Each candidate has a ‘C word’

In the past few days, two “C” issues have impacted the Presidential race, with less than seven weeks to go.

Joe Biden (left), Donald Trump. (Photo: CNBC)

Democratic candidate Joe Biden has seized on Covid as President Donald J. Trump’s Achilles heel. Only about one-third of Americans approve of his performance on that issue and he shot himself in the foot with his candid admission to Bob Woodward that he underplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus attack.

For his part, Trump’s weaponized Crime as his battering ram, believing he can make a case that Democrats are soft on law and order.

Covid first. 

Trump decided to talk to Woodward in the arrogant hope/belief that he could sweet talk the reporter into seeing it his way, something that no other president has been able to do. I believe Woodward is fair and accurate and from reading and observing him over the years, believe him to be a political moderate, who comes from a Republican family.

As distinct from his Watergate partner, progressive Carl Bernstein, whose parents were reportedly communists in the early ‘40s, who is habitually describing many Republican presidential scandals as “worse than Watergate.” It’s become a reflex.

One of my Trumpster friends calls Trump “the great exaggerator.” To me, he’s the great prevaricator, given to outright lies and mistatements of facts that he might actually believe are true.

Way back on Feb. 7, while he was poo-poohing Covid-19 and predicting it would miraculously disappear, Trump was recorded by Woodward as saying, “It goes through the air. That’s always tougher than the touch. You don’t have to touch things. Right? But the air, you just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed. And so that’s a very tricky one. That’s a very delicate one. It’s also more deadly than even your strenuous flus.”

More deadly than “strenuous flus.” During the ABC town hall, he asked the world to ignore his words, saying he had taken action to quell the pandemic.

It’s a pretty sad when the president’s best defense is to tell people to ignore what he says. Trump no longer enjoys the benefit of the doubt with fair-minded people, not those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

He gave Woodward almost 20 unsupervised interviews — no staff present to wave him off as he waded into rhetorical quicksand, no Kayleigh McEnany to tell Woodward he had not just heard what he heard.

Trump’s combination of arrogance and vanity led him into Woodword’s waiting arms.

For the record, I think subjects of books should cooperate with reporters of good reputation. It is better to have an opportunity to get your side on the record than to concede the terrain to your detractors. But you set strict ground rules, and time limits, and stick to them. King Trump decided to joust with Sir Woodward without a shield and got knocked to the ground.

At this moment, it looks like Covid could claim his presidency, along with more than 200,000 American lives.

On the other hand, Trump paints a portrait of an America in flames if it elects “radical socialist” Biden, who is neither. That was Bernie Sanders and Biden beat him. Last time Berners bolted because they hated Hillary. They have no excuse this time and Bernie has said to his peeps, basically, you must vote for Biden no matter what. Stop Trump!

Biden has tried to seize the “law and order” issue from Trump by saying riots, such as those in Portland for three straight months, are “Trump’s America.”


Americans are not nearly as well informed as they should be, but how many voters do not know that Portland is ruled by a lame Democratic mayor — who was booed and jeered by the mob when he went out to express solidarity with them — and a Democratic governor who spurns Trump’s offers to send in the feds, even if those offers are self-serving.

When faced with riots (not peaceful marches) or civil disobedience every Democratic mayor (except Atlanta’s Keisha Lance Bottoms) folded like a pup tent.

Here in Philadelphia, our spineless Democratic mayor threatens illegal trespassers on the Parkway but otherwise fuddles his duddle. They rule, he drools.

Philly and other Democratic cities have George Soros-funded district attorneys who won’t enforce the law.

You think no one notices? Democrats are notoriously sanguine about violence committed in the name of social justice — until it comes to their block. The morons on the Minneapolis City Council who voted to disband the police force now are complaining that crime is spurting. Liberal logic at work.

The insurance bill for the George Floyd riots, looting, and arson — including Center City — is $2 billion, an all time record.

Who cares?, some say. Yeah! Make the insurance companies pay! 

They will, and then will raise your insurance rates to recoup their losses.

That’s how it works in the real world.

Trump knows he’s weak in the suburbs and is trying to scare them into thinking the riots are coming to them next.

They’re not, but can Biden make them believe the Democrats have their back?

Like Trump protecting us from Covid, that’s a tough sell.

19 thoughts on “Each candidate has a ‘C word’”

  1. As of 2 days ago

    Worldwide deaths 957355

    Usa deaths 203188

    Are you blaming Trump for the other 754167 deaths worldwide.

    Are you blaming him for Dem govs sending Covid infected people into nursing homes?

    Did the Dems not call him a racist for banning travel from China?

    The Dems love Fauci.Look what he said originally


    If a vaccine is developed before election will you call it a political stunt?

    What other diseases is Trump reponsible for?

    What has senile Joe said to stop the virus since February?

