Animal story

While I work on something a tad more serious, here’s something I think most of us can enjoy.

Dog owners will appreciate it most of all.
But here is something to remember: Not all dogs can be taught all tricks. There are some simple tricks that even smart dogs can’t master.
I learned that from a guy who had a trained dog act in Las Vegas. I don’t remember his name, but he had about 20 dogs, all rescued from shelters. He needed that many dogs, he said, because each had a few tricks they could do, and different dogs have different abilities and interests.
Most dogs do want to please their people, but they have different personalities. In fact, most animals do, but that’s a story for another day.

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    Quite a few of my buddies are members of the VFW and/or the American Legion. A few guys are still active in law enforcement. We pass around e-mails that reflect the service dogs that are highly trained for military and police work. As you have seen these e-mails, you can appreciate there message.
    Most people are not aware that you can rescue these dogs when they are ready to retire. Simply contact either the military or law enforcement folks near you and hopefully, they can direct you further.

  2. I think we are the real winners when it was stated; that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and dogs are a man’s best friend.

    Did you know that most service dogs have a “working life” , like people only lasts for so long. Did you know that in many cases, these service dogs can be adopted ? Both the military and law enforcement put their “ole timers” and injured up for adoption. It’s easy enough to check out, should some one be interested.
    HOORAH !

  4. Our daughter’s Toy Poodle run circles (and quite literally) around our Bearded Collie. Bearded Collie can herd with the best of them. Toy Poodle hunts everything she can…they are after all, a hunting breed, and, when you mention it to other Poodle owners, refuse to believe (until they Google it).

    Hey – they’re both our babies, and viva le difference!

    Did you know that many military service dogs can be adopted after they retire ? Like people, they worked their whole life and now look to lay back and enjoy the people that choose to be their friends and keepers.

  6. let’s try this again, oh great webmaster
    did you know that you can adopt military service dogs when they retire ? Some of these Veterans are in need of a really special home. look it up. check it out.

  7. I’m reminded of a cartoon I saw in the New Yorker magazine. It showed a stranded skier up to his neck in snow.
    And here comes a Saint Bernard dog with a keg around its neck. The skier says, “Here comes man’s best friend — and a dog.”

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