Banned by Facebook

No kidding. I posted this on Facebook and it was taken down for violating “community standards.”

The only thing I added was a caption that said, “Just like a man,” as a j-o-k-e, of course, because the lioness was doing all the work.

I appealed the decision to Facebook and lost.

So, in case you were wondering if the U.S. has become hypersensitive and drowning in PC, the answer is yes.

9 thoughts on “Banned by Facebook”

  1. FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY! I guess the snowflakes who run Facebook found any/all of the following in violation of community standards: (1) animal copulation; (2) your comment ‘just like a man’; (3) anti-vegetarianism; (4) violation of PETA standards; (5) violation of SPCA standards; (3) anti-feminist rhetoric; etc., etc. Perhaps you should have cautioned viewers that your posting contained ‘mild violence’ (don’t you love that warning by the MPAA?) and ‘some strong sexual content.’

  2. I laughed so hard, it wasn’t easy,
    beause what’s frightenly hilarious is the same people who have censored this at Facebook scare me enough from placing a ‘Trump For President’ sign on my lawn. Or for that matter wearing a MAGA hat. PC is a plague!

  3. And yet FB will allow any politician who runs their campaign via FB to lie through their teeth. Go figure. When they need to be PC, they ain’t!

  4. The same thing happened to me on Facebook. I posted an image of a cup of coffee with a spoon inside the cup. There was a warning about the danger of not removing the spoon before consuming the beverage. Facebook removed the post because it violated standards. Believe it or not.

  5. And yet in the middle of sentences I see OBJ . I have no idea what a friend of mine who was talking about having soup could have said. At the same time they allow the F word. Go figure

    Jerry G

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