    Maybe 1 day you will post about

    Israel UAE
    Israel Bahrain
    Serbia Kosovo

    I hope I have posted enough to be called delusional and irrational by you.

    But then again you were correct when you called me a greaseball in a private email.0 Ha Ha Ha

    Like I said your TDS is a lot worse than even I imagined.

    I won’t be able to read this thread till tomorrow due to sme glitch in my computer.

  2. The fear of Covid is being used to get the sheep (that’s us) to bleat for more government ‘protection.’ To date, Covid has infected .02% of the USA’s population. I am more fearful of being mugged while walking the streets of Philadelphia than of catching Covid.

    And yeah, DT is a BS artist to the nth degree; but why do so many support him anyway? I suspect it is because the alternative is far worse: the Left taking the nation apart and rebuilding it in its socialist image. No thanks. I’ll take my chance with BS.. .

  3. Stu, another great piece! In no particular order:
    – Love the part about the King being knocked off his (high) horse(s). So true!
    – Still ROTFLMAO with your term “TDS.” (Trump Derangement Syndrome)
    – Biden has finally gotten down to start trying to (out)Trump Trump. At least while he doesn’t have to face him directly. It will be veddy interesting to see how Biden holds up in the debates against Trump’s modus operandi – Insult first, and then put your opponent on the defensive.

    1. Biden has BEEN in debates, so we know he won’t pass out. But he might be caught flatfooted, aa his VP choice did with busing. He also has a temper. Trump could cause him to lash out.

  4. There’s a third “C” word confronting voters in this looming election, and this is the one that counts – Choice. We have to choose one or the other – Trump and the GOP or Biden and the Dems.

    By me, secure borders; energy independence; return of manufacturing; pre-Covid economy; low esp. minority unemployment; trade deals; pro-life; yes Covid, where he took action immediately, strenuously and continuously; making (at least trying to make) NATO members do their fair share; standing with Israel (following Obama-Biden’s parting kick of 2334); actual action against Defund-the-Police riots; criminal justice reform; pro-school choice; Veterans choice; right-to-try; totally TRUMP the Dems’ immediate, strenuous and continuous obsession to undo the 2016 election, starting with telling the Electoral College to elect anyone else, followed by emoluments clause, Daniels, endless Russia investigation, Ukraine impeachment, and now claimed smearing of WWII heroes and pooh-poohing Covid 19.

  5. It will be a great move by DT to name a Black female conservative to the SCOTUS. Watching Pelosi’s head explode would be delicious.

    1. Vince – you are spot-on with that observation! But, alas, it won’t happen. He ain’t that smart, nor will he listen to anyone that is.

  6. You’re too young to remember but another well-known and loved president told the population things were not as bad as they really were. Of course he had the press on his side and they co-operated 100% and held some real bad stories from the public for two-three months. That president? FDR. The bad news? The early months of World War II.

      1. Ah ha, my Coney Island colleague, we went from an empty larder to an over abundance of respirators face masks, PPE outfits, excess hospital beds in Central Park and the hospital ship “Comfort” in less than 6 months. Thanks to DJT we blocked traffic from China, Europe and North Africa. DJT did what the governors requested. He let them their own shows. Sadly, too many screwed up, acted little dictators and are now appealing to, and blaming DJT. And, finally, we may have a vaccine by the end of the year.

  7. HAPPY SATURDAY !!! part II
    here we go, Pallie,
    I don’t know why you hold back on attacking President Trump. What did he do to you, so long ago, that you hold a grudge. Wouldn’t he let you borrow his ship, or his ocean liner, or whatever?
    Thanks for mentioning “The great Exaggerator”. That’s true. Liar is not true. As for Woodward. I don’t understand ( rhetorically ) why the President spars with the fake news, and people like Woodward. I don’t think the public wants to hear the fight. And then you have America’s burning ! And you think that it’s Trump’s fought? Well ( sic ), it is ! He wont cave to the far left, the dark side, the soon to be socialist, antifa, blm or anybody else. OUR President is fighting for America ! BTW. This IS how socialism stated in the other countries. A little tyranny, some shootings, burnings, loss of rights. Oh yea ! That’s AFTER they take away your guns ! Then there’s that thing called insurance. The next round of insurance policies will have a “riot” clause. Won’t be anymore insurance companies paying for the cleanup ! Suburbs: I don’t believe Trump is weak . He’s merely opening up everyone’s eyes to what will be coming. I saw the AFFH in action when I worked in New Jersey. It was a eye opener for the cities that signed on without reading the fine print!
    BTW ! Every time that there is talk of an invasion of blm or antifa, all of these rednecks out here in Chester County meet on the corners. You want to see some artillery ! As they say, BRING IT !

    1. You might want to review the history of the Weimar republic. The Extreme left and right tend to resort to much the same tactics and who wins and loses is rarely clear till the smoke clears.

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