Cry, Eagles, Cry

I’m not football expert, and I’m no mind reader, hut I do know what Jalen Hurts is thinking this morning:

I lost the Super Bowl for my team.

Jalen Hurts drops the ball, and the win (Photo: New York Post)

I say that because the young man always accepts responsibility for his actions, and his fumble led directly to a Kansas City touchdown that provided their margin of victory.

Coach Nick Sirianna said the game was Hurts’ finest.

I doubt #1 would agree.

Nor was it Nick’s best game. It was for 30 minutes, but in the second half, the Chief’s offensive coordinator, Eric Bieniemy, designed plays for MVP Patrick Mahomes that led to a score every time they got the ball.

Eagles defensive coordinator Jon Gannon still may get a head coaching offer from another team, but his value is diminished. He simply could not stop the Chiefs.


In the post-game analysis on NBC Sports, former offensive lineman Barrett Brooks said the Eagles offensive and defensive lines — which are the best in the NFL, he said — didn’t want to win as much as the Chiefs.

NFL Hall of Fame writer Ray Didinger disagreed, saying it was not lack of heart, the Eagles were just outplayed.

The team with more sacks than anyone was unable to touch Mahomes, who I think (after being injured on a tackle) faked a slight limp to lull the Eagles into a false sense of security, before busting a back-breaking run. 

The most horrifying stat was provided by Eagles beat writer, the always mussed but brilliant Reuben Frank: Until Sunday, only one other Super Bowl team down by 10 at halftime had come back to win it.

That is a stat the defense will find hard to swallow.

At halftime, the game was the Eagles’ to lose — and they did.

In fewer than three seasons as the full time quarterback, the 24-year-old Hurts proved himself to be an elite QB and an unquestioned team leader. He’s up for a new contract and I expect the Eagles to break the bank. Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers is the highest-paid NFL player, with a four-year, $200 million salary. The Eagles will want a longer contract for Hurts, so I expect the sum to be higher, maybe approaching $300 million.

By current standards, he is worth it and an MVP (he finished second this year, to Mahomes) is in his future.

Chiefs’ coach Andy Reid is guaranteed to be a first-ballot selection for the Hall of Fame and Nick Sirianni will coach a team to a victory in the Super Bowl.

My favorite memory of this Super Bowl?

Chris Stapleton sings, Nick Sirianni weeps during National Anthem

Tears streaming down Nick’s face during the National Anthem. 

But maybe that’s just me.

Some on social media mocked him. Maybe that’s just them — lowlifes.

8 thoughts on “Cry, Eagles, Cry”

  1. The Eagles defense was missing two key players, Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham who were forced to watch the game from the field.

  2. I would assume Sirianni’s tears came from the emotion of reaching the pinnacle of his career, and at quite a young age, too. For a football coach, the Super Bowl is certainly that. I absolutely believe his tears were real — I mean, there are some professional ACTORS who cannot manage that! As for the game, brutal loss. The defense simply did not do its job in the second half. They were out-played. They lost. That’s how sports work. And now it’s baseball season, baby.

  3. Stu:
    You are exactly on point in your analysis of the Eagle’s loss; you nailed it baby!!
    Now on to spring and another visit to the World Series by our beloved Fighten PHILLIES!!!

  4. The coach of the Eagles defense should be canned. Or the offense coach of KC is a genius. Or it’s a little of both. Good game, but almost predictably the Eagles were outscored in the second half. Here are the 1st half and 2nd half scoring totals for the Eagles in 2022-2023 (opponents not named, games not in order): 28/10; 21/10; 24/14; 24/0; 24/0; 14/6; 20/9; 20/6; 21/14; 14/15; 3/14; 14/7; 24/24;10/15. And the Super Bowl: 24/11. Clearly, the Eagles were a first half team. Not sure how meaningful the stats are, but it was a good thing the Eagles built a first half lead because they sure went south in too many games in the second half.

  5. The Eagles defense was not at their best last night. They failed to play in the second half. No sacks, no recovered fumbles and no interceptions. KC scored every time they had the ball in the second half. The Eagles fell for the Mahomes fake limp coming off the field at half time. Hurts played a good game other than his costly fumble. Too many times when he went back to pass he had to run for his life. Learning experience for the Birds.

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