Biden? Trump? Neither. Here’s why.

Nyet to Donald J. Trump.

No man, to Joe Biden.

I can’t vote for either of them. In fact, I didn’t. I voted by mail and passed on the males.

Libertarian Party presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen. (Photo: Daily Herald)


Trump? I don’t have all day to list the reasons. Here are a few off the top: He lies, constantly, and when not lying, twists facts out of shape. He is needy and thin-skinned, and arrogant, and ingracious, and petty, and mean, and downright stupid.

And those are his good qualities.

But I’m not throwing racist, and xenophobic, and homophobic, and misogynistic, and Islamophobic into the mix.

Here’s the sad thing: Even when he and I agree on an issue, say illegal immigration, he casts it into a racist light that throws shade on everyone who believes our borders should be enforced. He is the last person I want on my side. He embarrasses me and most of America.

He has loosened ties with our allies and given comfort to our enemies. He is short-sighted, vulgar, and butchers the English language. He is unfit to sit in the Oval Office. 

Biden? I could have supported Uncle Joe. He’s got better character than Trump, he is a moderate — no, he is not a socialist — but he did something stupid. After beating the socialists (Berner Sanders, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren) he then inexplicably moved to the left to placate their supporters. Why? They weren’t going anywhere. The Bernie Bros and Warren Witches (sorry) would crawl across hot asphalt to vote against the man they (and other bed-wetters) are convinced would destroy American democracy. They are pessimists who don’t really love this country because they believe their own crap about how bad America is.

America is not bad; some Americans are, and we work on that, all the time.

Going back to the first Democratic debate, all but one of those duds held up their hand when asked if they would provide free healthcare to illegals, although the moderator used the PC term — “undocumented” or something like that.

The question was not about free emergency care — that already exists. It was free medical care, and all but one said yes. (Whoever was the odd man was quickly eliminated.) So the rest of them are willing to give people here illegally more than they give my children. Are they crazy? That is a big F U from the Dems to my kids, so it’s a big F U from me to them. 

Biden also has been squishy on border enforcement and I believe his last word was, like Bernie, that he would suspend deportations. If you don’t deport those here illegally, that is actually Open Borders, which in normal times would sink our already crippled economy, but in COVID-19 times would be opening the floodgates to people who are a threat to our health.

This is not about skin color. It is not about ethnicity, it is about legality. If you don’t have secure borders, you don’t have a country.

And I want to have a country — my country, with American values, welcoming those who share those values and who respect our laws enough to come here legally.

That is pretty much the position of the Libertarian Party, that wants as little government as possible, but realizes some controls — like at the border — are essential.

So I voted for Jo Jorgensen for president. She is an educator, teaching psychology at South Carolina’s Clemson University. She’s 63, married with two daughters, and has a Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology. 

The platform of the Libertarian Party stresses the rights of the individual over the authority of the state. People should be free to pursue their dreams when they are honest and peaceful. Libertarians support the right of free speech and thought, freedom of the press and respect for private property. It wants free market forces to deliver health care, and would make Social Security optional. 

There’s a lot more that I won’t get into here, but I have provided a link for you to the Libertarian platform. There’s a lot I don’t agree with, just as there are a lot of Democrat and Republican ideas I don’t agree with.

But to me “freedom” is a really big deal and Libertarians are big on freedom.

Mine is a qualified protest vote. I always vote, but I do not always vote for candidates of the major parties. I have voted third party before, and have written in names of candidates. I am not just being a contrarian. I try to not settle for the evil of two lessers.

Jorgensen follows in the footsteps of other third party candidates such as Ralph Nader, Ross Perot, John Anderson, George Wallace, Eugene V. Debs.

My Democrat friends say my not voting for Biden is actually a vote for Trump. Oddly, my Trump friends do not say it is actually a vote for Biden. The Democrats have a weird sort of hubris about their own self-anointed excellence.

Mine is a vote against Trump and it is a vote against Biden. 

I’m hoping more people join me in sending a message to the Dems and the GOP that they are doing a lousy job and we want them to change, and that we will change if they don’t.

61 thoughts on “Biden? Trump? Neither. Here’s why.”

  1. So, here we are again, voting for the lesser of two, err, three evils. Seems to get worse every presidential voting period, doesn’t it?

