Begging your pardon

Republican Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is the only one — so far — to promise, if he is elected, to pardon Donald J. Trump.

Should Joe Biden (left) pardon Donald J. Trump?

He’s lost my support on that one, but that notion sparked an idea.

But first — if Trump wins the GOP nomination,  and if he wins the Presidential election, and if he is convicted after he is sworn in — he can pardon himself!

President Joe Biden can beat him to the punch.

Biden should pardon Trump now, before his trial over classified documents.

Say what?

Follow me down this twisted path.

First, most of the Right is howling (with some justification) that the former president is being attacked for political motives, and a large  majority of people agree, according to a poll taken after his indictment by New York’s district attorney, but before the federal indictment. 

The federal charges will probably add fuel to the fire that the Department of Justice has been “weaponized” against Trump.

If he is charged, they ask, why was not Biden or Hillary Clinton charged for mishandling classified documents? Or previous presidents.

And why have no charges been brought, yet, against Hunter Biden for influence peddling, or lobbying, or something?

Those are fair questions.

You may recall President Gerald Ford pardoned Richard M. Nixon to promote healing of the nation, and to get the ugliness of a corrupt president behind us.

Biden could use the same language, and destroy the “weaponization” allegations. Imagine Trump being put in a position of having to thank Biden. (You will have to imagine it, because Trump is bigger on “I blame you” rather than “I thank you.”

How would the pardon benefit Biden?

Because he believes that Trump is the opponent he can most easily defeat.

He may be wrong, but that’s the conventional wisdom.

And once he pardons Trump, he can subtly challenge House Republicans, who are the majority, to end the pursuit of Hunter, so that both parties can march into the election with clean hands.

Just a thought.

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  1. And quite an interesting thought indeed, and one I hadn’t thought of. First of all though, your mere mention of Vivek Ramaswamy as a viable candidate to win the Republican nomination is ludicrous. Even Chris Christie (actually my preferred candidate at the moment) has a better chance, and that’s pretty remote. Note–I’m actually going to switch my registration to Republican here in Texas to vote for anyone other than Trump or DeSantis. As for Hunter Biden, perhaps it’s true as Gertrude Stein put it: “There is no there there”. The House is investigating and if there is, I’m sure they’ll find it. As for your general thought of Biden pardoning Trump, it has political merit. Don’t think it’ll happen, but maybe it should.

    1. If you can show where I said Vivek was a “viable candidate,” I will donate $100 to your favorite charity. I simply said “candidate” and bounced off his idea.
      I doubt Biden will do it, and I will be happy to see Hunter indicted, just to settle the issue once and for all.

  2. Interesting points. There were certainly a lot of people angry about Trump’s indictment on Thursday night and Friday morning, but I wonder if things changed since the pictures of the boxes at Mar-a-Lago were released or details of the CNN tape. I listened to Trump yesterday in Georgia but haven’t heard much from his admirers.

      1. It’s pitiful and I wonder if ANYTHING could change their minds. As you say, “Reality determines my political positions, not vice versa.”


    That orange-skinned piece of shit has always been able to avoid being held accountable for his actions. Now you want him to get away with it again. That will reinforce his beliefs that he can do whatever the hell he wants, and to anybody he wants, without worrying about repercussions.

    Other than benefiting that orange-skinned piece of shit and the gang of idiots who kiss his ass, how would this be beneficial to the rest of the country?

    1. Bogart

      Why didn’t you respond to this yesterday when you called me a neocon.The blood of a lot of innocent Ukraines is on the hands of Biden voters.

      There was no war in Ukraine during the Trump years. And that is a TRUE statement.Only a real ahole can dent that.


      You are a culeless neocon.

      Charles says:
      June 10, 2023 at 6:53 am
      What does culeless mean.

      The neocons are very pro war. I am totally against this war.

      How many countries did Putin invade during the Trump years?

      How many Ukraines got killed during the Trump years ?

      Ukraine had peace during the Trump years.

      Don’t ever call me a neocon.They are warmongers.Learn what the term means before you use it.But I guess that would be expecting too much from a dumb liberal like you !!!!!!!!!!!

