America pushes back against the woke

Election Night, generally speaking, was good for traditional Americans, not so good for the woke.

In a huge upset, Republican Glenn Youngkin, riding a wave of parental opposition to Critical Race Theory, beat former governor Terry McAullife, a former Democratic National Committee chair, and a real smarmy piece of work. He thought shouting “Donald Trump” would be like “Shazam” and give him super powers.

Winsome Sears, flanked by family, accepts election as Virginia lieutenant governor

He was wrong.

And I hope you saw the acceptance speech of Youngkin’s Lieutenant Governor, Winsome Sears. If you didn’t, here’s the video.  It’s eight minutes of love for her adopted country.

The daughter of a Jamaican immigrant who arrived in the U.S. with $1.75 in his pocket, and thrived, she joined the Marines before she was even a citizen. Why? She said she was willing to lay down her life for a country that had done so much for her.

Winsome Sears as a Marine, although not yet a citizen

I will keep the video clip and post it every time I hear the damnable lie — always from the Left — that America is “systemic racist.” She became the first Black woman to be lieutenant governor, and was bathed in cheers from a mostly white crowd of Republicans. 

I will get back to Youngkin in a minute.

But first — other good news that Americans are returning to their senses.

In ultra woke Minneapolis, the idiotic ballot proposition to get rid of its police department has failed. Maybe the increasing crime rate had something to do with it. 😊 Maybe the streets soon will be safe for Mary Richards.

New York City elected retired police captain Eric Adams to replace the certifiable Bill de Blasio. He is the second African-American to lead America’s biggest city, and ran on a platform of public safety.

“I wanted people to know my story, being a dishwasher, having a learning disability, being arrested as a child, going to school at night, working in a mail room. That was the story I wanted to send New Yorkers, and they felt me. And because of that, I’m now going to be the mayor of one of the greatest cities on the globe,” the Democrat told CNN’s John Berman.

Obviously, he is not one who believes America is racist.

In New Jersey, well, we don’t know the outcome yet, but in a shocker, Democratic incumbent Phil Murphy was tied with Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli in a deeply blue state.

The Republican’s main talking points were the economy, and Murphy’s heavy-handed COVID policies.

Even if Murphy pulls it out, a message has been sent. Will Democratic leadership hear it?

The election of political amateur Youngkin has sounded an alarm for Democrats across the nation. Less than a year after Dems took over Washington, D.C., they lost Virginia, which had become a blue state. Why? Overplaying their hand. 

And in Youngkin’s case, not listening to parents, both Black and white, who oppose so-called Critical Race Theory.

Tuesday night I heard — again — news anchors say “Critical Race Theory isn’t even taught below the college level.”

The two were 6ABC’s Jim Gardner and CNN’s Don Lemon.

Yes, “Critical Race Theory” is a college course, but its contents are in public schools.

What do Gardner and Lemon think parents were screaming about at school board hearings? Were parents imagining things?

What did they think Condoleezza Rice meant when she said on “The View” that white children should not be made to feel like oppressors and Black children should not be made to feel like victims? She was immediately attacked by some progressives as a white supremacist. (A growing number of Black conservatives are called white supremacists by the usual race baiters who are themselves racist in their belief that Black people can’t think for themselves. Maybe like Joe Biden telling Blacks they are not Black if they don’t vote for him.)

The “theory” itself is not taught, but its pernicious elements are scattered like apple seeds by teachers who themselves have been indoctrinated on campuses that have banned free speech, created “safe zones” and puppy petting stations for students who tremble at the thought of an imagined micro aggression.

Gardner and Lemon were in the same bubble as McAuliffe, unable to see what was right in front of them.

Parents don’t object to slavery being taught.

It already is.

What they don’t want is white children being taught they are irredeemably racist.

They are not — and many Black parents also object to this far left view of their country.

Traditional Americans spoke loudly Tuesday night. 

We will see in the next election if it was a hiccup, or a sea change. 

38 thoughts on “America pushes back against the woke”

  1. It’s what I predicted and if the pink and blue haired woke crowd don’t sit up and take notice, they are in for a ruder awakening come 2022. We middle of the road crowd don’t want to be preached to about gender pronouns, systemic racism, what historical statues are acceptable, who can play on girls’ sports and on and on. Their trying to force feed us their theories and ideologies is dictatorial and not in keeping with the values that this country has traditionally stood for and on which it was founded.