    Voting 3rd party candidates is usually a for a cause. But it does remind me of one third party runner, several decades back, who ran solely for the purpose of making sure that Bush (#41) would not win again. Remember Ross Perot? The two of them had a hate-hate relationship in their home state of TX that just wouldn’t quit. Perot had the $$ to put it where his mouth was and achieved his goal.

    That’s certainly not the purpose for this year’s Libertarian candidate, thank goodness, other than attempting to upset the Trump machine.

    It would be nice if we could honestly say “Let the best person win.” But sadly, that hasn’t happened in at least 20-30 years.

    It seems Ben Franklin’s words are finally starting to come back to haunt us, when Elizabeth Willing Powel (wife of Philly Mayor Sam Powel), who often hosted the 1776 convention delegates in their home, asked “Well, Dr. Franklin, what have we got – a republic or a monarchy?” To which Franklin is supposed to have answered: “A republic, if you can keep it.”

    And it goes on….Mrs. Powel shoots back, “And why not keep it?” To which Franklin responds, “Because the people, on tasting the dish, are always disposed to eat more of it than does them good.”

    Seems that last line of Franklin’s is more telling than his first. As they say, interpret that at your peril.

    I like you better when you are having your annual conversation with God. As old as you are – keep getting older – you should have semis or quarterlies with the great one. P.C. intended.
    As usual, as always, I don’t agree with your political philosophy. BTW. Your dem friends are wrong. You cancel your party vote by going third party. You are right about the far left staying there and voting party lines. Actually, as almost always, we agree on politics as they were or should be, not as they are. Did I tell you that I hate politics ?!?
    This Monday, I expect you to walk around Philly, looking for a statue of Chris. Maybe you can get the three amigos to pose for you ! ( kenney, krasner & outlaw. no capitals, no respect )

  3. In my opinion you have cast a vote for Biden, which is most likely your intention. You are a fool to have ignored the good President Trump has done by taking cover due to his high school boy persona. If the Democrats take the Senate and keep the House with a Biden administration we are on a similar path as Argentina was. Good luck to you, I am old and have enough capital to keep me going during the upcoming financial collapse.

    By the way, I am not fooled by your phony middle of the road posturing.

    1. lecon d’histoire. check yer stock portfolio……Dems beat repubes every time(for me, that is)…..always vote pocketbook…….yes I’ve seen a lotta tax cuts-I get pnuts while fat cats,,,,ya know the drill. Butcept I paid MORE after tRumps tax cut(and I live in Mis’sipi)…..AND had to hire a tax guy for the first time in yrs

    2. No sooner did I say no Trumpster has made the ridiculous assertion that a vote forJo is really avote for Biden — and here you are, with your equally moronic belief that I somehow lie about where I stand on the political spectrum.

    3. Ed, I have known Stu long enough to know he honestly says what he feels. Since you feel you got butt-fucked by what he posted you do not believe him. I am sure if he praised Trump completely you would not have posted what you did.

  4. I am right there in with you Stu. We have very little to choose from. The same B.S. from both sides, but no action. Also, we need to vote out all of the incumbents in Congress, and continue with a clean slate with term limits.

    1. As noted, only the Bidenites say this. No Trumpster has ever said my vote for Jo was “really” a vote for Biden. I think it is part of Dems’ victimization mentality.

  5. A dissenting view from a Trump supporter: It’s not Trump but the Democrats who are “arrogant and ingracious” and disrespecting the public by not telling us whether they will pack the Court; who their prospective Supreme Court Justices are; whether they will kill the filibuster; whether they will undo the Electoral College; whether they will make DC and everywhere else on the planet where they think there are more Dems than Republicans a State; i.e., whether they will make America a one-party country, and whether, despite the Abraham Accords, they still stand on their on-their-way-out-the-door-last-time UNSC 2334 calling Judea-Samaria and Jerusalem’s Christian and Jewish holy p[aces, which Palestinian Arabs have never ruled ever, “occupied Palestinian territory.”

  6. I forgot to add earlier, Stu, thank you for pointed out all of Trump’s endearing qualities (obviously, I’m being sarcastic here). You certainly summed it up most accurately.

    With respect to Biden, he may not be a socialist, per se, but he most certainly is the “Dem-churian” candidate.

      1. And here is the Demchurian plan that will turn the USA on its head, assuming the rads get the Senate and House and White House: (1) Get rid of the Electoral College, thereby guaranteeing the largest states (i.e., left-wing states) will ALWAYS elect the president; (2) Pack the Supreme Court with sold left-wing radical judges, thereby assuring every decision by the SCOTUS will strengthen the Left’s grip on the country’s neck; (3) get rid of conservative radio by use of FCC power. These people on the Lefts play for keeps, folks.

