Biden opened the cyber store

During the 3+ hours the heads of the world’s two greatest nuclear powers met, Joe Biden warned Vladimir Putin against any cyberattacks on what he said were 16 clearly defined areas of U.S. critical infrastructure. The 16 “should be off-limits,” Biden reportedly said.

I’ve got about 16 problems with that. I can’t say he gave away the store, but he left the front door unlocked over the weekend.

Presidents Putin and Biden (Photo: AFP)

First, the list presented the Russkis with a target list — the  critical infrastructure areas that would hurt the U.S. most. Why would he do this? This wasn’t a tactic like Brer Rabbit’s plea not to be thrown in the briar patch. 

Second, does  that mean that attacks on anything else would be tolerated by us? I mean, is everything else “in-limits”? Biden would have been smarter to say the U.S. would take any state-endorsed attack as an invitation to retaliate.

Third, the list of 16 was given to Vladimir Putin — but not to Americans.

That bother you? It bothers me. 

Wouldn’t you like to know if you are “off-limits” or “in-limits”?

Don’t we usually try to keep secrets from the Russians instead of from U.S. citizens? 

OK — I don’t have another 13 reasons.

These three are enough. 

8 thoughts on “Biden opened the cyber store”

    There you go again. Asking intelligent questions. That’s bad enough. Just don’t expect intelligent answers !
    ( by the way. the safe is behind the portrait of fresh fruit )

    1. Your last reference… So you know, I finished this at 7 p.m., to be posted in the morning. Four hours later I saw Gutfeld do a piece on it, reflecting my own feelings. We were the only two to say this, as far as I know.

  2. Why did Biden present a target list to Vlad?  Most likely because he was told. You know, he doesn’t want to get in trouble now, does he, like when taking too many questions from reporters.They (his handlers) will be mad. Of course this still doesn’t really answer why.  On the other hand in my opinion it is another distraction. Sure Russia is bad, but this is another sleight of hand misdirection away from our biggest enemy, China, (where the money is with Hunter). And in the meantime he can tell us how climate change and white supremacy are existential threats. 

    We continue to be bamboozled as the leftist take us closer to Socialism.

  3. Stu, with respect, I think you’re being a bit naive on this one. The only ‘problem’ I have with Biden’s comments is that he was too specific about having a list. He should simply have said “I told President Putin this stuff has to stop or we’ll do something about it, and he won’t like what we do”.

    It’s safe to assume that US Intelligence, along with their Five Eyes partners, knows a great deal more about what cyber maleficence emanates from Russia than you or I will ever read about in the news. And this is as it should be – this is serious stuff.

    I think it also safe to assume that Biden shared some of this detail with Mr. Putin, to make a point. And as a prelude to some very specific threats to ‘return the favours’ if further maleficence is forthcoming. That is also as it should be.

    That’s what we expect Heads of State to do when it’s necessary. And it seems to me a vast improvement from the last President who sided with Mr. Putin on the matter.

    1. I don’t value assumptions and this had zip to do with Trump. I stand by my opinion that the 16-point list was foolish. But disagreement is always welcome.

  4. “As my mama always said, ‘Stupid is as stupid does’.”
    Stu, would you give us readers your thoughts on what the 16 off-limits sites might be? Do NOT include the Congressional dining room.

    1. I will keep my promise to never call our Presidents names, but what President Biden IS DOING is totally idiotic…and dangerous! When will this idiocy stop!!!???

  5. And Trump said it could’ve been China hacking us, not his dear friend Vladimir. Trump did NOTHING for cybersecurity. Trump velieved Putin’s lies over US intel agencies.

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