Biden’s move on undocumented spouses is political, but also fair

Of course it is a cheap, election-year stunt, but that doesn’t mean that it’s wrong.

President Joe Biden announces spousal amnesty plan

I reference President Joe Biden’s just-announced policy to clear the way to legal status for the undocumented spouses of American citizens.

There are several provisos, a key one being that they must have resided in America for 10 years without being in trouble with the law.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I am pretty tough against people who arrive here illegally. They ought to be turned around at the border and sent home, or deported if they overstayed their visas, if they came here legally.

But . . . .

Is their crime more serious than assault or rape?

Yet for those crimes, there is a statute of limitations.

That’s why, almost five years ago, I proposed a five-year statute of limitations for the crime of illegal entry. It is not amnesty, it is just.

If ICE can’t find you in five years, you get to stay.

You don’t get a path to citizenship. That would be a reward for bad behavior. You don’t get to vote.

You would get a green card and legal status, allowing you to stay, and to work, and to raise a family. If you break the law while on your green card, it gets revoked, and you get deported.

Ordinarily, foreigners marrying American citizens are themselves naturalized as citizens after a wait period. In this case, because the spouses are here illegally, they can’t get legal status.

That seems unfair and Biden’s policy, although obviously political, is justifiable mercy.

12 thoughts on “Biden’s move on undocumented spouses is political, but also fair”

  1. Even after the five years they should still have to start the process of getting a green card. Undocumented and here for five years still tell’s us nothing. Start the procedure and go from there. Make no promises.

  2. Biden has put us all in harm’s way with his open border policies. For those who don’t already know we are in high alert for being attacked. The highest since 9/11. This is according to the FBi. We should not reelected this man we should put him in jail.

    1. As usual, Daniel is full of hyperbole with nothing to back it up. What charge should Biden have against him, genius? This is a country based on the rule of law, and Biden has broken NO laws. Go back to your cave, man.

  3. I was always under the impression that you got a green card when you married a citizen. So his proposal doesn’t seem all that radical to me.

  4. Congress, Congress, Congress! This could be solved with serious legislation by our elected representatives in the legislative branch. They haven’t done so in about four decades. They had a chance to begin to alleviate some of this mess earlier this year in a bipartisan fashion, which is as it should be done. But the presumptive Republican nominee ordered them to scuttle the bill so he could keep immigration as a campaign issue. Congress is a total shitshow and needs a complete, 100% turnover.

    1. We already have immigration law. Biden does not enforce them. If anyone should be impeached it is Biden. He has jeopardized the safety of everyone in the country. Stop blaming Trump. He holds no office and has no vote. Wake up Biden is destroying the country.

  5. The puppet masters pulling Biden’s strings have come up with this ploy because more illegals — married or not — means more votes for the Democrates
    — legal or not. It’s spinach and I say the hell with it.

    1. Not really. Many of the illegal aliens from Central America are actually pretty conservative both socially and politically. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the phony (& racist) Republican “Great Replacement Theory”.

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