Derek goes down, Parker gets a boost

Over at Cherelle Parker’s headquarters, they started playing “Oh Happy Day” as soon as they heard Derek Green had dropped out, unable to compete with the flood of money and deep-pocket endorsements captured by the front runners.

You may guess who Derek Green will endorse (Photo: Stu Bykofsky)

Green told me he had no regrets, and he had not made up his mind as to who would make the best mayor.

Indecisive, even after hearing their ideas dozens of times in the past few weeks?

Naw, he’s saving his endorsement for major impact.

Meanwhile, Parker is the beneficiary because they both come out of the Northwest Coalition, fabled for (generally) uniting behind one candidate and turning out the vote.

Most political analysts saw Green and Parker as splitting that vote, and creating an impediment to either winning.

Parker now owns that lane, along with the perhaps-surprising endorsements of the building trades unions. 

Why surprising?

I remember Jim Kenney, in one of his red-faced fits, referring to those unions as populated by “white guys from the suburbs.”

I forget whether this was before or after most of them  had endorsed him for mayor. 

9 thoughts on “Derek goes down, Parker gets a boost”

  1. Parker was also endorsed by 10 democratic ward leaders from Northeast Philadelphia. The President of City Council endorsed Parker today. Marian Tasco the Queen of northwest Philly also endorsed Parker. The Parker train is running at full speed..If she doesn’t make any major mistakes the job will be her’s. Time to put the For Sale sign up.

      1. I would take any one of the candidates over Gym. It seems her day has come. She is under attack by the other mayoral candidates and the newspaper. Good riddance Helen you were a bad Councilperson and I’m sure you would be a disastrous Mayor.

  2. And the FOP endorsed Jeff Brown, not that it matters. I think in such a crowded field, Helen Gym will win the primary by a few thousand votes and then we’re f***ed.

  3. Caught the mayoral candidate debate on Fox 29 from Temple University. Ms. Parker comes off as way too preachy and exudes an air of entitlement. She may have secured the endorsement from the building trades unions but she does not sound as if she understands ths fundamentals of economics. And she sounds as if she is walking to a coronation.

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