Dear Reader: Watch your language 😊

Lots of people get lots of vicious email.

Politicians, of course. Celebrities, athletes, public speakers, CEOs, and journalists of course.


As a columnist with a reputation for straight talk, tough talk, and strong opinion, I got more than my share.

Most of it was fine, including the negative ones.

But among them, there were the ones using foul language.

My bosses would have liked me to simply delete them.

I should have, but that’s not how I roll.

In the Stu-niversity (that’s a term I haven’t used in a while), someone sending me an email gets answered in the same tone as the one sent to me.

You are nice to me, I am twice as nice to you.

Get foul with me, and this was the email you received (and the offenders believed theirs never reached me):


The Daily News anti-vulgarity filter has intercepted this message.

Messages such as these are not delivered to our staffers, because their innocent sensibilities might be harmed by reading foul language from vomit-eating,  dog-fucking, ass wipes such as yourself.

Please try to express yourself without dirty words, if you can, you reeking pile of shit.  


The Daily News Anti-Vulgarity Team


After that went out, I never got a reply. Which is exactly what I expected. 

8 thoughts on “Dear Reader: Watch your language 😊”

    There you go again. Keeping everybody on their toes. Minding your p’s and q’s. You’re even being compared to Monty Python. Now you know that we are old. I was thinking of the movie, ‘Brian’s song’, where Gayle Sayles was first breaking into the NFL. He met all kinds of people and most of them were ( systemic ? ) racist. His room mate was Brian Piccolo who probably had a few concussions and a sense of humor. In the one scene Brian was reading a piece of fan mail to Gale. It was a typical racist rant. When finished, Gayle asked who wrote it ? Brian said, it’s signed, “love mom” !

  2. Wow! Fighting fire with fire (or flaming poop if you prefer). What a novel idea! LoL.

  3. Can anyone recall the name of the wag who sent the following telegram to a disgruntled reader: “Fuck you! Strong letter to follow.”?

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