Bad taste joke of the day

After an undersea oil pipeline burst, several hundred thousand barrels of oil escaped into the Pacific Ocean.

Map of oil spill

At least the ocean doesn’t squeak any more.

This joke is a memorial to my best friend, Jim Moran, a longtime spokesman for Sun Oil in Philadelphia. It was his gag.

He would have been 82 today, and for those of you who own my novel, Press Card, the character Jim Moriarty is based on him.

Jim with me and Jerry Blavat

Rest in peace, my friend. I miss you.

4 thoughts on “Bad taste joke of the day”

  1. While reading “Press Card”, it always seemed to me that Jim Moriarity was more of a Dirty Frank’s
    kinda guy, but having someone named “Moriarity” at Doc Watson’s is simply funnier.

    I hope Mr. Moran appreciated the joke.

    I share your grief.

    There used to be a radio station that did ‘worst joke of the day’. Are you trying to compete with a.m. radio ?

  3. Funniest joke of the day: “Two Irish guys walk OUT of an Irish bar…”

    Sorry about your pal. We’re all on the same road, so the journey is more important than the destination.

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