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  1. Yes, and they struggled to get by in a hostile environment. A cave drawing, estimated to be three million years old, depicts two women being turned away by a baker who refused to make them a wedding cake.

  2. Why wouldn’t there have been. There were male homosexuals and lesbians in Ancient Greece. Why not before that?

  3. Well, as the cave drawings show us, there were certainly cartoons! Don’t know why there wouldn’t have been lesbians as well, given their presence in the ancient world (Isle of Lesbos, after all) and their documented existence in numerous species (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mammals_displaying_homosexual_behavior) Who knew Tasmanian devils, and even vampire bats could be gay?

    Here’s a question: “Why do so many ostensibly heterosexual people spend so much time thinking about homosexuality?” Asking for a friend.

  4. Last time I looked, it was lesbians and homosexuals who were constantly dwelling on their aberration — gay pride parades and all that nonsense. Never did see a heterosexual-pride parade, or a heterosexual flag like the rainbow flag, and so on. The only time many heterosexuals think about homosexuals is when we wish they’d just shut up and live their lives quietly.

    1. I dunno. Do you object to St. Patrick’s Day parades? Should Irish people just shut up and live their lives quietly? Or the Shriner’s or Stu’s Mummers for that matter? People wanna have a parade, get the appropriate permits, etc., and what’s the big deal? Not interested? Change the channel.

      1. Inane analogy: The St. Patrick Parade honors a religious icon, gay pride parades ‘celebrate’ an aberration. On may be born with a sexual dysfunction but one does not have to act on it.

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  6. Drawings were found in caves of prehistoric man that depicted what could only be interpreted as two cavewomen scissoring. Historians speculate that it was Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble.

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