Adverts for myself

Here’s a perfect example of how a blog differs from a newspaper column. What I am about to do I could not do in a newspaper column, but I can here because of the deeper level of intimacy between writer and reader.

The writer at work. (Photo: Half-Pint)

I am an analog guy in a digital world. I am low-tech and hostage to holders of the binary code, meaning the computer language of 0s and 1s, not the people who change their nonbinary gender every time they can’t get a date. It’s hard enough for a man and a woman (or a woman and a woman or a man and a man) to get together. If you have a smorgasbord of 37+ gender possibilities, it’s almost impossible.

OK, that was a big digression.

Back here at, I’ve got problems and forgive me if I get some of the terms wrong. An operation called GoDaddy (or GoPotty as I call it) is the host, which I pay to get to where you can see it. Then there’s Word Press, (or Worse Press, as I like to call it) that provides the mechanics for what you see here. Together GoPotty and Worse Press are the Damaged Duo. Stressful and disappointing.

A friend of mine said I could set it up myself. “It’s easy, take a few hours.”

I knew he was wrong so asked around to find a guy who knew Word Press cold. I found that man. Since I/we (not my preferred personal pronouns) launched on July 15, it has been one F-up after another.

I don’t think it is my tech guy’s mistakes — but Worse Press and GoPotty point fingers at each other. There is no accountability. It’s like being a Democrat on City Council.

The way it’s supposed to work: After I write and have the copy proofread by Half-Pint, I load it in Worse Press, categorize it, tag it — something to do with some wishful thinking called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — add photos and choose a time to publish, usually first thing in the morning.

At the outset, that worked about half the time, but that’s been mostly fixed. What hasn’t is the email notification to those who have signed up. That works about half the time and I am getting pissed off.

I am considering switching to a different program, recommended by a friend, which supposedly will work and looks more attractive. He has shown me a sample.

Why am I telling you all this? So you are in on it, but there is something I am asking you to do. If you like, share with friends and ask them to sign up for notifications.

Why? If i get enough subcribers, I may be able to attract advertisers, which may be another headache as I will be under the City of Philadelphia’s tax heel, as I have been once before.

So that is the deal and that is the appeal. Spread the word and enlist more middlists to join us here. (Actually, I know many of you are not Middle, but Left or Right. That’s OK.)

This is a big tent, I am kind of the ringmaster — but no elephants, we’ve learned better than keeping them in a circus.

Spread the word.

12 thoughts on “Adverts for myself”

    Two appropriate greetings, especially since you are wearing your souvenir from Normandy.
    When I joined the PW way back when, their computer system was from the 19th century. They hired a bunch to techies and brought the system into the 20th century. The problem then, was that they had to drag all of the employees into the present. In other words. The city employees were not computer savvy. That includes me.
    So here you are, much better at that little black box than I, trying to come into the 21st century. As everyone says,”ask your grandkids for help”.
    Pallie, it would be nice to see you with more readers, which would surely bring more replys and opinions. And after you straighten out your problem, come on out here to my town and straighten out the township web site. Talk about dinosaurs and elephants………..

    1. I will do it.
      Maybe you can replace the inquirer. That would be a big step forward for civilization.

  2. Actually, Stu, you are the elephant (in the room), and we love you for it. We’ll continue to support you through Badd Daddy and Worse Press (that what we call them in our men’s club). Or thick and thin if you prefer. I think we all appreciate your keeping us un your loop, even when the loop gets a bin un-done.

    On a subscriber level, I certainly would like to see your word spread around more. I do see mostly the same folks posting here – but they are the faithful, at least you might have some consolation in that. I’ve tried to spread the word a bit myself, but I’m not sure it’s having the desired impact.

    But I do see you have a Honeywell digital thermostat in your room in the picture above. That’s a good boy!

    1. Randy,
      Never mind the thermostat. Isn’t the big lug cute and cuddly ?!? I’ld give him a hug, but I’ld need a ladder to get way up there around his neck.

      1. Anthony. Yup – see what you mean. BTW, even more interesting is the leopard bag on the chair under the ‘stat. I hope it’s not Stu’s .

  3. Good luck Stu. I will try inviting all my friends and family just so you can pay your City Taxes 🤣🤣😂😂

  4. I have ‘sold’ you to all my former Air Force friends and their families. I may not always agree with what you print, but I enjoy the heck out of your opinions: well thought out and usually on target. May you reach thousands and roll in advertising dough. Then move out of Taxadelphia and thumb your nose as you leave.

  5. Your posts always make me think…..bring me out of my comfort zone…..the comments too. Every day I watch the news and frequent many news sites but always end up thinking whether the stories and articles are skewed…..whether the writers have a paid-for agenda. I’m just a concerned U.S. citizen with a high school education wondering if the ship’s captain isn’t steering us over a waterfall and If America can ever recover.

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