Biden is Lazarus, but it ain’t over yet

This has been an unusual presidential race, unusual as in “what the F just happened”?

Two winners, three losers

Two months ago, Barack Obama’s pretend stepbrother Joe Biden became an instant leader when he announced his candidacy, like an heir, or in his case, an heirloom.

Two weeks ago, he was roadkill flattened by the Bernie Sanders Socialist Express. 

Two days ago — with South Carolinian brothers and sisters having his back — Biden became practically invincible, pundits said.

Don’t they ever learn not to get over their skis? 

Now it’s the 3 Bs — mostly Screaming Bernie versus La-Z-Boy Biden, with American Nanny Mike Bloomberg  coming into view only when he stands on his armored truck. 

It was a great night for Biden, a good, but disappointing night for Bernie, and a meh night for Bloomie, playing Tony Manero and staying alive. 

Bernie won Vermont. That’s like the cows returning to the barn. He captured Colorado handily, checked off Utah. Winning California, as Biden said in a different situation, was a big f’n deal. Polls had Sanders leading, but at my deadline it was a tossup. Maine, too.

Using a Southern Strategy, Biden took Virginia and North Carolina early. Alabama came to Biden’s side next, and Oklahoma, followed by Tennessee and Arkansas. You could almost hear Al Jolson singing “Swanee” and smell the fried chicken.

Two states being watched closely were Minnesota and Massachusetts. Each had a female U.S. senator running for president. Minnesota Nice Amy Klobuchar dropped out and lined up behind Biden a couple of days ago.

Why didn’t she wait for Super Tuesday to see how she would do in her home state?  Maybe she knew that Biden would win it, or maybe he won it because she endorsed him. But he won it, a state where Bernie crushed Hillary Clinton four years ago.

The tom-toms brought bad news when Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren could not win the Bay State, her home. Earth to Warren: If you can’t win your home — go home. 

Tuesday was the first time Bloomberg was on the ballot, after pouring more than $400 million into TV commercials and organizing. He won — wait for it — American Samoa! If Bloomberg wins and selects that for his vacation White House, Air Force One pilots will be challenged to find it. (Tulsi Gabbard could find it. Her father was born there, and she couldn’t even win there. Aloha, Tulsi.)

Although Bloomie said he was in it to win it, he is a data guy and the data is telling him he cannot win. 

Another two states being watched were most-populous California and oil-and-manure Texas. Polls showed Bernie very strong there, with pundits wondering if Biden or Warren or Bloomberg could get to the 15% minimum needed to win delegates.

A few days ago, second-place Biden was at 14% in California. Uh-oh. Sanders needs 1,991 delegates to secure the nomination and California has 415. (Texas has 228, the second greatest number.) 

Two weeks ago, Biden was roadkill. This morning, he is Lazarus. 

That’s why politics is so much fun, less predictable than sports because it has more variables. I love watching the TV pundits when the leader changes. They get as excited as maidens at Madame Hodges Finishing & Charm School getting ready for a tea dance.

It would be ironic if Warren and Gabbard drop out, as they should with no path to victory, leaving the identity-obsessed Democrats with three older, white, male candidates.

Well, one of them (most likely) will win and will pick a vice president who is black or female or both.

And there’s even a rumor Donald Trump will dump Mike Pence and select Nikki Haley.

That’s a future topic.

25 thoughts on “Biden is Lazarus, but it ain’t over yet”

  1. I remember when they used to call presidential runs “horse races.” They still are. It’s that dark horse coming out of the back stretch (from time to time) that one has to watch out for that can upset a race. Your current analysis is a good one, but personally, I think Warren is going to hang in there as long as she possibly can, not only to annoy, but to use that point when she tries again in 2024, using the meme “I’m a survivor!” Yeah, right!

      1. Considering many (if not most) of their positions, George Orwell would laugh out loud if told ‘progressives’ are people who stand for ‘progress.’

    1. Democrat presidential runs still are horse races…horses’ asses.
      The present ‘horse race’ is narrowing down to a one-foot-in-the-grave communist, and a quasi-senile
      professional pol who has trouble remembering what planet he’s on.
      Trump may be a boorish loudmouth but compared to those two he’s Albert Schweitzer.

  2. Has anyone noticed that Biden appears to be experiencing early stages of dementia?

    1. Yes, I have. I mentioned that blogs ago, while cringing at the jokes about him.
      It reinforces how desperate the dems are.
      They haven’t one viable candidate as yet. They need a new old face.
      The Berns are loaded for bear, also. Watch out!

