Blame Biden for border blowup

The Biden Administration calls the tumult at our Southern border a “challenge,” while critics call it “chaos.” As Shakespeare wrote, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Or, in this case, stink.

Would-be immigrants make an appeal

A few days ago, some of those from Central America arrived at the border wearing T-shirts (probably not made in the U.S.), reading, “Biden, please let us in.” Interestingly, in  English, not Spanish. And using Biden’s campaign iconography. 

Three observations: First, it would be polite to address him as “President Biden.” 

Second, the message asks him to break U.S. law. The president has no authority to “let them in.” Congress makes immigration law.

Third, these people are getting professional PR help. Maybe from “immigration advocacy” groups that exist to thwart the law and to get everyone in here, by hook or crook.

As to “challenge” vs. “chaos,” you can choose your words but not your facts, and the fact is that there is a surge, especially among what is called “unaccompanied minors” at the border.

I can’t prove what caused it, but I can speculate: Even before his was sworn in, Joe Biden promised to suspend deportations for 100 days. (His executive order for that idea, which he swiped from Bernie Sanders, was blocked by the courts.)

As soon as he became president, Biden kept some campaign promises by tearing up agreements that had been negotiated by President Trump with our Southern neighbors. 

Just as Trump cancelled some of President Barack Obama’s achievements, Biden took an ax to Trump’s — even the ones he should have left alone, such as the deal that had asylum seekers detained in Mexico, instead of on our side of the border.

With that deal ripped up — guess what? The detainees become our problem and they are swamping us. The children are overwhelming facilities, reported the left-leaning news website Axios. (None of the facilities are described as “cages.”)

 The totality of Biden’s actions, whether intended or not, sent signals to those who want to come here that the door is open.

A few days ago, the spanking new Homeland Insecurity Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, said, “We are not saying ‘don’t come.’ We are saying, ‘Don’t come now.’”

That was the wrong message. 

He should be saying, “Do not come illegally.” But that’s not how Open Border Democrats roll.

So now, the administration is broadcasting messages in Central America — as Obama was forced to do — to not come.

In 2014, the flaming racist [Editor’s note: This phrase is sardonic] Obama demanded that illegals NOT send their children, that it was “unlikely” they would be allowed to stay. Read it for yourself.

It had modest effect. 

But when Biden reinstates the “catch and release” policy — meaning illegals are released into the U.S. to wait for their court date, which could be years away — there is no incentive for them to not come. 

These people aren’t stupid. They know if they settle in Sanctuary Cities, such as Philadelphia, they will be protected from ICE — even after they commit crimes.

And, in Philly, one felon who was turned loose raped a child. There are other cases of known criminals being allowed to stay.

Biden said having committed a crime elsewhere would not necessarily lead to deportation, and argues some low-level crimes committed here, such as drunk driving, shouldn’t result in deportation.

Ask MADD if drunk-driving is a low-level crime.

I guess I have to ask Biden, just what does it take to kick an illegal out? And how come you would furnish free health care to them, but not my son and daughter?

As I said, these people are not stupid.

They know that claiming asylum makes them deportation-proof. If they claim asylum, they must get a judicial hearing before they can be sent home, and that can take years. That generosity allows them to put down roots, so when they eventually get their hearing, they say they have “become Americans” and should not be sent home.

It is true many of them are trying to escape poverty, or crime.

There is a list of conditions that open the door to asylum, but poverty and crime are not on the list. Asylum is offered to people who are being persecuted — for religion, gender, politics, nationality. It is impossible for the U.S. to take in all of the world’s poor or abused.

A lot of people say immigration law is broken. It is clunky. But the biggest problem with immigration law is people who ignore it, and that’s mostly Democrats. 

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  1. Stu–
    I probably could have added another 10 paragraphs to your article, all aligning with your thinking.
    I just appreciate your having the courage to address this common sense issue in these times. Be prepared to be vilified as a racist even though what you say is actually a pro-America ideal and has little to do with skin color.

    1. I have been called a racist since the first time I wrote about illegals. They use the R-word because they have no logical or legal response. It means nothing to me.