          1. I forgot the most important of all: the Left will end the filibuster. Fade to black…

  7. I wanted to write in my choice for President since I was not voting for either of the candidates. My folks were from New Jersey (I was born in Camden.) and always voted Democratic when they voted. I believe the Democratic party has lost its way; it is no longer the “party of the people.” Its views are off the charts and way too left. Unless Biden changes when he is in charge and forgets to be “a party man,” we can’t trust what he will do for our country. Trump is rough, but the Republican platform is better, and would be even better with a different leader. How can we vote, Stu? Only with prayer…

  8. Philadelphia, PA

    Dear Stu,

    I’m tempted to simply agree.

    But, then, the libertarians tend to get “freedom” wrong by thinking it merely freedom to earn money. Consider that lots of university employees earn lots of money while still suppressing academic freedom in the classroom in the interest of pleasing their very PC student-customers. All the while, they jack up tuition costs to pay their own inflated salaries. People make lots of money in various corrupt undertakings.

    The President, as ever, seems to be his own worst enemy, and he tends to pull down anyone who defends him. (Witness, for instance, Senator Toomey? “Trump is someone you can work with.”) But that is partly because the Democrats’ anti-Trump, political orthodoxy and media juggernaut, Vice President Biden enlisted, cannot seem to allow that Mr. Trump has ever done anything right at all.

    I think many would be more comfortable with Biden, if he recognized The problems of the Trump voters and spoke to their support for Trump’s policies on immigration, trade, American values, etc.

    I’m going to decide who to vote for on election day. Mightn’t the public, in that way, still gain some concessions from the competing parties?

    H.G. Callaway

      1. Philadelphia, PA

        Dear Stu,

        No country can be organized and run on the basis of economic considerations alone. We forbid lots of “markets,” such as markets for illicit drugs, and of course markets for slaves. We insist on a monopoly on the use of force in settling disputes and the rule of law in enforcement of contracts. We sponsor schools and universities with tax dollars.

        Of course, there is better and worse among libertarians, too. I don’t want to question your voting decision.

        “Laissez faire” does not always embody a superior concept of freedom. We do not well to allow schools and universities to be run on business models of maximizing income to the institutions.

        H.G. Callaway

  9. While I agree with you, I had the same problem in the 2016 election. So I went with one of the non-major party’s candidate. I’m sorry now that I didn’t vote for Hillary. It might have prevented the election of Trump. This time I’m going for the lessor of two evils and casting my vote for Sleepy Joe.

  10. Why must a vote be for or against some aspirant for office. If you accept the principle that we have the constitutional right to choose any of the candidates or simply feel that not voting is also a personal statement that none of those running deserve a vote. The problem begins when those who seek the office offer up their qualifications for president. My belief is that once the qualifiers are met with citizenship and age that the minimum background needed for the office of leader of the free world should include the holding of elected office, handling a large economy, some military experience and some community involvement at a grass roots public service. We have watched the quality and experience of what we should have in the leader of the free world be watered down. Sadly we have a formula of two times zero is zero. I agree with Stu on neither is a valid choice but I also believe that not voting at all is also a statement against the system and a freedom of choice position.

  11. We as a nation will pay a huge price in the coming years, no matter who wins November’s mud-wrestling contest. Why have we inflicted such people as DT and JB on ourselves? Probably because good people refuse to run for office; after all, who wants to have his or her good name and reputation dragged through the filth of a primary and general election? Who wants any misdeeds of their youth brought to light? Who wants to be accused of sexual crimes, even where there is no evidence to support such an accusation? Think of the trashing of Robert Bork, Justice Thomas, and Justice Kavenaugh. Ask yourself if you could stand to have your tax return checked line by line, or that time you took a hit on a funny cigarette to be front-page news? Who wants to go through that, or have their family held up to such scorn? We get the government we deserve. A pox on both their houses.

    1. Vince – with respect to the funny cigarette…the person running in the race could invoke the famous Clinton line: “…but I never inhaled.” LoL

      1. Vince – me again….

        Just to add to your sage observations above, it reminded me of that old joke about Perfection. Here goes:

        There are 3 perfect people left in the world, and one of them died 2000 years ago, So that leaves you and me, and then sometimes I wonder about you.