    2. David – I agree. And with the Bern hiding a very major heart attack, it becomes a race to see who will be removed from office first if either Biden or Bernie wins by some very odd chance. Bernie won’t last 4 years in office – he’ll likely have a 2nd heart attack and be gone on that one. Biden will get about 2-3 years into his administration until the dementia is sufficient for the Manchurian Candidate takes over LoL.

      1. Best analysis I heard so far Mark Steyn): the Democrats would rather lose with Biden than with Sanders because Biden will only lose the presidency while Sanders will lose the House as well.

      2. With our aging pols in this “horse race”, it makes the selection of a qualified VP on both sides critical. The youngest person today is Pence at 60, all others in the line of succession, including DJT, BS, SoH Pelosi and Sen McConnell are all north of 70. Were one Big Mac or finger wave from succession with all these folks.

    You did pretty good on this one, pallie. But, not too many surprises.I’m somewhat disappointed in little Mikey. I never knew that much about him, and that was my undoing. If I remember (sic) things the way they happened, I’ll have to say:
    Bernie had a strong run because he had no competition until Biden stepped into the race.
    Liz never looked good
    Pete had no business in the race
    Tulsi should have a mentor, so that she can become a threat.
    Amy is another who should not have been in the race.
    Joe looked good until the others started their rallys. With the push from the part, Biden will take the nomination and I would think that Warden will inherit the V.P. job, which will most definitely lead quickly to the top job !

      1. Hey Tony,
        I see now why I quizzed you about Hillary. Above , also typo “Warden” . I thought you meant the nickname Slick Willy gave Hillary years ago. I should have caught that!!

        1. Tom,
          my bad with the crooked fingers
          Don’t tell the sisters of the IHM that I can’t spell. I still remember the ruler across the knuckles !

  4. The supposed party of diversity ended up with two old, rich, white men. Hmm.🤔
    So now, they’re left with one old, rich, senile white man. As someone whose maternal grandmother had Alzheimer’s, the Biden jokes were making me cringe. I could only imagine how I would feel if that was my grandmother the Democrats were exploiting, as they often exploit severely mentally disabled people for their votes.
    They don’t care though, they will do whatever it takes to win, whether its exploiting senile candidates or pandering to black voters with fried chicken (Sanders) or drinking booze from a bottle in a paper bag (Buttigieg).
    They haven’t changed. They probably never will.

    1. Joe Biden’s gaffes are well documented. But since he was encouraged to enter the circus, they are not the side show anymore. And they’ve worsened!

      I don’t watch the late shows. The lampooning is coming from my side, like FOX. I laugh because it is funny, yet cringe because it is much too close to home. All around me ( friends & family for too long to this day).

      This man must never be President!! If Tony’s scenario comes to fruition and Hillary is elevated, we just may be better off.

      1. Tom,
        that’s Liz getting elevated, not Hillary. Me thinks that the deal she cut is for V.P., then President.

        1. Tony
          Are you talking Joe and Liz now and Liz in 24? No Hillary? I don’t know, but that clever Donna Brazile may be involved. She has no scruples!
          7 in a row Flyers!!

          1. barely HAPPY WEDNESDAY !!!
            Yes to Joe and Liz now. Possibly Liz finishing out Joe’s first and only term. Then Warren can finish ruining the country in ’24.
            Donna Brazile. Don’t turn your back on her.
            Flyers. I played softball against the Broad Street Bullies. We first played on the grounds of Byberry. When we first met, they looked a lot like us construction workers. Some big, some bigger. Every one of them had their unique smile. No teeth ! Big difference between them and us. Their legs looked like tree trunks ! Other than that, we all could drink beer.

  5. As the saga continues in the story of Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows, as of Thu morning, the Tin Lizzie, while having made overtures primarily with Biden’s camp on Wed, is now working the Burn-ie camp with great gusto.

    Stay tuned to As The Worm Turns…

  6. Well, it seems to have come down to a 73 year-old incumbent with a highly flexible relationship with facts, versus either a 78 year-old socialist or a 77 year-old with memory issues. I’d have to question whether this line-up of old white guys represents the best available talent. And I’m a 68 year-old white guy.

    1. It is vital that old people never….I’m sorry, what were we talking about?

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