Bernie booed, Biden breathes

Wow, they booed Bernie Sanders. Hadn’t heard that before, but the Dems hadn’t debated anyplace as conservative as South Carolina. The majority in the hall were supporters of Joe Biden, feisty and breathing, but claiming 150 million Americans had been killed by guns since 2007. He meant 150,000. Earlier in the day he said he was running for the Senate. Sigh.

The seven Democratic candidates

As last time, the candidates spent more time attacking each other than incumbent Donald J. Trump. 

Unlike last time, there was no consensus loser. That was Mike Bloomberg last time, but he was better prepared this time — as when Elizabeth Warren again came after him on the subject of the non disclosure agreements.

Pete Buttigieg hammered Sanders, who fought back, as Amy Klobuchar claimed the middle lane while Tom Steyer played the really nice billionaire. He also paid more attention to race inequities than his signature subject, climate change.

Bloomberg made a couple of stabs at humor, which fell flatter than a New York manhole. He said he was surprised the others showed up because he beat them so badly in the last debate, har-de-har, and also referenced a “naked cowboy,” which is one of the colorful characters who “entertain” in Times Square. Few west of the Hudson got that.

Early on, Bloomie uncorked a line suggesting Sanders was a favored candidate of Vladimer Putin, which was a low blow, but Mayor Pete pressed Bernie on his praise of former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Sanders’ praise of Castro’s literacy program sounds a little like Mussolini getting the trains to run on time. Literacy and health care in Cuba are outweighed by the murder and incarceration of opponents. Not to mention the equality of poverty.

Biden clobbered Sanders for his past opposition to the Brady bill, a position Bernie says he has changed while bragging of a D- rating from the NRA.

That was old stuff. What was new were questions about Israel. Would he move the U.S. embassy back to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem, where Trump had moved it? Sanders said he would consider it, Warren ducked it, Bloomie said he’d leave it where it is.

Trying to prove his bona fides, Sanders said he lived in Israel for a few months (a really long time ago), but condemned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “reactionary racist.”

A pro-Israel commercial aired during a debate break, which condemned Sanders and painted him as a foe of Israel. There were at least two pro-Bloomberg commercials featuring many women employees singing his praises, blunting Warren’s second bite of the misogynist apple. I think that issue is dead.

On race, the great American subtext, Steyer reminded everyone he is in favor of reparations. Not to be out-pandered, Biden promised to appoint a black woman to the U.S. Supreme Court (cue Michelle Obama)?

In a gracious moment, during a discussion of the coronavirus, Amy gave the website of the Centers for Disease Control rather than her own for fundraising. 

Minnesota nice. 

16 thoughts on “Bernie booed, Biden breathes”

  1. I watched the whole thing, cringing bc I was witnessing the death of the D party. Just glad I don’t need to choose from any of them, chas ve’sholom! Trump 2020!

    I watched the first hour . It was entertaining for a short time. Michael held his own. Maybe at the next debate, he’ll jump all over Warren. Pete and Steyer were mediocre, which leaves the Bern and Joe. Scarry !
    When the Republicans debated, all of the candidates took shots at each other, but mostly they talked policy. Not so much with the dems. They attack each other constantly and have very little to offer by way of boards in their platforms. For some reason, they all want to spend, spend, spend. These are supposed to be educated people. If you ran your household budget the way they want to run the country, then you would be very quickly on the street !
    Is it just me ? It seems that almost every time there is an incumbent that’s sure to win, the opposing party runs people that shouldn’t be dog catcher.

    1. The Debate…yawn.
      Did notice MILLIONAIRE Bernie pick on billionaires only..same old.
      Problem, he needs trillions.

      The winners…The Flyers, that’s four in a row!!

  3. What is REALLY scary is the idea that someone with Bernie Sanders’ beliefs is able to gather more than one or two followers in the USA.

    And IF Sanders wins the nomination, and IF the Democrat Party is eviscerated in the 2020 general election (which is more than likely), it might be the best thing to happen to the Democrat Party, to get them back on track as a middle-left party rather than loony left as it has become. Remember when Barry Goldwater got clobbered by LBJ? It was a temporary nightmare for the Republican Party, which then moved into a conservative mold that led, eventually, to Ronald Reagan.

