Cross here? I dare you

Philadelphia has come up with a new genius plan that’s supposed to “calm” traffic and protect citizens, but it certainly looks dangerous.

10th Street between Filbert and Market

Midblock crosswalks are blossoming around town. This one’s on 10th between Market and Filbert, there’s another one in the 1700 block of Arch. That one seems safer because lots of people use it — there are skyscrapers on each side of the street.

This one is where the Gallery used to be. There is not much foot traffic and cars think it’s the Indy 500. Drivers can see — or should see — they are approaching a ramp and yellow signs indicate a pedestrian crossing.

Would the cars stop? I stepped out into traffic as a couple of cars crossed Filbert and headed toward me at more than 25 m.p.h., it seemed.

They did stop.

And I went home to change my underwear.

3 thoughts on “Cross here? I dare you”

  1. I get off at Jefferson Station when I need to do my weekly shopping at Acme Market & Whole Foods at 10th and South. I don’t mind walking another half block to where there are traffic lights. These things are an invitation to an accident.

  2. Signs at these crosswalks should warn:
    Unlike the NFL, you get one chance to get your ass across this Red Zone, not four.

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