Biden borders on a second term

You ever been constipated for a couple of days, feeling really clogged, then swig some prune juice to get things moving?

I promise to be delicate here, but remember that feeling of relief when — finally — you were unclogged? 

That was just half the sublime feeling I had Thursday afternoon when President Joe Biden said he would run again for the presidency.

Second term? Sure, why not?

Or, to be accurate, he expected to. The ultimate in news you can use.

Let’s have some fun.

I forget which “reporter” asked the question. Chances are it was a woman because seven of the 10 questions came from women. If the number had been reversed, seven men to three women, we’d be reading an essay in Salon about how Biden is supporting the patriarchy. And is a closet misogynist. 

With most Americans wondering about their kids ever returning to school, or if they would ever return to work or lose their job to an illegal or a robot, or if a family member will die of the coronavirus, Chinese version, or Brazilian, or United Kingdom or Rastafarian, this reporter thought that question was important to us.

If Biden had my sense of humor, he would have answered this way: “Am I running again? Half of you think I’ll be in a rocking chair in the home by next year, so shouldn’t you be asking Kamala? She’s hiding behind the Presidential flag behind my right shoulder.”

He didn’t do that but he had a good laugh by pretending what he has said about immigration hasn’t created a huge magnet to draw illegals to the border. They’re not coming “because I’m a nice guy,” said the president who maybe has not seen those wearing t-shirts that read, “Biden, please let us in.”

A direct appeal to you-know-who

He instead tried to blame the crisis challenge on former President Donald J. Trump, who actually stopped the flow of illegals across the border with a couple of actions Biden reversed.

The truth is a burden.

And the truth is Biden promised (with all but one of the Democratic morons running for president) free healthcare to illegals, and that he would suspend deportations for three months. When he tried to do that with a moratorium, a judge knocked it down. 

One theme was Autocracy (North Korea, Russia, China) versus Democracy (us and our allies). China wants to overtake the U.S., he said, accurately, and it won’t happen on his watch. He’s probably right, as China’s economy is only 70% of ours (but I remember when it was just 50%.) Biden pledged spending on R&D, innovation, AI and so on. Perhaps there was a message in the e pluribus unum displayed behind him.

He walked into another trap when a reporter asked if he agreed with President Barack Obama that the filibuster is a relic of the era of Jim Crow.

“Yes,” he blurted without thought.

Even the filibusters I myself conducted, he did not say.

Here’s his problem: He previously said he would keep the filibuster, the kind that required a speaker to talk endlessly to hold the floor and prevent a vote.

But if it is racist (and nowadays, what isn’t?), how can he possibly support it, in any form?

Is that how he will pay back Black voters, who in South Carolina pulled his campaign wagon back from falling off a cliff?

Speaking of cliff, Biden seemed to have Cliff Notes on the podium, and sometimes read from them and sometimes spoke extemporaneously. I don’t really mind notes, or reminder cards, but he had trouble reading the names of (friendly) reporters he was to call on, he kept losing his place.

As he did when he launched into a comment on gun control that mysteriously morphed into an answer about infrastructure. He promised a “surprise” in one remark that never appeared and promised reporters they could visit shelters for illegals sometime in the future. Open access had been granted by Trump and Obama.

Given that he opened the presser with a glowing report about our battle with COVID-19, it was surprising there was not a single question about the virus.

But we did learn his reelection plans.

One of life’s small victories.

30 thoughts on “Biden borders on a second term”

    I am writing this after listening to President Trump talking to FOX news, Laura Ingraham .
    I joke about switching to dimocrat, becoming a minority and collecting every dime that I can from our government. The people that know me, know that it’s a bad joke. Just like our government. problem is, I can’t hurt any body but the government is guaranteed to putting a lot of us Middle Americans back in the whole.
    You’re right about the female reporter, whose name I don’t remember. And you’re also right about the possible bad joke that didn’t come from our President. Biden could have took a cue here from President Regan. He had a quick wit and often turned the question or statement by making himself the butt of the joke.

  2. What is glaringly apparent is that Joe is mentally impaired and has trouble simply reading from a teleprompter or from the notes that his staff has provided.
    Let’s look at just a few of Joe’s “accomplishments since January 2021:
    Loss of thousands of jobs by cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline project
    The southern border of the US essentially no longer exists as Joe has rolled out the welcome mat to hordes of illegal alien invaders who by entering the US illegally are by definition criminals
    Jammed through a $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill that is only about 10% directly related to COVID
    Gas prices up to almost $3 /gallon which is a tax increase on everyone who drives
    Is bullied by the Chinese and Russians while the Iranians and North Koreans rattle their sabers at Joe with no response

  3. First, it is important that we recognize the percentage of women and men asking the questions. The latest numbers of men and women in America show a ratio of 100 women to 97 men but in the workforce, women have over 50% of the jobs so here we go again. Biden has to place pressure on the media to be more inclusive and diverse in allowing more men hopefully of color to ask the questions at the next news conference. I think the Philadelphia Inquirer could help especially when questions involve race only male black reporters should be given the right to ask questions. I know it will be difficult for Joe to see the questioner while looking at his notes, listening to advice through his earphones, and of course using the teleprompter for famous quotes from former elderly democrats. I feel confident that once we cure Covid-19 we can assign our best researchers to find a way to assist Joe when he is still making critical decisions in his second term at 85 waiting for the next president Harris to appoint him to the Supreme Court where his wisdom is still available could be utilized.