  2. It’s what I predicted and if the pink and blue haired woke crowd don’t sit up and take notice, they are in for a ruder awakening come 2022. We middle of the road crowd don’t want to be preached to about gender pronouns, systemic racism, what historical statues are acceptable, who can play on girls’ sports and on and on. Their trying to force feed us their theories and ideologies is dictatorial and not in keeping with the values that this country has traditionally stood for and on which it was founded.

  3. Thanks for a great summary of the election results. I was immersed with the Braves World Series victory. Sweet revenge for the city of Atlanta.

    Indeed, it is a HAPPY WEDNESDAY !!! The American people have stood up, finally, and said, enough ! Now, let’s hope that New Jersey flipped to Blue . For the life of me. Anyone with a brain knows that this dimocratic party is not for the people. Their beliefs and policies undermind the very American beliefs that we fought and died for all of these years. Undermind not undermine.

  5. The outrage over Critical Race Theory and “brainwashing” is a well funded campaign by wealthy Republican donors. It’s largely a lie, right behind the “big lie”. But it’s necessary because Republicans have got nothing else. Nothing but OUTRAGE. No ideas, no vision. NOTHING that actually helps the American people. And just because a majority of people believe something, does not make it true. You can sneer all you want but President Biden and we “woke” Americans actually want to stop the spread of Covid, decrease inequality, invest in our infrastructure, make affordable healthcare easier to obtain, make voting easier, and yes, provide a more in depth and accurate education about race in America. What do Repugs want?

      Since you asked, I’ll give you my standard answer. Back in the day, the Republicans ( not repugs ) believed in building from the bottom up. Meaning, put the money out there in the form of factories, plants, etc. Put the people to work, stimulate the economy and provide a better way of life. True, the old regime ( rich fat white guys ) sat around, smoking their cigars and getting rich. But they wanted us to prosper.
      Then, more than now, the Democrat party believed in ‘trickle down’. Let the money flow down to the working class, give them a little bit while the big bucks stay up at the top. It was the dems, frim the civil war on, that talked like they cared, while holding down the people. Eisenhower brought in the middle class and life was on the up and up. Ever since, the democrats have been trying to get rid of the middle class.
      True also, the RINOs came out in big numbers to support the dems and beat back the middle class. Washington D.C. really did become a cesspool when the word ‘statesman’ was stricken from their vocabulary.
      What do we, the middle class want. The same for all Americans. A chance to prosper, enjoy life and pass on our fortunate lifestyle to our children. I would like to see my pensions have the stamina to support myself and wife as every possible item out there on the open market keeps spiraling upwards ! Do you remember the ’70s & ’80s when senior citizens had to eat dog food because they couldn’t afford real food ?!? Looks like we’re heading that way again !
      Open up your mind, Naomi. You’re an intelligent person. You’ve been around awhile. Think back to when we were kids and our parents were struggling to make ends meet ? Look forward to what we’ll be leaving our children and grandchildren.
      U.S, Debt $86925 per citizen. Liability per citizen, $478191
      good luck with your new home

      1. Anthony,
        Perhaps “Back in the Day”, CEO’s earned about 25 times what their line workers earned. Today…. more than 300 times…..Yet the Republicans, and a few un-woke Dems) don’t want to increase taxes on billionaires. Nor do they want to change the loopholes that allow for these billionaires to avoid paying taxes. Thanks for the History lesson, but you are things have politics has changed. Today’s Republican party is not your grandfathers’ Republican party. It oozes White resentment, and promulgates lies. BTW, “trickle down” economics is a totally Republican concept, not Dem, as you stated. Today’s Republican party is not your grandfathers’ Republican party. It oozes white resentment, and promulgates lies. Please spare me the Tucker Carlsonesque propoganda that Democrats are undermining the foundation of American beliefs. Specifically how so? By pushing through the Civil Rights Act back in the 60’s? Please allow me to reword the question “What do Republicans want” to “what proposals have Republican lawmakers put forth in recent years, to better the lives of ordinary Americans?” … I can’t think of even one. Everything in President Biden’s agenda is FOR THE PEOPLE, meaning the 99%.

