Biden’s finger won’t stop migrant tsunami

Following the “better late than never” adage, President Joe Biden has made a small move to relieve the tsunami at our southern border, but would still allow 30,000 migrants entry each month. (Not counting the many thousands he won’t allow.)

President Joe Biden announces new migration policy with “border czarina” behind him.

Biden was forced to act because even Democrats were beginning to squawk about the undeniable crisis, which the administration had denied since taking office. Have you heard the Democratic governor of Colorado is threatening to bus migrants to Democrat Sanctuary City New York?

The crisis was sparked two years ago by feel-good generalities by Biden about the U.S. being a welcoming country for immigrants.

He neglected to say we welcome immigrants who arrive here legally, with documents. For illegals, the gold rush was on. 

Until Biden took the helm, under President Donald J. Trump, illegal encounters at the border had fallen to historic lows. They are now at near-historic highs.

You may recall, and if you don’t I will remind you, that many migrants showed up at the border wearing T-shirts saying, “Biden, Please Let Us In.”  

T-shirts sending a message

Obviously, they didn’t manufacture the shirts themselves. They were ordered up by so-called “immigrant rights” or “human rights”  (translate: Open Border) organizations that want no restrictions on immigration and thought this would be a good gimmick to shame Biden.

Open Borders might be good for the immigrants, but it would be bad for America.

Not because immigrants are bad for America. Unrestricted immigrants are bad for America because we don’t have room for all who would like to come.

How many? Gallup reports 158 million would come to the U.S. if they could. That is 50% of our current population.

How could we possibly support a number like that, or even a third of that number — 50 million?

Where are the jobs for them — and how many have the skills we require for our 21st century economy? How many agricultural workers, landscapers and hotel housekeepers do we need?

Where would they live, where would their children — mostly English illiterate — go to school, and where would they receive medical services?

I can answer that last question. During the 2020 presidential campaign, when the Democrats fielded so many candidates it took two nights to hear them all, the question was asked if the candidates would provide health coverage for illegals. Every one of those dopes — except one — raised their hands. (The exception, I recall, was Ohio’s Tim Ryan, who was quickly eliminated.)

The rest of them would provide free medical care — not just emergency room services — for the illegals, something American citizens don’t have.

Who do these clowns think pay their salary? It isn’t the immigrants, it is Americans.


Sunday, Biden will try to stick his finger in the dike of illegal immigration that he created. His office released a “fact sheet” that was light on, how do you say?, facts, but long on agenda and attacks on Republicans. You can read it for yourself here.

Or, you could go with the easier to digest, but flawed, The New York Times account.  

The story calls Biden’s moves “far-reaching” that “dramatically” expand restrictions, which they do not. 

Here are a few highlights, starting with the murky “limits” on illegals from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Haiti. 

*People from those countries who come here illegally, will be immediately deported, except for 30,000 a month, who will be admitted (if they have a sponsor, air fare, and can pass a background check).

The little problem: 

*In November, the Times reported, more than 82,000 migrants from these four countries arrived in the U.S. illegally. Mexico has agreed to accept 30,000 of them, but the remaining 52,000 would be allowed to stay in the U.S. “temporarily” while they are awaiting an asylum hearing, In reality, that can take more than four years and by then, their advocates claim, they “have put down roots” in the community and it would be “cruel” to deport them. And that’s only true of the ones who can be notified of their hearing, and who actually show up. Once they are here, there’s little chance of them being deported. They know this.

* Why just those four countries? Because that’s where the bulk of asylum seekers come from, said the administration, without providing numbers. But we know people from all around the world are crossing the border. 

* The policy would deny people from these countries entry if they cross the border “between official points of entry.” But what if they cross at an official point of entry? Silence. 
* Another problem: Biden didn’t address the border crossers not from the four countries he names.

 * Unlike his predecessor, who had the lowest migrant encounters at the border in recent history, Biden said the new policy was intended to expand opportunities to escape their countries, to seek better opportunities in America.

That statement from Biden once again undercuts the efforts to reduce the flow of migrants. He can’t stay on the “stay home” message.

To be sure, I sympathize with anyone seeking a better life here, as my grandparents did. But today’s migrants, like yesterday’s, must abide by the current rules in place.

For decades, there were two means of illegal entry.

One was to arrive with a visa for a limited amount of time, and then fail to leave when it expired. The second way was to sneak in, avoid the Border Patrol and melt into the interior of the country.

A third method developed several years ago, that of crossing the border and surrendering to police and requesting asylum.

A quick aside: The difference between people seeking asylum, called asylees, and refugees, is largely procedural. Asylees are people who request  asylum upon arrival in the United States. Refugees are people who request protection while still overseas, and then are given permission to enter the U.S.

Asylum seekers must prove they are persecuted or fear persecution on five grounds. Almost all current asylum seekers do not meet the criteria, and they know it, and come anyway. These are not like Jews escaping the Nazis, they are people who want to get into America and are gaming the system, as I reported earlier.  

The simple reality is this: As long as the U.S. allows undocumented people to enter the country, by asylum or “catch and release” policies, more people will keep coming.

Once we actually close the border and prevent illegals from entering, they will stop coming.

The same is true of enforcing laws against hiring illegals. Once we enforce the law, and they can’t find work here, they will stop coming.

As poor as these people are, they have cell phones and they report what happens to them back to their families. 

If they get in, more will follow.

If they don’t, the flow will stop. It is that simple.

5 thoughts on “Biden’s finger won’t stop migrant tsunami”

  1. I understand that the first hour of Biden’s visit to the border was spent explaining to him the meaning of the word ‘border.’

    On a more somber note, I think it is already too late to fix the problem; there are too many illegals here and our culture and country are weakened beyond repair. Happy new year.

    1. Bosh. It is never too late to fix a problem. I admit the illegals here will not be deported, but we can prevent them from an easy path to citizenship — and voting.

  2. Stu, great article and agree that E-verify should be required for alll employers in the USA. That would limit illegal immigration by a large amount,

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