  4. He is a puppet controlled by the Marxist democrats and is a disgrace every time he appears on TV.Our country has never looked weaker to the rest of the world.And this can have dire consequences in the near future.You don’t have to be a doctor to see this man is incapable mentally & physically of leading this country.I guess this is why Kamala is always there close enough to catch him if he falls.

      1. What does our NATO allies have to do with my comment?You mean the allies who give us nothing and do not even pay their fair share for their own defense?Of course NATO likes him better.Obama 2 is much easier to get what they want from. I was talking about the mental & physical capacities of a man who is obviously in poor health.And worse a puppet for the radical left.I agree with you 90% of the time and keep up the good work. It is why I always read you..And please never stop writing you are one of the last sources of logic,common sense and integrity.

  5. The view from afar? President Biden clearly isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. The media persist in asking inane questions. And not hearing the phrase ‘fake news’ or having schoolyard insults hurled from the podium was a blessed relief. Overall, I’d grade it one star out of five.

  6. I emphatically expressed here one time that he should not be president. It was as obvious then as it is now. And not just because of his mental lapses, but his wierd affinity toward the ladies. I think most, if not all, at your post, Stu, felt the same. Then there’s his mentor,
    former KKK member, now deceased, Senator Robert Byrd. Nothing to laugh at.

    1. Oh, please — get off Byrd, who eventually renounced his past. I disagree with Biden on border policy, and agreed with Trump, but — to me – DJT was a continuing embarrassment. He made border security seem racist, which it is not.

      1. Don’t you think the media are the ones who made it a racist issue? Because of Trump. That’s how I saw it.

        1. When Trump talked about Mexicans being rapists and murderers, generally, that did it. He opened the door to being called a racist.
          He probably didn’t know that fewer illegals commit crimes, as a percentage of the whole, than native born.
          But they DO commit crimes. His loose talk gave his enemies ammunition.

        2. That’s how you saw it, Tom, because that’s exactly how it is. It’s not a mirage, nor is it a phobia. It’s reality. Most media and registered democrats either won’t ever admit it or else seem to be hopelessly blinded by their vile and intense hatred for DJT. And that malicious animosity now seemingly has given our United States of America a one-way ticket to Third World existence. That’s how I see it. God bless the children.

  7. Watching this presser was painful, but I did it anyway. And in doing so, it just makes me angrier still that out of 360 million people in this country, THIS is who got elected as POTUS and the person first to drop out of the primary is now the VP. The betting window is now open, as to whether or not Joe makes it through six months, let alone one whole year of his term. And then, the “trojan horse” will head off into the sunset (or retirement home) and it’ll be “President Harris.” Which was the diabolical plan all along. And as Tom Wetten says, that will definitely be ‘nothing to laugh at.’

      1. The same people who are claiming that Biden is about to keel over also claimed that Hillary was deathly ill, and was about to die. She’s still around. So count me skeptical on this diagnosis as well.

  8. He cannot run up a jet stairway let alone a second term. His mental faculty is showing signs of slowing down.

  9. Everybody is concerned about how well our President can or can not function. That’s just about how we put him in office ! Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are there for at least four years. If America doesn’t wake up, they’ll be there for at least another four years. Just as with Krasner. Vote him out of office by voting for the other person. We have two years to prepare to DRAIN THE SWAMP ! Let’s see if America can do the job that should never have been necessary for us to do.

  10. It’s very scary that’s he’s the President & Giggles is the VP. The media will never ask him a difficult question & even with notes he doesn’t know the answer. I didn’t vote for him so I hope all who did don’t complain about high gasoline prices or anything else! They deny there is an Immigration
    Problem but won’t allow the media to show how bad it is.

  11. The Keystone XL Pipeline was on a path to operate entirely by solar, wind, and battery power, thus eliminating its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

    Why shut it down, if that is one of the goals for clean energy? Hypocrisy! 

    Petroleum is in everything and we depend on it everyday. His executive order will raise the cost of living as well.
    Check out online the thousands of products which contain oil.

    This push to green isn’t about the planet, it’s about control, money, and power. Like most things.

  12. The most important question that needs to be answered is, “Who is the eminence grise pulling Biden’s strings?” I fear for the nation now that the Left truly has a brain-impaired nobody fronting for them.

    1. Just got off the phone with my second-longest friend. He is surprised Biden made it through March, but believe he will be gone by June. I disagree. He says Obama and Zuckerberg are pulling the strings. I don’t think there is a puppet master, but more likely Progs than Obama, who is yesterday’s news. I challenge him and you to provide evidence of the invisible hand.

          1. You missed the point: one cannot provide evidence of an unseen entity. That’s because it is unseen. Get it?

  13. I don’t know who’s running things, but something unpresidential is going on in our White House with little media interest, wasting their instinctive curiosity. Ha!  They carried the water for the dems the whole Trump years and found, as Vince would say, “Nichivo.”

    “Disorder at the border by executive order.” (Heard that one on tv about a week ago). But the troops remain at the Capitol Hill razor wire fence. A joke! 

    I don’t know who’s running things. It’s not the electorates’ job. Proof is not necessary, like with that meany guy before. If this shit keeps up we’ll be deep in it. I just can’t laugh anymore

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