    I’m betting that this column will get the most replys – ever. A little heat from the bloggers also. To begin with.
    I am an AMERICAN
    I am the loyal OPPOSITION
    We agree on many things. ILLEGAL is only spelled one way. All other descriptions and adjectives can go back with the illegals. ALL OF THEM.
    For years, everyone with an agenda has worked the immigration angle. Cheap labor. Cheap prostitutes. Cheap everything. President Trump was right to try to bring the illegal issue to a close. It’s a shame that politicians got in the way of doing some good. For years, monies were sent to third world countries with the intentions of helping to fix their problems. The only thing that was fixed was the bank accounts of those in power. President Trump was turning that around. Then soros, through his many companies, sent his brand south of the border, and he’s probably involved again. Why or how it is legal to disrupt our government policies concerning “border issues”, is beyond me.
    So, here we are. The dims, social warriors, what have you, are determined to destroy OUR country.
    Then what really gets my panties in a bunch is that OUR President Biden, along with congress is allowing all of these illegals into our country, to the point that we have to open up more living space. Be it tents are closed military bases in Virginia. side bar: all those dimocrats in Virginia deserve there just rewards. ILLEGALS IN THEIR BACK YARD !
    This country, historically, has done very little for our Veterans. We ask our young to serve, protect and defend us. In turn, we discard them when they leave the service. President Trump was changing that. The medical coverage is better than it has ever been. But what about housing our homeless Vets ?

    1. Two thumbs up, Tony! As a Veteran, I couldn’t be more angry at what I’m witnessing — right before my eyes! I’m feeling like “Howard Beale” these days, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore!”

      1. Richard,
        Thanks for serving. Welcome home.
        Another HORROR story ( ? Latest & the greatest ? )
        The March issue of the American Legion magazine has an article entitled The Casualties of K 2 .
        In 2001, after 9/11, we took over a former Russian base in Karachi-Khanabad. It was a typical Russian base loaded with toxins, including nuclear waste.
        Not a problem for DoD. They were not there !
        Twenty years later, our brothers and sisters are still dying from chemicals and the VA & the rest ( congress ) do nothing.
        To quote one of these victims. “ This is our agent orange “.
        HR 7105 was just passed.
        footnote to this bill: the Vietnam War starting date was changed to November 1, 1955, giving those that were first some help and closure.

        1. AGENT ORANGE
          Agent Orange delivered it’s Carnage in Vietnam’s jungle of death, but back in the sixties those ‘flower child  hippies’ got the Exposure instead.
          Still to this day there’s been little repay for those who suffered it’s crime. Just like on the Battleground as well as at Home now, we should leave no Warrior behind.

          1. I just read this after I commented. Boy ! did I waste my time ! Another dimocrat that wants to embrace socialism.
            DUH ! treason……………..
            no more sopkie.

          2. Tom,
            Here I go off on another tangent.
            In that same American Legion mag., there’s a story told by “survivors of the “invasion that never was – Japan “. The two people are, I surmise, in-laws. In 1945, she was 18, he, 19.
            He, well trained. Just cleaned up Okinawa. Her, a student. Like all woman, they were taught how to use a spear. Males were taught more rigorously. He, everyone was scared as hell, but ready to go. They already fought the Japs and knew that there was only “fight to the death !”. Her. The generals would broadcast that they were to kill as many Americans as they could, before they died – to honor their emperor.
            There was no invasion as we all know. Both survivors, now in their late 90s, said that there would have been another 8 million dead Japanese plus the attacking Americans. Another half million. The point of all this. Had their been an invasion. Their would be that many less people on this planet that died for nothing but political reasons.

    2. Nothing loyal about a 45 supporter. You’re loyal to his cult, not the US. That’s called treason, btw. Therefore, anything you say is suspect.

      1. I just read this after I commented. Boy ! did I waste my time ! Another dimocrat that wants to embrace socialism.
        DUH ! treason……………..
        no more sopkie.

        1. you certainly didn’t waste your time!!

          thank you for being a patriot!

  3. Stu –Right On! The “T word” had worked out a sensible fix and the illegal border crossings were coming down (as the wall was going up) and the border police were beginning to get a handle on the situation. Biden’s over-active pen ended all of that. Now illegals (no, I will not call them “undocumented”) being “processed” and put on buses to the interior without anything more than a slip saying “check-in for hearing date” and without a Covid test what-so-ever. Interesting that the Biden administration is climbing all over Texas and other locals if they open the economy with “substantial testing and controls” but they don’t give a rat’s , , , , if illegals (numbering in the many thousands) spread out across the country. Super-Spreader? This mess is making January 6 look like a Sunday school picnic.

    1. You noticed I don’t shy from using “illegals,” and, yes, I didn’t even get to the COVID issue in a column that was kind of long.
      I’m told “illegal” is disrespectful.
      I find violating my nation’s law disrespectful. You get what you give.

