Food for thought; thought for food

I’m man enough to admit — not brag — that I am the one who does the grocery shopping in our family, because Half-Pint works at a real job, while I entertain the world with my blog.

My basic shopping list is about 10 staples, and I don’t know what anything costs, other than the sliced turkey, which is marked with weight and price.

When I buy salad fixings, for instance, I have no idea what I am paying for lettuce, or tomatoes, or peppers, and so on. 

I buy exactly the same thing every week, and it doesn’t matter what it costs, because I can afford it. 

Some weeks I supplement the basics with some other items that need to be replenished every other week, or once a month.

Last year, the typical bill was under $100.

Now it is over $100.

As I said, I can afford it, but many people, the low-wage earners, can’t.

On the other hand, while my costs were up, my savings were down. I noticed my 401k took a beating last year to this year.

Fortunately, I don’t need that money right now, and the value will go back up eventually.

But eventually will be too late for the Democrats in November.

Inflation, which hits the lower classes hardest, will be a great killer for Democrats. The impact of the ailing stock market, which hits the middle class hardest, will be smaller, but will still cost votes.

Crime hits relatively few, but produces wide-reaching anxiety. Every prosecutor who doesn’t prosecute is a Democrat, and voters notice.

Add to that the coming chaos at the border, which may not bother the Open Border drudges, but will raise hackles on everyone else.

Remember when the Biden Administration refused to use the word “crisis” for the border?

They can’t avoid it now.

The icing on the cake is a four-letter word.


There was that famous Democratic National Committee memo that warned leadership that the public — you remember those slugs? — were disenchanted with the party’s rapture with race, gender, pronouns, guns, thought control and inability to keep criminals in jail. Voters think Democrats are looking down on them, while ignoring them.

Warning alarms have been sounded by strategists such as James Carville, and former knee-jerk liberals such as Bill Maher who no doubt regrets having given $1 million to the Democratic Party.

But that was a different Democratic Party, Maher says, echoing what I said 20 years ago, echoing what Ronald Reagan said 50 years ago.

Core Democrats haven’t changed that much, but the direction of the party is increasingly controlled by the Looney Left (as Republicans are by the Trumpster Right). The fringes have taken the reins, even though most Americans are centrists. That’s why neither party can achieve a permanent majority.

When they are in power, they usually go too far.

That’s why Trump got the boot, among other reasons, such as his lying and paranoia, and why — likely — Joe Biden will be a one-term president. 

A bad economy + high crime + high inflation + culture wars forecasts the U.S. turning away from the Left.

The only question is how far will Americans turn?

14 thoughts on “Food for thought; thought for food”

    The weary traveler returns to us ! Glad to have you back in one piece.
    Once again, you hit the nail on the head. An old say’n’ from when ever. A depression is when you’re still working but everyone else is out of work. A recession is when you are out of work. This goes back to the ’50s. Our economy always was – still, is a roller coaster. For some reason – POLITICS, we can not keep anything that resembles an even keel on inflation and everything connected. I blame it on the essentials of Washington D.C.. GREED and CORRUPTION !
    From Judicial Watch:
    These records detail Secret Service travel costs of $2,252,600.50 for President Joe Biden through August 8 for travel to Delaware and other domestic locations. Keep in mind that Air Force One costs over a MILLION a day ! Plus other little incidental expenses.

      1. Stu
        You have my permission to use my name. After all, I write what I believe to be accurate, so therefore, I stand behind my name.
        As I said to you, oh nameless one, on your face book page.
        Trump worked long hours 6 & 7 days a week. It’s well documented, even by the news people. When Trump travelled anywhere, he primarily worked. Yea, he golfed a bit, but his was a working with very little vacation time. Also well documented.
        As long as I have know you, I can’t believe that you would throw biden in my face. No capital for the person that pretends to be our leader.

    1. Tony, show us a comparison as to how much was spent on trump, in total, compared to President Biden.

      In addition, why not show us how much of what was spent went into trump’s pockets by way of the Government paying to stay at places owned by trump, his family, etc.

  2. Considering the high cost of eating, why doesn’t the U.S. government print money on, say, lettuce leaves? Then we could eat the money and cut out the middleman.

  3. Inflation is self inflicted. The economy was thriving, unemployment was down, wages increased for the American Worker. Then our current president stopped the keystone pipeline, stopped drilling, stopped exporting gas. These policies caused a predictable energy shortage. The price of fuel accelerated with the dwindling supply. Our economy is severely effected by the costs of fuel. The stock market is in retreat, inflation is rising and will continue to accelerate with the continued energy shortage. Every election is about the economy. Come November citizens will be voting to stop inflation.

      Why wait for November ? The primary election is Tuesday, May 17 in Pennsylvania. Jersey is June 7 and Delaware is September 13.

    1. Voting in Philadelphia is merely rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

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