Chris Christie stops short of making a brave statement

Is it true that on Wednesday former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said, “This is the skinny — I am suspending my campaign for president of the United States.”

Chris Christie backs out of competition (Photo: The New Republic)

 It is not true he said “skinny,” but it is true he is quitting, like the 2023 Eagles.

Too soon?

This was shocking news to both of his supporters.

As important as what he did say was what he did not say.

He told his supporters he would do anything to prevent Donald J. Trump from again becoming president, but that did not include endorsing any of the other Republican candidates, all of whom he has strongly disparaged. (His best putdown: Saying Vivek Ramaswarmy sounds like ChatGPT.)

You can’t prevent Trump’s election by sitting it out. It is binary — you are for Trump, or you are for someone else. Anyone else. And that person has a name.

If it is Trump versus Joe Biden, I will vote for Biden, even though I don’t like half of his policies. I’ve had more than enough of Trump being in my China shop, even though I agree with some of his work. (What? I hear some say. He was right on the border, he cleared the way for the Covid vaccine, I like the Space Force, low interest rates and low unemployment.)

Christie has an outsized personality and a mouth as big as his belly. He fights with practically everyone, and usually has the courage of his convictions.

If he wants to stop Trump — a real longshot in any event — he must throw his considerable weight behind someone. He can’t wash his hands of politics.

Oh — about the fat shaming. I’m fat myself, so save the PC complaints.

41 thoughts on “Chris Christie stops short of making a brave statement”

  1. Please tell us what you like about Biden other than he’s not Trump. I think Biden has been destroying our country and would continue to do so. He hasn’t done one thing to help the American people. We have all suffered since he’s been president. I don’t understand your thinking. Please explain.

    1. Was I not clear that I don’t like Biden? But if it is Biden vs Trump, I will vote for Biden, which I did NOT do in 2020. Nor did I vote for Trump. I voted Libertarian. I don’t like either, but for me it’s Anyone But Trump.

      1. To me it’s anyone but a Democrat. As a Republican who was once known for working on several Democrat campaigns, I have been thoroughly turned off by the party’s determination to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” in every area of life.
        Since Trump is the only candidate who has actually accomplished many good things (the ones you named plus a few more), I have to weigh that against a total loser who disgraced us in Afghanistan and went on to wreck the economy and give the far left just about everything they want. The other Democrat possibles are equally appalling to me. The most promising can’t even handle poop on his state’s streets, for crying out loud.
        I don’t like mean tweets, either, but I always try to evaluate someone by what they DO, not just by what they say.

        1. Unlike you, since I judge each person by performance and not by party, I have voted for Republicans and Libertarians and even Natural Law. Being pledged to one party, frankly, is brainless, devoid of thought, and I tell that to my yellow dog Dem friends too.

          1. I did state clearly that I actually worked on several Democrats’ campaigns. Therefore, I regularly voted for them, it’s only been the past six or so years that I can no longer support, even in the smallest way, the insanity that is the Democrat party. I never said I would vote only for Republicans, either.

      2. You praise Trump for all his accomplishment’s and you know Biden is destroying our country with his open border policies. His energy policies have more than doubled the price of a barrel of oil and enriched our enemies Russia and Iran. This also caused high inflation and interest rates that are hurting everyone. They say with age comes wisdom. Not in your case because you are proving how stupid you are.

        1. Unlike you, I am tied to facts and the facts show jobs up, pay up, unemployment down, stock market through the roof.
          Illegals are a serious problem but “destroying the country’ only to bed-wetters like you.

          1. Unemployment has been down since trump was in office. Stock market just got back to the highs we had 2 years ago. How about are bases being attacked over 130 times and our brain dead president does not know his sec of defense is AWOL. He also appoints incompetent people based on race , gender or sexual preference. I can go on and on. And your going to vote for this nitwit. How dumb can you be.

        2. IN 2018 I was paying $1.85/gal. Thanks to Trump colluding with Putin and MBS gas prices shot up to $3/gal.
          BTW, Trump also downplayed the COVID epidemic, bad mouthed the vaccines and as a result over a million people died because of his lies.
          And I recently read in the Republican rag, the Wall Street Journal, Trump made $5.5 mil from the Chinese gov’t and Chinese state-owned enterprises. China also fast-tracked Ivanka’s trademark applications so she could sell her goods in China. He also made $2.3 mil from other foreign govts. This is from the WSJ, not CNN.
          The real crime family us the Trump crime family.

          1. Freeze,

            1 million died from COVID during Trump, not because of him. More than 1 million died during Biden, Not because of him. Consider the trajectory of the epidemic and the timing and development of the vaccines. Both men and their administrations made terrible errors.

            Trump businesses earned 5.5 million from Chinese based business not Trump. 5.5 million that may or would have been earned even if Chinese based businesses did not participate.

            Bottom line he was elected as a businessman whose businesses include hotels, golf courses and commercial property. Any intelligent person would have known that his businesses would continue to earn, anyone thinking they would not is foolish.

            Stop touting the stupidity of the partisan politicians, you seem smarter than them.