  4. Stu – I am sick and tired of you stating obvious facts. It’s getting really annoying! Not!! LoL.

  5. Stu — I think we’ve all noticed that new presidents almost totally reject executive orders of their predecessors because…well…JUST BECAUSE they belonged to the other guy. And we also know that Biden is being totally controlled — not by fellow democrats, which I could live with, but by hard core leftists. They WANT open borders and don’t care that in so doing, it decimates America, because they HATE America.

    Those of us who still DO love this country — and there are those on both sides who do, better start pushing back, or we won’t HAVE an America!

    1. What is your evidence for “hating america”? the fact that we don’t believe in treason? The fact that we don’t believe toddlers should be ripped from their familes, locked in cages, then “oops! lost”? Turn off the Fox news, take 2 steps back, and attempt to become an American again instead of a cultist.

      1. they are back in the cages that Obama created. And, oh by the way, plenty of parents would choose to sent their children here, never to see them again, to take advantage of the great opportunity to live in the USA. My grandfather left his home in Prague at the age of fourteen, to never see his parents again, to start a better life…he got a football scholarship to college and worked his way through graduate school to become a Presbyterian minister in the coal mining area of PA…his legacy is admirable…I am very proud of him…but he did it legally!

        1. Candace,
          Koudos to your gramps. Way back when, Parents taught their children accountability and responsibility. He was given the task and the opportunity to achieve in America what could not be got in Prague.
          To expand on your thought. If you watch the news – borders – you will see pregnant women, READY TO DROP ! entering America. Congrats to all of the bleeding heart, dimocrat liberals heading us into socialism ! Those newborns are American citizens.

      2. Sophie,
        I would like to sit down with you – one and one and have a real discussion on illegals, birthright, constitution. You name it.
        We used to have values that were envied by the world. Everybody wants to come here. It’s obvious to us that have traveled. The world has not caught up to the U.S. in many areas. Sorry to say. We are now on the downslide. Education, values, you name it. Why ? Greed, corruption, envy for three.
        Then you have the brain washed. The education system has been pointing us slowly towards socialism since the 1960s. First the colleges, then the high schools. Now the grade schools and even kindergarten.
        If you’re so concerned about the illegals, take a trip to inland Mexico or go further south. See the real deal. Then you can make a better more informed discussion.

      3. All is well now, they’re back in Obama’s cages and the puppet media, your masters, say “nothing to see here”.

      4. Sophie Lynne: stop ‘feeling and start ‘thinking.’ You might find it a refreshing change.

  6. My pet peeve in regards to this subject concerns the new media who keep referring to these illegal criminal immigrants as just plain immigrants not illegal people. I keep thinking about the people who are patiently waiting to legally immigrate and have to wait years. The democrats are led by far left idiots.

  7. Mr. Bykofsky,

    Another excellent article.

    Thank you for stating that when we refer to the occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (past & present) their last names should be preceded by the word “President.” It drives me crazy how disrespectful our fellow citizens (and in this instance, another country’s citizens) can be. It was “deplorable” how the press & fellow citizens addressed our previous President. I never have nor will I ever cast a vote for President Biden. But, for better or for worse, he is our President & should be addressed as such. I’m rambling, on to my real point.

    I love the irony of erecting fences & walls and surrounding them with armed law enforcement agents in order to keep the general public outside the perimeter. Examples of this policy would include the White House & Capitol Building. I’m sure it would be effective on our borders, too.

    If you decide that you would like to post five or ten articles daily, I can assure you that I will read every one. I miss journalism.

    Keep up the good work. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Thom Estilow, for making the needed point that the President, whoever he is, should be respectfully referred to with “President” in front of his name. (And thank you for standing up for Ogontz Fire Co., serving Cheltenham communities since 1892.)

      1. Thank you, Jerry. I also believe the same respect should be given to all elected officials & those who serve in key roles. My blood boils every time our Township Commissioners call our Police Chief, Fire Marshall & EMS Director by their first names in official township meetings. They too have earned the right to be addressed respectfully.

        We will continue to fight for our Ogontz Fire Company. Our fellow community members deserve the best we can provide.

        Thank you for your serving our community.

