTE THEM ALL OUT !
    Everybody in D.C. is in bed with somebody. Always was. Eliminate the conspiracies. The real political parties are CORRUPTION and GREED. When a freshman rep goes to the capitol, they are quickly taught the game. Do any of you think that AOC and the FAB FOUR are that good or smart or anything else ? No, they are just a weapon – used by the dimocrat party to keep people guessing while Washington gets eaten alive by every special interest group out there. Obviously, the American public is not a special interest group. We get the crumbs as our politicians get the steak ! I will be anything that as we get closer to the mid terms, the American public will be given a ‘gift’, which will make the voter put more dims back in office.
    The republican party does not exist in Chester County. Just like Philly, they go about life in a half – ass way. They don’t know how screwed up they are.
    So, let’s clean house. Use the laws that are on the books. Make politicians and judges and D.A.s and everyone else accountable. LET’S TAKE BACK AMERICA !

      1. pallie,
        To repeat. The morning drive guy (Jim Gearhardt, 101.5 ) in Jersey came up with this in the 1970’s. A writer for a North Jersey paper, who was a constant on the show, helped out with other sayings. BEND OVER, HERE IT COMES AGAIN or more commonly know as “BOIGA”.
        The first round of toss outs would catch one term of each house and senate, making room for new blood. The next election would do the same. and on and on. Hopefully, soon enough, people running for office would not be politicians. They would be ‘statesman/ woman”. If they want to continue in politics, they would run when they were permitted by law.
        Stu, you and everybody on this blog knows that politicians are primarily there for themselves. What other profession do you go into with little money and come out rich ?
        You asked me this question before. Where’s your reply ?

  2. Stu – as always, your wise words ring True. All the civics in South Phila. with assistance from many in other affected areas of the City successfully fought back a ‘Safe Injection Site’ planned for our area, two years ago. Thank You again to the fine lawyers at Dechert for their strong legal work. We advocates will be back, stronger and more united than ever, if this City dares try again, in any community. The Dept. of Justice is a disgrace. The City needs to focus its efforts on the most basic of City obligations, safety and cleanliness. Hard-working, tax-paying residents will not tolerate such a travesty of woke mentality in our communities. What a terrible example for the next generation. Thank you for highlighting this problem. Stay tuned. Your faithful reader, Barbara Capozzi

    1. Thanks, Barbara. In this piece I did not mention, but should have, community opposition because these places draw undesirables into the neighborhood.
      Sorry if anyone is offended, but addicts ARE undesirables.

  3. paying a visit to Kensington ave especially on a summer day should be required viewing .cliche I know but none of this insanity would be tolerated in( insert any normal place USA).Im sure favored nation status China would have a solution.

  4. Imagine a ‘safe drinking place’ to be provided for alcoholics. The insanity continues…

      1. Uh, from what I’ve read of Philadelphia bars, they are shooting galleries more often than not. And I mean SHOOTING — with guns, not needles. And ‘booze addicts’ (i.e., alcoholics) are no less in need of a ‘safe’ place to serve their addiction than those poor souls who inject themselves with dope. If you believe in the idiocy of ‘safe needle dens.’

  5. As a bartender I will admit that was mildly clever but there is no correlation whatsoever .May I recommend the book Sanfransicko-how progressives ruin cities by Michael schellenberger

  6. Addiction is a health care issue to some individuals who were prescribed opioids to relieve pain from accidents and work related injuries and sports related injuries. The individuals prescribed these drugs by Medical Doctors had no desire or thought they would become addicted to legally prescribed pain relievers. Congressional leaders (Blackburn, Marino and Dodd) ensured big pharma were not impeded in the labeling and distribution of addictive opioids that were prescribed and sold as non-addictive pain relief. Congress was responsible for a large number of individuals who suffer from addiction. A lot of addicts also made the choice to use illegal drugs. Drug addicts who steal, rob and hurt innocent citizens belong in jail. However treatment or jail are the only options available for addicts. Most opioid addicts have to receive a daily maintenance drug to maintain a somewhat normal sense of living. Are Methadone Clinics and Safe Injection Sites similar in purpose? I think not, but I believe families that have addicts appreciate the efforts to keep their love one alive while they struggle in their addiction.

    1. I have never seen reliable stats on how many addicts started out with prescribed drugs.
      No matter how they got there, since addicts they should be treated as addicts, and I mean treated. Not maintained. But I respect your opinion.

  7. The more that comes out about the lying, cheating and connving trump did, and tried to do, the more I am convinced he is lower than crap. He, along with many of his family and friends should burn in hell.

      1. Vince, have you have read Matthew 7? I am not talking about just 7:1. If not, please take the time to read it and then maybe we can discuss it.

  8. Speaking of sellers, i.e. “pushers”, how many big pharma execs that pushed opioids onto society have been convicted of a crime?

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