            Trump has plenty of negative qualities to point out, pick the ones that are accurate and make sense.

      1. Stu, trying to explain things to Little Danny is probably the most useless thing you could ever do.

          1. SaraT, you might want to tell that to little Danny. In many of his posts here he makes personal attacks on people who disagree with him. Much the same way that orange-skinned POS does.

      2. Ask the mayor of New York if his open border policies are destroying our country. Ask the mayors of sanctuary cities who are being over run by illegal immigrants. Are you that dumb or are you being dishonest?

          1. How ignorant are you that you want to continue down this losing path that Biden and the democrats have led us to. Are you that out of touch.

  2. This guy was all in on Trump until he didn’t get the job that he wanted in Washington. Then he pissed off so many people bitching and moaning about it, nobody wanted him. He became the laughing stock of NJ. by his sign gate, and his pictures on the beach. Who would vote for this guy? Why doesn’t he switch parties? It’s not like anybody would notice.

  3. tRUMP is a prime example of the expression: “Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.” Which basically means he is wrong for the remaining 23 hours and 58 seconds.

  4. Good article. I agree, 100%. Christie should have supported one of the other candidates. I do not like either of them, however would not be terrified if either won the Presidency…As I am of a Trump presidency.

    However, your “fatal flaw” is always praising Trump’s border policies and ignoring his immeasurably cruel policy of family separation. Some families still have not been reunited to this very day, some probably never will be. I cannot understand why you refuse to acknowledge this fact. Why?

    1. For the same reason I do not report that Obama deported more aliens than any other president in history, which YOU never mention.
      As I explained before, YOU have an issue, YOU bring it up. No one gets canceled here.
      Ignored, yes. Canceled, no.

      1. I do not “get” the connection that you have not reported on Obama’s actions. I never once brought up issues at the border. YOU often praise Trump’s border policy. YOU are responsible for your lack of reporting the most heinous actions Trump took while POTUS.

  5. Trump’s action on the border, with the exception of building a useless wall and separating families, both of which are ridiculous, may have been needed. I honestly don’t know enough about how everything went down to speak definitively on the subject, and I don’t have an answer to the problem (neither do you guys, by the way,). I have no idea what other things he might have done that were “positive,” perhaps because I was too busy watching him lie about and downplay COVID as over a million Americans died from it, including some friends of mine. Let’s not even talk about the overall hatefulness and bad behavior he has wrought upon the political arena. Given all the misdeeds that he has PROVEN to have done, especially his bold-faced lies about the election having been “stollen,” which is absolute bullshit, I have no clue how any sane person can vote for him. The man is a criminal. That has been proven over four decades of his cheating people, lying, philandering, raping, etc. It’s all out there for anyone with a phucking brain to see. He has actually stated in no uncertain terms that he will not abide by the Constitution of the United States and would not accept the peaceful transfer of power. And yet a LOT of really, really dense people will still vote for this malignant tumor on democracy. You may not like Biden. Fine. He is far from perfect in my eyes. But all you have to like is DEMOCRACY in order to NOT vote for Trump. And any of you Trump-loving geniuses who wish to come at me here should know that I NEVER read any of your ridiculous responses, as that would be pointless and annoying because you people, unlike Stu, simply have zero facts to back up your clueless opinions. You people are allergic to facts and cannot tell real new from fake news.

  6. Freeze,

    I despise Trump and am hoping for a candidate I can feel good about voting for.

    However, the rape conviction comment disturbs me, as it was not a criminal trial, but a civil trial and he was not found liable for rape, but he was found liable for sexual abuse. Never mind the acrobatics of Judge Kaplan to redefine the penal definition of rape. The fact of the matter is he was not found guilty of rape.

    Words and terminology matter and should not be used improperly.

    So, it should be absolutely clear that Trump is the creep that many people always believed him to be and that should be enough to pause before defending or supporting him.

    Unfortunately, the political system we are currently subject to will leave some with choosing the lesser of two evils in Biden and Trump.

    Getting back to the topic at hand, Christie had the balls to call out Trump. And for that alone, I am grateful that he ran as long as he did. Now he should put his support behind a candidate.

  7. Stu—-

    You still believe that Oswald did it (yet you replied to me six weeks ago that you haven’t read a book about the assassination in 50 years).
    Trump is a New York jerkoff but I will vote for him again. You voting for Biden because you don’t like Trump is as asinine as anyone could be.
    Grow up and look at the big picture.

    John McGuire

  8. I am voting for the LSD candidate Marianne Williamson. Good Morning Starshine, the Earth says hello..

  9. Back to Christie for a moment. I’ve known Chris Christie since the beginning of 2009 when he started his gubernatorial campaign and was given little or no chance of winning. I spent many hours with him, saw him close up and got to know him quite well. I marveled at his political smarts, good instincts, shrewdness and authenticity. He’s never packages or programmed — never. At any given time, he is just as you see him. I’ve also found him to be one of the kindest, most attentive pols I’ve ever known. He’s devoted to his family and his New Jersey roots and he never forgets a friend. I don’t know what’s next for him but, as always, I wish him all good things.

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