        Like finding the perfect politician, eh?

        1. Woody Allen’s said finding the perfect sex partner was like playing bridge; if you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.

  12. As a relatively new Trump supporter I am not at all upset that you voted 3rd party. I did the same in 2016 (Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party).

    But you did not vote for Biden, and that’s what matters.😉

  13. Stu, this was a fantastic article and an unbelievably accurate portrayal of Trump. Now I am just going to sit back and read what is being posted.

    1. H….so far you are the last poster (as of 7:43am), other than me right now, and you haven’t read all the responses yet? LOL!!

      1. Randy, there appears to be a bug here that will not show the comments until you make a post. It usually does not happen after a day or two. I believe it has to do with cookies.

        1. Roger that, H. Actually, the same thing happens to me too, but it’s sporadic. As you can see, the opposite happened on this go-around – just look for my name at the very top of this comments list. Go figure. Damned cookies!

  14. Stu, I forgot to mention to you that while I do not agree with you about Biden I do agree he has some short-comings. Those short-comings are far, far less than Trump’s.

      1. “Tallest midget in the room”. Cracked me up, and so on-target. I’m just sorry you had such lousy choices available.

  15. HAPPY SUNDAY !!!
    well boys and girls,
    Now you know why, family and friends do NOT talk politics at the dinner table. It’s kinda- sorta like ask’n’, “who makes the best sauce / gravy” – and then, being smart, you leave the room!
    All are good points. Without the F bomb H.B., every person is entitled to their opinion. Obviously, I would rather you all accept and follow mine.
    I understand Dan’s and Susan’s point of reference. In a tight race, all votes count. Anyone that votes third party, in reality, only cancels their own vote for a major contender. Who, when done the old way, is suspiciously chosen years in advance. That does not necessarily hold true today.
    The comment made by H.G. concerning is out of tune to reality. Toomey is a RINO ! Always was, always will be. In fairness to him, he did it the old school way and gave the party two years to replace himself. Good luck with finding a winnable, reliable contender for the governorship !
    Here’s an old school thought. Should joey get in, I think that he should stay in, which is contrary to almost everyone’s political acumen. He is a puppet. Always was, always will be. If he did decide to think for himself, a fourth heart attack could easily be arranged.
    Randy, Donald Trump, I believe, never smoked anything, nor drank anything. Another alcoholic in the family was an unbearable thought for him. He tried to instill that belief in his children. Whether or not, they all stayed clean and sober is another debate, but I think that they all turned out pretty darn well.
    enjoy your three day weekend. go out and find a Columbus Statue and CELEBRATE the man !

    1. Hi Anthony – regarding funny cigarettes….Vince’s comment above regarding them, and my response to that, has nothing to do with Trump. You need to re-read. It was a general statement from Vince regarding those who run for office getting their lives picked apart.

      BTW – you’re right regarding politics at the dinner table – it’s not a good recipe! I will, however, repeat the old adage, “A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows the public opinion.”

      1. Randy,
        I guess that I’m missing sum’n’. ” the person……..” to me is Trump. Forget joey.
        Vince spoke in general terms. I believe, that you did not.
        Of no consequence. Yes, I did inhale.

    2. Tony, the F-bomb was intended for the person I posted to. If you, or anyone else, took offense to it I apologize to you and them. When most of us disagree with Stu we say it but I do not remember anyone claiming he is not sincere in his beliefs. Ed Zenzola decided to claim just that. Do not attack someone without being prepared to be attacked yourself. For the most part I have learned that by being here.

      1. H,
        I hear ya . As I tell my co-horts, regarding politics. Take the high road. Whether you’re in person, on the air waves, whatever. Let the dims keep spewing with their hate. Speak up, for sure. Discuss rather than curse. I, sorry to say, have a foul mouth when I get heated. I choose not to use poor language in my writings.
        AIN’T THAT THE FREAK’N’ TRUTH ! woops, sorry

        1. Tony, I coined a phrase many years ago pertaining to stooping down to the level of someone else: “Sometimes when you clean out the toilet you need to get down into the s..t!” I still, if the occasion arises, do just that.

    3. Philadelphia, PA

      Dear Clark & readers,

      I had to look this one up:

      Republican In Name Only is a pejorative term used primarily by conservative members of the United States Republican Party to describe Republicans whose political stances do not align with conservative ideology. Similar terms have been used since the early 1900’s. The acronym RINO became popular in the 1990’s.