        1. still HAPPY WEDNESDAY !!!
          You are on a tear tonight. First, let me say that I prefer the old days when we had ‘statesmen’ vs today’s politicians. I am conservative by nature, republican because there really isn’t any other choice. I care not for either party. I vote for the candidate.
          CEOs. They cut their own deal with the corporations. The powers to be agree to the high salaries because of what that CEO can do for the business. Look at Penn. Look at their salaries at the top. They get the money because they bring in the students.
          True. Legal loopholes. I have used them when I had the opportunities. They saved me on taxes and made me dollars, whereas the CEOs, etc are playing at a completely different game.
          Trickle down. I believe that President Reagan used that line. The concept is democrat. Money at the top. Slim pickings at the bottom.
          Racist Republicans. I don’t know what you’re reading. There is nonsense on both sides of the aisle. Seriously, check your history.
          FOX and friends. Sorry. Wrong guy. I get my info mostly from PBS, then around the dial. I may be old school, but I am usually well read on a topic that I discuss.
          Obama. right.

    2. Naomi, as I wrote, do you think the outraged parents imagined anti-white discussions of race in the classroom? Was Condi Rice lying?
      There are two elements of CRT, which I covered in an earlier column. I am afraid you are believing a lie as big as Trump’s on the election. (P.S.: I read 1619. Propaganda wrapped around fact, like Zinn’s Peoples History, that I also read. I can’t access the column while I am here, so I will send to you.)

      1. Stu,
        I don’t think the “outraged” parents are imagining things. I think they have been brainwashed themselves by a well funded Right wing propaganda efforts. They have bought into the “outrage” and fear, which is the ONLY thing the repugs got. (and, clearly, it works). To be fair, the changes are scary to them. A white society turning brown… revelations of historic events they themselves were never taught are now being taught to their children. But CRT? They’ve conflated every discussion about race, and every fact that puts the larger “White” society in a bad light as CRT. No doubt there are some teachers, or even some schools who have taken it too far, but the hysteria reminiscent of the Salem witch hunt is unwarranted. ….. I haven’t read 1619, nor am I familiar with Zinn. But I’m guessing you were already biased against if prior to reading. The project won the Pulitzer. You yourself admit it is factual. Events are often viewed with different perspectives. You call it “propaganda”, because it goes against your grain. Yet you don’t admit that the Right is feeding Propaganda about CRT to the masses.

        1. And the Left wing isn’t guilty of feeding propaganda to the masses as well? Cut me the proverbial break!

          I am very much a middle of the road type, and I despise was passes for true propaganda from both sides. But to make it appear one-sided as you have – that’s more than just one’s opinion – that’s a lack of awareness.

          1. Randy,
            I believe most of what comes out from the Right about CRT (which is the main topic in this discussion) is propaganda, well funded from Repug donars. There’s been credible reporting on this topic. Since according to you, I “lack awareness”, please help me to see the light. Specifically, what Left wing propaganda you are referring to?

        2. You make a lot assumptions about the parents. The uprisings in VA took place in wealthy suburbs, meaning the parents are educated. You pass the usual gas about fears of a brown America. Where is your proof of that? Because they prefer a traditional America to a progressive one where everyone is known by gender (should they have one) or by religion, or race rather than by (here it comes) the content of their character?
          Per 1619 and Zinn, the FIRST lie is saying America began in 1619 (NYT) or 1492 (Zinn.)
          America began in 1776, and to assert otherwise is bad history, and a lie.

          1. Stu,
            I didn’t say the people who elected Youngkin were uneducated, I said they bought into a lie, which they did. Please don’t put words in my mouth. And for you to say these parents prefer a “traditional America” blah blah is also an assumption. And, BTW, I do believe “Traditional America” to mean a Whiter America. I have no “proof” that people fear the browning of America. But it is my deeply held opinion, and NOT an uneducated one. As far as 1619 being the beginning of America, I think you know full well that the writers mean that the “beginning” in a broader sense than you do, as you mean the time we became an official nation. I’m busy, I can’t go on.

          2. When you say they bought into a lie, you are calling them stupid. (As you would “Repugs”who believe the election was rigged.)
            Their words and actions prove they are traditional people who believe THEY and not the state, knows what is best for their children. And that their children should not be taught they are racist.
            At least you admit to have no proof they want a whiter America. That is just bias on your part, which I often hear from the Left. A bad opinion stated as fact.
            And, no, to a “broader interpretation.” FACT: America was founded in 1776. To dispute that is to lie, pure and simple. NOT 1619. NOT 1492. That is no more “opinion” than 2+2=4.
            It’s like when “Defund the Police” fell on its face, suddenly it became, “Oh, that doesn’t mean defund the police.” But it did, it is English.
            And a proposition to actually defund the police failed Tuesday in Minneapolis. Sanity reigned.