      Do you as a Biden voter take credit for the death and destruction that has occurred in Ukraine since Biden took office? You should. But then again I have yet to meet a Biden voter who accepts a tiny share of the blame for this Ukraine travesty. The Ukraines who have had their lives destroyed can thank the American Biden voter.

      It didn’t happen under Trump.


      Maybe you can teach this idiot who the neocons are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    2. No wars during the Trump years. A good friend of mine of Ukraine descent loves Trump.


      You a a warmonger. Get a gun and go to fight the Russians.

      1. Stu, I read everything you said but I still disagree with you. I believe it would help that orange-skinned POS more that it would help President Biden.

        Do you honestly believe if that orange-skinned POS gets away with this he won’t try something more?

        1. Disagreement is OK. I prefer he be beaten at the polls, but lately polling troubles me — he is ahead of Biden, who I will vote for over Trump.
          Trump needs to be stopped, but in a way his dedicated supporters will accept.

          1. You do not like it when there are no wars US is involved with. Ukraine is a proxy war started during Biden’s presidency.

          2. Why didn’t Putin start the was when Trump was President.

            TRhat’s a fact. Mr Factual!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Can’t wait for your leftist remark.

    3. Okay, Mr. Bogart, what your REAL point is that Trump’s skin tone should match his Orange Jumpsuit at the Federal Facility where he may serve time. A bit of humor is in order, and the cursing does not suit you well, be collegial and next time use symbols F!*&! Up for resonance.

      1. Philip, you are correct. I apologize to you, and to anyone else who was offended, because I used the F word. It is just I get so angry thinking of that orange-skinned POS continually getting away with everything he does. He needs to finally suffer consequences for his for his actions.

        1. Agreed and Thank you for being a gentleman. If it is any consolation Trump will never be President again. Biden despite his falls and gaffes will probably be reelected, despite Maga zeal. However, if take no prisoners, Chris Christie is the Republican nominee for President, I believe he will in fact beat Biden. A conservative, but reasonable, and not mentally ill like the aforementioned miscreant.

          1. I agree Christie is a much better choice that that orange-skinned POS but I cannot forget how he swayed between major dislike to unadulterated love and back to dislike before, during and after the 2016 election..

            Unfortunately that is a trait many (most?) of our politicians have.

  4. Marianne Williamson would pardon Trump if she became president and the timing were right, such as when the moon is in the Seventh House, and Jupiter aligns with Mars.

  5. Stu, I think you are one damn smart and knowledgeable columnist. You always make sense. But there is no way in hell I would pardon Donald J. Blimp. To me, he deserves every punishment he gets — and deserves. To me, the curtain closed long ago.

    1. I did not say I would. What I wrote was proposed
      Political strategy for Biden.
      It is doubtful he would do it, but isn’t it fun to contemplate?

  6. Stu

    Why is Trump loved in Israel.

    Do you ever hear of the Abraham Accords?

    I post FACTS.

    You post anti Trump feelings.But I know more about current national events than you do.

    You should get your TDS treated. The anti Trump FEELINGS are getting boring.

      1. Ha Ha Ha

        Your posts on Trump and Biden are always fact -based and entirely fair.

        Ha Ha Ha

        You expect me to believe this .

        I’m not the STUpid one. Believe it or not I like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Ha Ha Ha

        1. Chuckie, why are you here if you consider Stu be biased?

          While I do not always agree with him, in my opinion, he has never shown bias against anyone with the possible exception of idiotic POC like you.

        1. I did not reply because Ukraine has NOTHING to do with the topic I posted. I have no need to follow you down your favorite rabbit holes.

          1. It has a lot to do with Trump. There was no war in Ukraine during his presidency.
            He was hounded for trying to negotiate with Putin. But he kept Putin from attacking Ukraine.

            That’s a FACT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. I know you are not going to believe me but I supported Dr Ben Carson in the primary.

  7. This makes good press, I don’t think anybody is going to pardon anybody. It will never get that far,
    and screaming kill the Orangeman, comeon man, grow up.

