And now, Stu’s first novel

After six decades of writing journalistic nonfiction, it’s time for my first novel. Years in the making, you might say. 

Press Card is fiction, but it reads like fact.

They say journalism is a search for answers. This is a little different: As an author, I know the answers, because I created the questions. And I get to share them with you. 

Here are three reasons you might like the book:

1- It is a fun read.

2- It is fast-paced, a sometimes bawdy story of the conflict between a hard-edged reporter and his editors, and others. It is filled with humor, colorful characters, sex, and suspense.

3- Its setting is a Philadelphia tabloid in the 1970s, when print was still king, before newspapers hit the skids. Press Card takes you behind the scenes, giving you the most revealing look at how newspapers really work, and how decisions are made, since All the President’s Men.

There’s a lot more information on the website where you can order the book as an ebook or as a softcover from Amazon ($15). Autographed and/or inscribed copies must be ordered directly through me ($20), available after Aug. 20. You can do that by check or PayPal on the website. 

I have been doing this blog for two years for free. Buying the book would be a nice thank you from regulars (and a couple already have).

8 thoughts on “And now, Stu’s first novel”

  1. Fast-paced is important. You’ve sold me. There’s many a novel I couldn’t get past 20 pages. And Vince’s observation made me think of the late Vince Flynn’s political action thrillers. I’m looking forward Stu, and again, much success.

    check’s in the mail !
    it’s postdated till 8/15/2022. Just incase I get stuck on the big words. 😊

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