    3. We want people like you to recognize the wreckage you leave in the wake of ‘progressivism.’

      1. Progressive Wreckage. Unlike the peaceful, loving protests on January 6, 2021. No “wreckage” there.

        1. The wreckage of progressives we have to live with forever. A few days of outrage by people sick of progressives’ systemic destruction hardly compares. But why argue with you, an unenlightened fool? You merely drag people down to your level and beat them with experience.

  6. Maybe Naomi should watch Rachel Maddow who claims CRT does not exist at all and is a lie by Fox news.Well it does exist.I know teachers in Delaware who were told CRT was on the agenda to be taught in their schools (K-12) and the teachers in some districts with pressure from concerned parents voted it down.I know students who had courses in the 1619 Project which teaches lies and propaganda and passes it off as history.These Marxist programs must be banned in all colleges and schools.They are destructive poison.I hope yesterdays elections are the start of a movement to bring common sense back to our government.

    1. Maybe you (Rich M) should read some of the essays that comprise the 1619 Project before calling an extensive body of work lies and propaganda. …..Exactly what “Marxist” programs are you saying should be banned in schools? Sounds like right wing fearmongering to me. They throw in their buzzwords whenever it suits them with no regard to facts.

      1. I read some of the 1619 Project before I put it aside. Why waste precious time on that propaganda.Rich M is 100 % correct.

        How many more deaths and rapes must we have before socialists like Naomi decide to vote against krasner.

          1. Naomi

            Let me congratulate you for one outstanding response .

            It’s a demonstration of sheer brilliance on your part,

            Even an idiot like me is able to comprehend your gemius.

            Keep up the great messages.

            You surpass just about every poster on this site, Ha Ha Ha

  7. McAuliffe is a walking, talking exhibit of what is wrong with HRC-era Dems. He’s a wuss dope who ran an awful campaign based essentially on what you said about trump. The GOP couldn’t have picked a better opponent.

  8. As long as we are talking about voter rejection let us add the people of Northampton County. They rejected the rantings and implied threats said by Repug Steve Lynch. Lynch said the following in August at a rally in Harrisburg:

    “I’m going in with 20 strong men,” Lynch said. “I’m going to speak in front of the school board and I’m going to give them an option. They can leave or they can be removed. And then after that we’re going to replace them with nine parents and we’re going to vote down the mask mandates that evening. That evening.”

    1. And what was he running for? The top 3 offices in Virginia went to white man (governor), Black woman (lieutenant governor), Hispanic (atty general). All (as you would put it) Repugs.

  9. Election sort of indicates that the reason Biden won the election was because people were tired of Trump, not the Republican party.

  10. Naomi – I have a 16 year old in phila public schools and I assure you that the outrage isn’t right wing propaganda.To summarize- America sucks.White people suck.straight people suck.As a result scads of kids identify as trans-queer communists who hate America.My kid hasn’t a clue what ww2 was about but she can tell you all about Intersectionality.Look that one up.

  11. I’ve had this piece for a while. Some of it may apply here. Maybe not. Take it for what its worth. It’s very well thought out.

    The right of free speech and expression requires us to tolerate alot of lies and misinformation.
    That doesn’t mean we actually value those things. It just means we place a higher value upon the need to keep any institution, public or private, from assuming or co-opting the power of defining “legitimate” or “illegitimate” speech, which rightfully belongs only to the individual. Besides, we need disturbed people to freely express themselves, because it enables responsible people to identify and individually choose to shun them. The alternative is they conceal their malignant intentions until it’s too late to stop them. It’s therefore incumbent upon free people to remain vigilant, skeptical and prepared to reject their attempts to gain power over us. We thus counteract irresponsible abuse of free speech to spread lies, with responsible use in the form of civil discourse, respectful debate and informed votes and decisions.


      Anonymous or Tom,
      Mr. Chairman, I make a motion that this letter be sent out to every house hold in these United States. I suggest that we let the so called political parties pick up the cost of mailing – first class.
      I would further recommend that you translate into smaller words. Dummy down, so to speak, because of our very poor educational system.
      ALL IN FAVOR ? AYE !

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