    1. You are innocent till proven guilty in this country. Everyone seems to forget that. Bogart is a Trump hating jerkoff and a stupid asshole.

      1. “jerkoff” stupid asshole” Danny, did you think up those words all by your little self?

  8. Ford’s pardoning of Nixon was good for the nation’s healing, and I believe a Biden pardon of DT be the same. We cannot continue on the path of dissolution and hatred we presently find ourselves. I say pardon DT, let the 2024 election proceed, and let the voters have their say.

  9. Lotsa name-calling here. It is unbecoming. It’s especially unbecoming for those who preach tolerance and inclusion.

  10. “First, most of the Right is howling (with some justification) that the former president is being attacked for political motives, and a large majority of people agree, according to a poll taken after his indictment by New York’s district attorney, but before the federal indictment.”

    Exactly what justification/evidence do you have in opining that Trump is being attacked for political motives? Because I see none, and I could care less what a “large majority of people” think if it is not supported by fact. Because of Trump’s status as a presidential candidate, Merrick Garland immediately appointed a special counsel separate from the Justice Department, and Trump was indicted because a jury of his peers — NOT any government entity — decided the evidence presented was worthy of said indictment. In the cases of Biden, Hilary Clinton and Mike Pence, all of them IMMEDIATELY dealt with their situations by either returning the documents or encouraging an investigation. Trump did NEITHER. Instead, he did what he always does, which is deflect, lie, and hide behind lawyers. And that’s why he has been indicted while they have not. And it should be noted that neither Biden nor Pence even knew the documents were in their possession.

    Pretty darned clear to me.

    1. Almost half of Americans believe a) it was political and b) it was justified.
      Try putting Yourself in THEIR shoes and ask why Hillary wasn’t indicted, along with Sandy Berger who was caught stuffing documents in his pants, why Biden wasn’t charged, why the Hunter Biden laptop was suppressed.
      I am NOT saying they are right, and there are some explanations, but if it was against YOUR side, you’d be fuming.

  11. I think you are wrong on this one, Stu. From a political standpoint, who is going to vote for Biden because he pardoned Trump? Not a single Trump supporter. Not a single Trump-hater. If anything, he will lose votes from the latter as protest, perhaps fueling more vigorous and credible primary challenges. Not to mention the prospect of a third party challenge from the left (who are already mad at him for compromising with McCarthy and keeping Title 42 in place as long as he did).
    The Ford pardon of Nixon is often cited, but Ford lost, with some attributing it, at least in part, to the pardon. I think it was the right thing to do, but politically it was probably a mistake. That was a different, less partisan time as well. (For example, as a kid, I remember friends of our family switching from supporting RFK to Nixon after the assassination. And then switching to Carter.)

    Second, the possibility that Trump would thank Biden seems remote at best. The obvious spin would be that Biden pardoned him because the case was so weak that Biden didn’t want to be embarrassed by a resounding acquittal. If the pardon happens (which it won’t) and Trump treats it with gratitude instead of ridicule and triumphant vindication, I will donate a hundred bucks to your favorite charity.

    Third, seems to me Trump will get the nomination regardless of what happens, so why isn’t it better to run against an indicted candidate, as opposed to one who can claim complete vindication, and that he forced his opponent to “back down”? It’s not as if there will be a trial and conviction before the election. Takes at least a year to get to trial, and with all the motion practice and possible appeals in this case, this one won’t go for quite a while after that.

    As for the Hilary Clinton and Sandy Berger (? Berger pleaded guilty and was convicted–if Trump wants a light sentence like Berger, he should plead guilty as well), my answer is all the more reason to go after Trump. While there are tons of legal and factual differences between the cases, assuming they are the same, why in the world should we create a situation where prominent politicians are, ipso facto, above the law? It would be like saying celebrities should never be prosecuted because OJ got off. If we accept the argument that politician “A” got away with it, so therefore politician “B” should too, where do we end up? I say, prosecute ’em all.

    1. Berger got probation, no jail time.
      As to the rest, you are probably correct.
      The column was a light-hearted “what if” for readers to discuss, and they have.

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