      —end quotation

      Actually, I don’t think it matters whether, as you say, “Toomey is a RINO” –or whether anyone except more conservative Republicans talk this way. Toomey is conservative by PA standards. My point is that many Republicans have resigned from high office of late. The corporate media-driven opposition to Mr. Trump is apparently being organized against them in some fashion? Something strange is going on in any case.

      It is not merely that Mr. Trump often seems to be his own worst enemy. Surely, we don’t want a one party state in PA or elsewhere. “Loyal opposition” belongs to the spirit of representative government. We therefore resist the suggestion, say, that Mr. Biden ought to be indicted.

      H.G. Callaway

      1. H.G.
        Here we go. You like to read. I suggest that you read more subject material so that you can truly evaluate the person or subject matter.
        RINO is a term given to people that pretend to be republican. Take a look at toomey’s background and record. Watch and see where he goes when he retires from office.
        Many politicians are bailing out of Washington D.C.. We call it, ” DRAIN THE SWAMP “! Our President is the enemy of life long blood sucking politicians. Most are lawyers. Most have never set foot in a courtroom and most really never practiced law. Look it up ! These people are hand picked to run for office and being good soldiers of the party, keep climbing the ladder. Were case, joey. Almost no legal experience. Right place at the right time. Good soldier. His turn in the White House ( to counter Obama ) and now, “this is the best that the dimocrat party has to offer ?” Cmon, man !

  16. THIS IS NOT ABOUT JOE BIDEN VERSUS DONALD TRUMJP, FOLKS. THIS IS ABOUT DONALD TRUMP VERSUS KAMALA HARRIS AND THE FAR-LEFT PROGRESSIVES!. Sorry about raising my voice, but the Left’s clever scheme is working EXACTLY as planned. As the magician makes you focus on what one hand is doing, the other hand is where the action is. Ditto with Biden; you are focused on Biden v. Trump and completely forgetting Kamala Harris, where the action REALLY is taking place. The Left if finally reaching its end game; soon the Left will have in place a true Socialist, American-hating, White-hating, capitalist-hating ‘progressive.’ Joe Biden won’t last more than a year after he is elected.

      1. Stu, se may have married White, but that doesn’t mean she likes White folks. Read her screeds about ‘White privilege,’ and those addressing what a terrible nation she lives in. I stand by my accusations. Time will prove me either way. In any event, she WILL be the president within a year following the election.

  17. Stu- agree with almost everything you say. I wish we had a Republican who is not Trump at the top of the ticket- but we don’t
    I don’t have a huge problem with Biden except that he has run away from his moderate past to appease the leftist wing of the party. Shows a total lack of character.

    So for me, it comes down to which party do I REALLD don’t want to run the country. When I think of Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Shiff, AOC and the Squad, Waters.. the list goes on and on

    Despite all his many warts, I think the country will be better off with Trump and the Rs

  18. This country needs a viable 3rd party. The democrats and republicans are incompetent, and at a stalemate, as far as legislation. In the 2016 election I abstained from voting for either Trump or Clinton, and voted for the Congressional seat. This election I voted for Biden, because Trump will go down in history as the absolute worst US President. His entire term of office has been based on negativity and lies. He is batshit nuts.

    1. Jim,
      Tis country will never support a third party. The powers that exist, don’t want to share Washington with the opposition as it is right now. Can you see queen nancy saying, come on in you’re welcome to participate. Remember Ross Perot ? That was the best shot at third party on his first attempt. He had both parties scared, so much, that they tried to entice him into joining up.
      As for OUR President and your comments. If only you had some substance to your writings.
      BTW by any chance, are you a choker ? We may know each other.

  19. On a totally unrelated matter, does anyone think there would be such sturm und drang over the timing of Trump’s SCOTUS pick had he named a liberal such as Ruth Bader Gisburg instead of conservative Amy Barrett? Had DT been more clever, he would have named a flaming liberal as a potential Justice, waited a few days to let the Left coo and preen and comment on what a brilliant jurist he had picked, then withdrawn the name and named Amy Barrett. It would have been delightful to see the Left after they stepped into it up to their glottis.

  20. No matter who wins Trump or Harris it’s all about money. And how it can be made under thst administration.

    Also consider getting rid of social media the ruination of society and a gross waste of time.

  21. Stu,

    I did exactly what you did. It was a global embarrassment to have these 2 clowns as the final choices for presidency.

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