Farley flap: It’s the Philadelphia way

There’s the right way, the wrong way, and the Philadelphia way.

Health Commissioner Tom Farley got fired for giving the order in 2017 that human remains — bone fragments, mostly — of victims of the May 13, 1985, MOVE disaster should be cremated.

Dr. Tom Farley, gone but not forgotten (Photo: Chestnut Hill Local)

This did not seem to be out of line with the policy for disposal of human remains, but as Farley himself admitted, it was a terrible error in judgment.

Was it serious enough for him to be fired (that’s what it is when your boss, Mayor Jim Kenney, demands a resignation)?

Apparently, yes.

About 24 hours later it was learned that the remains were not actually destroyed.

Should Farley be rehired?

His order to destroy the remains was disobeyed by a subordinate.

Should the subordinate be fired for disobeying an order?

Or should he (or she) be awarded the Philadelphia Bowl?

It’s kind of a dilemma and the egg on the city’s face gets ever stickier.

And the Inquirer willfully broadens the mess into “the treatment of Black Philadelphians,” as if this was racial rather than thoughtless.

The story says there are unanswered questions.

Of course there are. You can read the link I’ve provided if you want more. 

My biggest unanswered question is can we believe anything the clowns running the city have to say?

12 thoughts on “Farley flap: It’s the Philadelphia way”

  1. A white group of residents of a house in Society Hill decide to build a fortress with armaments pointing out at their neighbors and police, trash and garbage reek with pungence aroma over the entire block, continual 24 hour shouting over megaphones that they believe in a back to nature type of living and will refuse to pay their water and electric bills, keep their children out of school and threaten to shoot the police if they attempt to enter, After conversations with the Catholic Cardinal, white city council members and other city officials and clergy they refuse to back off from their threats of violence and offer no friendly gesture toward their white well to do neighbors. The decision is left in the hands of police commissioner Outlaw, DA Krasner and the final word is in the hands of Mayor Kenny. And the strong, decisive, progressive Mayor decides that he has enough and directs Outlaw to take whatever measures needed to remove this blight from his neighborhood thus ending an attempt to ruin the fabric of cultural diversity. (This is a make-believe parody on reverse racism showing that under certain progressive standards a strong leadership such as Mayor Kenny would order the removal of these prime land grabbers by any means necessary similar to his spontaneous, instantaneous removal of the Parkway trespassers. The Mayor would make one final offer to relocate these malcontents to city property adjacent to where the former statue of Columbus once stood.) Vote Kenny Governor paid for by west coast PAC’s and Soras socialism party Al Sharpton treasurer.

    In these particular times, were we ‘woke’, we wouldn’t have a problem. We would cheerfully accept Kenney’s rants as wise words of wisdom. Krasner will be honored for the outstanding attention to detail the district attorney’s office is now giving to hate crimes, systemic racism and the low resident numbers in the Philadelphia prison system. Let us not forget the all wise, all knowing , all powerful city council.
    ( it’s scary out there )

  3. My understanding is that these”victims” of a white supremacist society died in 1985. Since that time, nobody showed up asking to claim their relatives remains. The City and the University of Pennsylvania reached out to the family members of MOVE members who were believed to have been killed in the fire and asked them to provide DNA samples which would presumably identify the remains, which are charred bones and not much else. Nobody would submit their DNA so it’s dead-ends all-around and nobody can say that this piece of bone belongs to so-and-so, etc.

    32 years later the health commissioner decides that enough time has gone by and it’s now time to dispose of the remains. He orders them cremated (decades earlier they would have been buried in a “potters field”). For this he gets resigned. Now it turns out that one of his underlings didn’t follow through with the order. Now the family members are all up in arms about the treatment of their relatives remains that they refused to assist in identifying.

    This is the world we live in today.

  4. Kennedy should be fired and burned at the stake!
    Farley should be hired and refired properly.
    And the weasel subordinate should have to live with Kenney for the rest of their life!
    This whole thing was a aberration of the cancel culture. MOVE does no wrong and everyone else is wrong.

  5. This health commissioner came up with a rule that, if you apply for a cigarette license in certain neighborhoods you will not be approved. If you sell your store, the new owner cannot get cigarette license. what kind of rule is that. Many people, simply had to close shop , since they could not find a buyer. Now the health dept says to renew your cigarette license, you need a food preparation license. I have to tell you – Let God help Philadelphia. A nightmare of rules and regulations.

  6. Why didn’t Farley refuse to resign and force the idiot mayor to fire him? Probably had something to do with severance and his pension.

    1. HAPPY SUNDAY !!!
      Funny, I just said to my wife. “Inquiring minds want to know “. Remember that one ?
      Taking the high road, Dr. Farley did what ( old ) people of class do. There’s a screwup under their watch, they take the heat and fall on the sword.
      Taking the Philly shuffle. I’m the mayor, your ‘resigned’ !
      Us mere mortals, as usual, will never know what really did happen. For all we know, the box that was ‘found’ could have just been assembled. The fact remains, that no one from the Africa family, or their extended relatives has ( supposedly ) come forward to offer DNA.
      Let’s go one ridiculous step further. Farley is racist and hates everybody. Dead or Alive. On those grounds, we should give all of the surviving move members millions more.
      One last thing.
      When this was going down. We were building a prison on State Road. Several men were from that neighborhood. They would tell us the truth according to the residents. MOVE was everything that normal people would hate. When the houses were burned down, everybody was put up in motels, etc. All of a sudden – just like any other windfall, everybody owned 40 T.V.s. 10 cars. Clothes from the best stores, and on and on and on. Then the punch line. Almost everybody was renting. Blacks rented houses owned by whites ! More money. The first build was a mess. Every contract was a minority. No experience necessary ! The houses cost TRIPLE because of the typical graft, corruption and greed. Then, because it’s Philly, tac on an additional 10 % for shipping and handling !

  7. Tony: Philadelphia’s convoluted politics reminds me of the definition of a gnu: a horse built by a committee.

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