  8. I wish my maternal grandparents and their child would have been encouraged to come to the United States by its citizens and some government leaders. They were fleeing religious persecution, state sanctioned raids and murders against their ethnic group in addition to terrible poverty. Thankfully, were able to get off the ship in England after my grandfather’s conjunctivitis was discovered before it sailed on to New York. The family would have been detained on Ellis Island and then sent back to Eastern Europe. It would have meant death for them even in the early part of the twentieth century.

  9. Stu, why do you feel that the “Remain in Mexico” policy should have stayed in place? Trump started this policy. From everything I’ve read, it forces the migrants into very dangerous conditions, and actually overturned years of our existing immigration policy.

    And why do you insist on injecting the criminal activities of some “illegals” into the debate? The vast majority of those coming here are NOT criminals. Yet in any discussion about immigration those on the Right will try to color the debate by including a heinous crime, thus implying that there is a huge criminal element trying to come into our Country.

    1. First, I explained allowing them to “wait” in U.S. releases them into the interior. They DO NOT belong here. Pleas for asylum usually are made at U.S. consulates in the home country.
      Can I say it any more directly — they are gaming the system. Poverty and fear of crime are NOT reasons to grant asylum. That is LAW, passed by Congress.
      I have written about illegals many times and have said their rate of criminality is less than native born. But it EXIST. And in the case I cited, a CONVICTED FELON was allowed to stay in Philly.
      Now, you tell me why ANYONE would want to keep a convicted felon HERE? And what do you say to the raped 5-year-old?

      1. Naomi is just another ‘feeler,’ full of ‘compassion and empty of reason.

      As I said, OUR President Trump tried his best to fix the very broken system. Which has been broke since the 1930s
      Per International law.( my words ) Anyone leaving their country of origin seeking to relocate to another country, must go through the proper channels. They start in their country and file in the U.S.. If they are travelling through another country ( Mexico ) to reach our country, they must do so legally. Trump forced Mexico to seal their southern border, then help seal their northern border. If you are illegal in Mexico, you can stay in Mexico – which you can if you ask – are go back where you came from.
      The biggest asset these illegals have/had is soros ! He, through his many companies, helped them to leave their own countries and travel to the U.S.. Remember the caravans, with the food, clothing and shelter stops along the way. DOCUMENTED ! Courtesy of soros and friends. Our own “underground railroad” should have been half as fortunate.
      It is a proven fact that these other countries do not certify the records/history of those wishing to come here. Remember Castro. He let everyone leave that wanted to leave. HE EMPTIED CUBA’S PRISONS ! Many of the illegals are, to say the least, of questionable character. Many, if not all, have no medical records to verify the vaccines that they never received. FACT: We had cured many diseases that these illegals are bringing into our country. PLUS, covid and the new strains of the disease.
      Naomi, we can be big brother to the world if the world will work with us. If we could help clean up these third world countries, the native people would not have to come to our country. But, as I stated before. The monies that went to these countries over the years only fattened the wallets of those in power.
      Let’s take care of our own.

      1. Do you have sources to back up your BS, I mean assertions? (I’m guessing Breitbart, Der Stormer, Drudge)

        1. HAPPY SUNDAY !!!
          I’ll be polite and reply to you one time. You are obviously intelligent. You are reading Stu, though I don’t recognize your name.
          I have time on my hands. I don’t read or watch one medium or supplier of this thing that passes for news. I do look at the dark side on occasion – just for the false narrative and shock value. Then I change channels and decompress.
          I did not live in front of either circus, mistakenly entitled” impeachment”. For that matter. I did not subscribe to the debacle of hearings for the now Justice Kavanaugh.
          When I find an issue that either intrigues me or annoys me, I research that issue. I dig back as deep as I can to further prove or condemn the issue.
          Having said all of that. I feel the need to express my findings here and several locals. If I am wrong, I will accept that as fact – if it’s proven. ( most people just hear or see something that they like or hate, and run with it ).
          Keep reading my pallie and please give your factual comments to us bloggers to read, agree, disagree comment or ignore.
          stay well. spring’s com’n’ !

    3. Naomi: HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE? You say “the vast majority of those coming here are NOT criminals.” BUT THEY ARE HERE ILLIEGALLY, WHICH MAKES THEM CRIMINALS! Liberals have to be the dumbest people allowed to walk free.