  4. Was that a debate? The food fight in Animal House was more cultivated. Do these buffoons realize that they’re doing Trump a favor?

    1. It boggles one’s mind to think that in a nation of 300-plus million people, the best the Democrats can come up with to run the country is a collection of… what? A quasi-senile old former veep; a sick old communist; a female who speaks out of both sides of her mouth (and lies out of both sides); a small-town nobody whose self-stated claim to fame is he’s out of the closet; et cetera, ad nauseum. Where are the Hubert Humphreys, the Bobby Kennedys, et cetera? The Democrat Party plays Russian Roulette with a completely loaded gun.

      1. Yes, Vincent, because so many Democrats can’t get over their hatred for Trump. I wish I could convince the few I know of what you say.

        1. Mr. Wetten, forget trying to change a Democrat’s mind. Remember: “There is no wall as impenetrable as a closed mind.”

          1. Thanks Vince.

            What I failed to say is these Democratic friends of mine for 50 plus years, are like brothers, yet unaware of their conservatism! Our general conversation validates it.

            I was once an apolitical democrat (because of my parents). I found myself a staunch conservative under Reagan and switched parties so I could vote for him in the 84 primary.
            If their minds are closed, it isn’t because they’re Democrats. I blame myself for lack of persuasion. And I’m a lousy debater when outnumbered. But I still have until November 3rd!!

        2. Tom,
          Don’t give up hope on changing the minds of the tricked and deceived. Most democrats are hang overs from their parents’ days. As soon as you get into a discussion with a democrat, you know right away if that person’s a puppet or a die hard warrior for the dark side.
          I have found that you can educate those that are falling for the false prophets. Given enough time, their brain will absorb the message of the people. As for the never Trumpers.

          1. Thanks Tony.

            Again I say they are unwittingly Conservatives!

            See above resonse to Vince.

          2. I remember the story of the student who attended a left-wing university who’d come home on spring break. At the dinner table he (or she) excoriated his father for being rich and not sharing his wealth with those who have less. The father listened patiently then asked, “How are your grades?” The student whined, “I get an A in all my classes but work incessantly; I never get a break and can’t even attend any of the socials at school.” The father asked, “How about your roommate?” The student said angrily, “He does nothing! Never studies, goes to all the mixers, hangs around with all the girls, and still gets a C in every class.” The father said, “I have an idea. Go to the Dean of Students and tell him you want to give up a grade-point to your roommate. That will drop you to a B, raise him to a B, and you’ll both be equal.” The student raged at his father, “Are you crazy?! I work like a dog for my grades? Why should I share my success with a lazy do-nothing?” The Father said, “Maybe now you being to understand my thinking about my wealth.”

          3. HAPPY THURSDAY !!!
            focus, focus, focus. If your buddy is just ranting, give him a chance to catch his breath and again, focus. The sheep will argue, not debate. The insults come often and heavy about our President, but given a chance, bring the conversation around to the needs of those present . Your insurance benefits versus cost are what they are because of greed and manipulation of the system. Mr. Trump is trying to clean up the system by draining the swamp. Both republicans and democrats who are “in it for the money”, not the people. Same goes all across the board. Illegal immigration drives costs up and wages down. Fair trade should keep prices if not low, fair. Quality American made products versus the garbage from overseas will also add to the economy. And when you have them on the ropes, ask them to think back to the ’60s. There were no HMOs, price gouging and thinks of that nature. Companies made a profit making and selling goods right here in the USA. Then, greed reared up its ugly green head ! More profit, screw the people………………
            My wife’s cousin was here Sunday. The best that he had was “the guy with the orange face”. He came here amusing himself, but went home with a much better understanding of our political system and the President that will drain the swamp.
            Hang in there, Tom

  5. My thanks to Vince and Tony.
    I had forgotten how little concern health insurance was back then!
    I can see how that applies to college tuition….the gouging.
    Good advice
    My thanks to the host, also, Stu.
    Looking forward to the next subject!

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