A Louisiana liar, in the flesh

I get on a lot of strange email mailing lists, maybe because I support candidates from a range of political parties — Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Natural Law.

I have been getting fund-raising appeals from Louisiana U.S. Senator John Kennedy, no relation to the former president.

He’s on talk shows a lot and gets coverage on TV because of his very folksy manner of speech.

Sen. John Kennedy (Photo: NOLA.com)

Makes you forget he graduated magna cum laude in political science, philosophy, and economics from Vanderbilt University, was president of his senior class, and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He received his law degree from the University of Virginia School of Law and earned a Bachelor of Civil Law degree with first class honors from Oxford University.

That’s Oxford, England, not Oxford, Miss.

So with bona fides like that, why does he have to resort to lying, to catfish his supporters?

“Friend,” he writes, “There’s not any other way to put this: I’m losing.

“I just talked to my team and my Radical Left opponent has all the momentum and all the steam heading directly towards election day and I need help and I need it fast,” he says.

“Look, the crazy wokers are bound and determined to unseat me and push Nancy Pelosi’s Socialist Agenda down the American people’s throats. We can’t have a Left-of-Lenin Neo-Socialist putting the greatest country in human history in danger.

“I need your help. I missed my fundraising deadline in February, and without your help, I’m toast again in March.”

He says, ”I’m losing,” but as the polling (chart) shows, Kennedy has a 39% lead over his Democratic challenger. He has a clear majority of 53% and that’s not likely to change.

So when I see him now, instead of folksy, I just see a whiner and a liar. Also someone stupid, to lie about something so easily checked.

12 thoughts on “A Louisiana liar, in the flesh”

  1. Stu, you’re surprised that a politician is a liar? I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked!

    1. Vince – that’s one of my favorite lines from Louis De Inspector in Casablanca (“shocked”). Also, “Of all the gin joints….”

    2. Yeah, I know….the next thing you know, there will be gambling in Casablanca!!!

  2. Yeah, Stu, about that “losing streak” of 53%. Maybe he’s so brilliant he just “losing” it.

  3. And yet, despite this parody of MAGA-speak solicitation and bozo antics in Congress, the people of Louisiana continue to support this clown. I despair.

    You know as well as I, politics s*&%k! Here’s a man, more than qualified to hold public office and he has to use every possible tactic to win his for the people ( and gators ) of Louisiana. Mr. Kenney / Kennedy is actually one of the few that does not always vote party lines. Apparently, Kennedy has no party allegiance, since he has switched parties more than once. On the other hand. He can’t be all bad if he was handling the money for Louisiana as treasurer.
    And for Wanda. We should be so lucky as to having elected officials of John Neely Kennedy, esq.

    1. The name is Kennedy, the typo has been corrected and here is TODAY’S Lying email:
      “I’m losing to this crazy, leftist opponent of mine, and I honestly need some help.”
      He is NOT losing and there is no reason to lie like this.

      1. again, my friend
        POLITICS SUCK ! If you tell your constituents that you are a shoe in, then YOU ARE SCREWED !
        The most recent example of lying politics was the last presidential election. Biden was NOT hiding in his basement. He was in his war room, plotting against a should be shoe in. Politics 101, my friend. Keep them off guard – expect the unexpected.
        The republicans are getting fat-headed now ! Everybody is saynig that they’ll walk away with everything. BULL ! You want the job, you better fight for the job. Right up to the last vote being counted !
        ( sameo – sameo. every election )

  5. Our famous Governor is quoted as saying “Money is the Mother’s-Milk of politics”. Liars figure and figures lie. Every politician is hustling for money to stay in office. The whole system is pay to play. Our famous congressman said, “Money talks bullshit walks”. The system could use some change. Term limits is a good idea to start needed change.

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