  10. point of interest:I have worked in restaurants for over 40 years.Every worker no matter what the position was Philly born and remarkably the rastaurants turned a profit.Back of the house provided employment for high school dropouts and ex cons as well as anyone needing a job.I watched the wave of illegals pouring in about 20 years ago purposely riding their bicycles to work from their homes on the west side of broad that once was exclusively black.Now the dominate the field and for good reason-they have risked everything to be here and are willing to dedicate their lives to the restaraunt in ways that we would/could never.All of their $ is sent back home- building homes and businesses in their home town.Its a win win situation for both them and the owner.The loser is the native born.Why hire a potential troublesome worker when you can get the willing slave for less?Anyone who denies that illegals don’t hurt us in this respect is flat out wrong.

  11. Philadelphia, PA

    Dear Stu,

    In my general impression, the advocates of open borders and/or increased immigration often lack the idea of giving priority to citizens (or residents already here) in any way. We have no moral right to prefer our own people in this country–or that is the idea often expressed. At the worst it’s a lack of patriotic fellow feeling. Much of immigration law and policy is carefully crafted to avoid any preference based on our own history, culture or existing demographics.

    But if you look again, this strange notion of the absolute “moral” equivalence of the foreigner and the citizen combines in a curious way with constant demand for cheap and pliable labor. Its a very strange confluence of interests and perspectives. It’s like one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing.

    Apparently if we were to favor our own, have any definite conception of what this country is supposed to be, or expressed any preferences at all, then this could only be “discrimination”? Besides that, of course, mass immigration makes labor cheap –in net political effect, it matters much less what the citizens think about immigration and much more who can profit.

    So stands the nation. Somewhat schizoid?

    H.G. Callaway

  12. If anyone has another comment to make here I would be most appreciative, given my age, if it were posted at the very end instead of under someone’s own comment. I’m having one helluva time locating new entries..thank you 😆🤣 that’s if you don’t mind, Stu.😇

    1. I am on a fixed income . My supplemental health insurance costs me per month 306.00 for medical 95.00 for drugs and 63.00 for dental. Never mind what medicaire charges me. So Biden wants free health care for illegals. Need I say more

      1. HAPPY MONDAY !!!
        Sorry to read of your problem. You and everybody else in this country is getting royaly screwed by the dims. President Trump was trying to turn the insurance disgrace around. I believe that had he gotten re elected, Trump would have done so much more, especially with congress supporting him. Not to be.
        I’m hoping that you are a Vet and you just haven’t applied to the VA. Failing that. I would cry poor mouth and try every agency out there. Worth a shot.
        My city insurance expires soon. Part of the retirement package from PWD is 5 years of health bennies. For the first time in my life, I am about to pay directly for health insurance, unless I use the VA. Then I have to only pay for my wife. Still OUCH !
        good luck,

  13. Stu,

    I offer a Canadian ‘lefty’ perspective on the third-rail of politics that is America’s immigration system. Being ‘nice’ isn’t the same as being stupid. But when immigration becomes a political football, stupid tends to win out all too often.

    Canada’s immigration target is one percent of our population per year – that would be about 3.7 million if applied to the US. The GOP would be apoplectic. Bernie would think he’s hallucinating. And Canadians broadly support this – it isn’t controversial. Because it’s based on rules that get enforced, and serves Canada’s economic interests. It ain’t perfect, but compared to the US system it can appear to be.

    Of course you don’t want a large number of illegal people in your country. That’s just stupid on a whole lot of fronts. To reduce the economic incentive to sneak in, fine, jail or do both to employers who break the law by giving these folks jobs. If the IRS can catch tax-cheats, I’m sure they can catch employers who hire illegals. Us ‘lefty’ Canadians do.

    A few years ago we had a surge of folks flying into Canada with false papers, then claiming refugee status. We call them ‘que-jumpers’, as they are trying to game our system. Solution? Any airline that brought such a passenger into Canada was fined $10,000 per person automatically. The problem want away within weeks.

    Of course you want your immigration system to serve the interests of America and Americans. No one wanting to resettle in the US is ‘owed’ this privilege. It isn’t a right. And it should be set up to meet the needs of your nation. That doesn’t mean it is inhumane. It means its effective and sustainable.

    That doesn’t mean banning legitimate refugees, but it does require setting up systems and quotas that make sense and work. The majority of Canadian refugees are ‘privately sponsored’ by Church and other groups who accept full financial responsibility of those they sponsor for at least one year. Privately sponsored refugees assimilate much better, because they have a community supporting them. We still screen them, the 70 thousand Syrian refugees we took in were predominately families and women with young children. Not a lot of single young men, for obvious reasons. Just made sense. And the Syrians have settled in very successfully. Great folks.

