Blinken says U.S. isn’t finished in Afghanistan

About now, with the U.S. out of Afghanistan, some Bidenite is filing nomination papers for the Nobel Peace Prize.

And if Joe Biden were Black, he’d win. Barack Obama won with no peace achievements, just a bunch of promises, some kept, some not.

Kept: He pulled troops out of Iraq. Too bad they had to go back when the country started falling apart and ISIS created a caliphate.

Secretary Blinken addresses the nation

Unkept: Closing Guantanamo, the summer camp for the worst of the worst terrorists. Plus other promises, but his loyal VP is now in the spotlight.

Mostly, Obama got the Nobel for not being George W. Bush. Until then, I thought Obama was a funny-looking guy who could deliver a dynamite speech and who married up. When he accepted the unearned Nobel, I lost a lot of respect for him.

Just a few weeks ago, Biden promised to remove all Americans who wished to leave, and sort-of, but-not-quite promised to rescue all Afghans who had worked with our military, diplomats, and aid workers. 

He almost succeeded in getting almost all Americans out, but for our Afghan allies, he hit a double, at best. Many thousands are stranded, but not to worry.

In a Monday-night, optimism-flecked statement, Neville Chamberlain Antony Blinken, the U.S. secretary of state, said the Taliban had sort-of promised freedom of travel to anyone wanting to leave Afghanistan.

U.S. efforts would shift from military to diplomatic, and with the aid of our allies and the (cough, cough) world community, the religious fanatic Taliban would be on their best behavior — or else.

Here’s the thing. While one of the towelheads leaders promised a carpet ride for any Afghans wishing to leave, the top dog (soon to meet a drone, I hope) said the opposite: They don’t want a brain drain of smart people leaving, and proof that you are smart is a wish to leave.

The U.S. will help all who want to leave, said Blinken, but he didn’t say how.

The Taliban won’t be judged on their words, but on their deeds, said Blinken with a straight face.

The Taliban said, No! We won’t tolerate terrorism in our territory!

That was a day before terrorists killed 13 Americans at Kabul airport.


Blnken is either engaging in dangerous wishful thinking, or he is flat-out lying to us, but we know unlikely it is for the government to lie to us. 😄

I am hearing Biden will address the nation Tuesday.

Without doubt he will whip out his tear-stained handkerchief as he praises our 13 dead heroes. He’s done that before and it usually plays well.

But this time he also has to justify the deaths resulting from an operation he put into motion. He’s going to need Fred Astaire’s footwork.

8 thoughts on “Blinken says U.S. isn’t finished in Afghanistan”

  1. Pulling the troops had to be done — He is the 4th(?) prez who has tried to do so and actually did it. It was going to be a catastrophe no matter what.

  2. The USA never learns. We should have learned from the tragedy in Vietnam, and stayed out of other countries business. I agree with President Biden that we should have left Afghanistan after removing bin Laden from the country. The Afgan people live in the stone age, 90% can’t read or write. Maybe Russia was an example, but the cowardly politicians and warmonging Generals like to use there latest killing toys rather then learn from history. We screwed up Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, where dictators might have been the answer.

  3. Winking, Blinken and Nod he tried to put a happy face on a pile of shit. He should clean it up

  4. An excerpt from an interview of
    Brit Hume by Guy Benson Aug. 23 2021.

    ..”And we are reaping now the consequences of all of those in the Democratic Party who, in their desperation to head off Bernie Sanders and to get rid of Donald Trump, gave us this man, not to mention whatever contribution was made by a number of Republican Trump haters who felt that no one could be worse than Trump. That Trump had brought shame and dishonor to this country on a scale we’ve never seen before and that Biden would restore all that. Well, now look at it. It was there’s a lot of people with a lot to answer for because we have this man as president.”

    And I just heard Dennis Prager lament that he’ll never understand the manic hatred for Trump.

    I really hate the politics of this country – but that’s all that we have.
    I really hate the politicians of our country – but, I guess that I’m in a minority.
    I have often said that our politics get us in trouble wherever we go. Not the politics by itself. It’s the capitalist brand that we want to put on the world. Democracy my foot ! We have not been very successful in converting the world to democracy since the world grew a backbone. We lost ours.
    Again, as I have said often, if you world wants us to be the police of the world, then cough up and get out of the way. We can do the job without assistance. Just keep our crooked politicians out of the idea of world domination. Let the Generals run the war ( policing ) and the so called statesmen run the Embassies.
    Should we be in the Middle East or not, is purely a matter for discussion – over drinks. We have been there far too long as a figure head. A target if you will. Certainly not as a peace keeping force. A peace keeping force would remove the weapons from those that do not want peace.
    Sorry to say. Greed, corruption and capitalism will get us in more trouble some where else. The slaughter in the far East and in Africa will continue. Why you ask ? Because there are riches to be made. BENJAMINS some one said !
    As always. DRAIN THE SWAMP ! and VOTE THEM ALL OUT !

  6. In ancient Rome a civilization that lasted much longer than ours will, the Emperor Tiberius made Caligula his successor because he knew he was so evil,corrupt and incompetent that he would make him look good.In case you don’t know how that turned out look it up.Biden and his administration of morons,marxists and arrogant politicians/activists are destroying this country faster than the sleeping,could care less, people realize.

  7. If it is about Afghanistan, I see one collection of 6th-century savage rabble taking over a country run by another collection of 6th-century savage rabble. It was a sh***y way for us to leave (“Operation Cut and Run!”), but we left after accomplishing…absolutely nothing. I’m just Biden my time until I can vote the rascals out! And replace them with a fresh collection of rascals!

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