Cuomo: It isn’t assault. I’m just friendly

Did I get this right?

New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s defense against groping at least 11 women is, “It can’t be sexual assault — I do it to everyone.” He seems to be saying he’s just friendly.

I hate to go there, but this guy is the embodiment of privilege and his defense reminds me of the bad joke that defines rape as assault with a friendly weapon, or felonious gallantry.

is this the hand of a groper? (Photo:

Just because he doesn’t see it doesn’t make it right, doesn’t make it acceptable.

While it is “he said, she said,” as in the Bill Cosby case, there are so many credible witnesses, the women have to be believed. A five-month investigation laid the facts on the table. 

My God, didn’t he sign legislation prohibiting various kinds of harassment, including sexual, in 2019?

Yes, he did. 

It was cheered at the time, and at the time he signed it, he was already guilty of violating it, because you know this attack of “hands” didn’t emerge in his mature years, like late onset Alzheimers.

It is a disease that is built into the entitlement of too many of the powerful — and not just men, although they are the usual offenders because they are the usual power holders. But powerful women have been accused of violating their power, too.

By refusing — so far — to step down, Cuomo has his full hubris on display.

Remember Eddie Murphy as Gumby?

“I am Gumby, dammit!”

This is, “I am Cuomo, dammit. Son of a governor, brother of a broadcaster, the plague of Donald J. Trump! This doesn’t happen to me!”

Except it has.

Included among those pointing him to the door are President Joe Biden, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, New York senators Chuck Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand.

The New York Assembly is moving to impeach the governor, and it would be so ironic for this to pass, while Democratic attempts to remove Trump from office failed.

The women said Cuomo touched them inappropriately or made unwanted remarks about their appearance or their sex lives. He even fondled a female state trooper, the investigation reported.

“Is that a .38?,” he did not say, but might have.

Many of the acts Cuomo is accused of are actual crimes.

If he doesn’t quit and leave, criminal charges should be brought against him.

Maybe that should happen even if he does leave.

11 thoughts on “Cuomo: It isn’t assault. I’m just friendly”

  1. When one hears big-name Democrats calling for his resignation, it appears Cuomo’s goose (no pun intended) may be cooked.

  2. Just a quick comment… He needs to be removed from office if he does not resign. Give him a limited amount of time, say one week, and start removal proceedings if he has not resigned.

    There are two posts showing on this topic as I read them on my tower. Vince on 8/4 & HB on 8/5.
    My “I” phone is showing all seven posts. Of course, I don’t know why HB has posted twice. Both today.
    I can only repeat all accusations that were already made. I can also wonder where the “me too” movement is. As well as anybody body that understands morality and knows a mother, daughter, sister, niece, etc.
    Typical male from our generation ( and previous generations ). Take advantage of the week. Use everyone and anyone to your advantage.

    1. There are supposedly 10 posts as of right now but the only posts I see are the same posts you mentioned plus your post (the one I am replying to). I posted either 2 or 3 times in this topic.

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