    Beyond refugees, a similar merit-based, goal-oriented approach to economic migrants and family reunification isn’t rocket science. Look around the world – many countries in the west have such systems. Because given Canadian birthrates, we need more people if the economy is to grow and strengthen. It isn’t charity, it’s self-interest.

    Frankly, Canada’s immigration system is borderline predatory. If you’re a foreign student in a STEM discipline at a Canadian university, your allowed to work part-time while you study, and virtually guaranteed immigrant status upon graduation. This is smart immigration. It serves Canadian interests. We don’t do it cause we’re ‘nice’.

    We need more doctors, engineers and computer geeks. Right now were getting a lot of Asians in these categories from the US due to the previous Administrations somewhat irrational approach to H1-B visas. Well take all we can get. Thanks for training them!

  14. Philadelphia, PA

    Dear Stu & Foster,

    The problem in the U.S. is that we do not know or agree on what purposes immigration is supposed to serve. This is being taken advantage of around the world. The old proverb is “He who hesitates is lost;” and we have hesitated to say who or what we are supposed to be. This sort of hesitation invites aggression. We have to at least decide what purposes immigration is supposed to serve. Trying to make the entire world like us, by being neutral and having no preferences among those who may want to come here is not a good idea.

    Canada is the second largest country in the world with an enormous land mass and about a tenth of the U.S. population–most of it (90% as I recall) squeezed down within a hundred miles of the U.S. border. It is not clear that we in the U.S. need more people; and that, of course is a significant difference. Maybe 330 million is enough? (Not too long ago it would have sounded outrageous.) In addition, Canada has a political system officially committed to a kind of multiculturalism and partial ethnic definition of sub-polities. In comparison we are much more the “mixed salad” here –as is more so in the West of Canada.

    That the U.S. immigration system is “broken” is generally agreed. But it hasn’t been fixed, because we lack political consensus on its purposes.

    You wrote:
    Of course you want your immigration system to serve the interests of America and Americans. No one wanting to resettle in the US is ‘owed’ this privilege. It isn’t a right. And it should be set up to meet the needs of your nation. That doesn’t mean it is inhumane. It means its effective and sustainable.
    —end quotation—

    Very sensible of course. But unfortunately, arguments about immigration in this country reflect a deep political divide about what we are supposed to be. There is a fear of being anything in particular –since that might advantage or disadvantage someone or other. That kind of political division is dis-integrative, and the prevalence of “identity politics” is a natural result.

    H.G. Callaway

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comments, appreciated. I also wonder to what extent the public concerns around immigration in the US are mostly a response to the incoherence on the issue within the political class and the media?

      As I noted, in Canada immigration policy is widely supported because it is seen to rest on clear goals and rules that are generally applied. If this were not the case, I strongly suspect this support would melt away quite quickly.

      Frankly, if you could ‘poll’ Americans on the question of whether immigration policy should serve the economic interests of America, I suspect you’d find a broad consensus.

      1. HAPPY TUESDAY !!!
        From my experience, I would say that most Americans, business owners as well as your average person, want to make a lot of money, but don’t want to pay a fair price for commodities. This equates to paying fair wages and more precisely, keeping illegals out of our country. Back in the 1980s, we were loaded with illegals, working at cut wages and keeping the working man from making a fair wage with benefits. This included Mexican labor and more skilled labor coming from Eastern Europe. Somehow, all of these bleeding heart liberal dimocrats who are looking for socialism don’t see that – and don’t care !
        Take it a step further. These liberals WELCOME those illegals, not realizing the damage that they are causing. Those in the education field could care less. Their future is guaranteed with good if not great salaries plus fantastic benefits and retirement packages.
        The young, recent college graduates are so brain washed that they are clueless. Their only job is picketing and protesting. Their college degree is really helping them with their future plans !
        The working man is nothing but confused. The political scheme down here does not lend itself to educating the population. Forget about serving that massive voting block. We are fed so much crap that, sorry to say, people get sucked in.
        You mention immigration up north. I haven’t been out of our country in a few years. Every place that I worked, you could only be there if there truly was a need for your expertise. Say, if you wanted to move to Australia or France, you could not put someone out of work and your profession was in short supply. If you were taking your partner, spouse, etc, they couldn’t work either for the same reason.
        Our laws were never that stringent and in most cases, money talks. ( my second wife would not work in the immigration department of a very prominent law firm for that reason.)

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