A longshot introduces himself

The man with the raised fist is not angry.

He is Al Robles, and he is being emphatic.

Candidate Al Robles and supporters

Emphatic about his platform, which has three legs: Solidarity, Pragmatism, Prosperity, he said during his candidacy announcement Wednesday afternoon, surrounded by supporters.

He is running for the state house in Pennsylvania’s 182nd District, which embraces a wide swath of Center  City, including the Gayborhood surrounding Midtown Village. He was introduced by former Montgomery County D.A. Bruce Castor, whose office is in the Gayborhood.

Robles is a Republican.


Democrats have a 7-1 registration edge in Philadelphia, and it’s probably even greater in the 182nd. 

He knows he can’t win with Republicans alone, and tells me he is going after the “disaffected voter,” including Independents and  Democrats who feel the system has not been producing for them.

Robles is a native of the Dominican Republic, a graduate of Temple Law School who wants to focus on small and medium businesses and help them through what he calls urban capitalism.

I’ll tell you more about him after the primary, when we know who will be his Democratic opponent, and the odds-on favorite.

The 182nd seat is vacant, being abandoned by Brian Sims, a total smacked-ass running for lieutenant governor.

He is a tool, as I have written before, who needs to be returned to private practice, assuming anyone would hire anyone as juvenile as he is.

4 thoughts on “A longshot introduces himself”

    I can only offer Mr. Robles my best wishes and a little bit of old time mentoring.
    1) in-person contact is still the best method of meeting the voters and getting your message out.
    2) surround Mr. Robles with serious minded believers. Start with a knowledgeable campaign manager.
    3) you don’t need bodies. You need workers.
    4) it takes money and time. Lots of both.
    There’s plenty more needed and that’s where a good campaign manager is needed.

  2. I am old enough to have watched Philadelphia go from the 4th largest city in the nation to 6th. I am old enough to have watched Philadelphia lose a half-million people in its population. And I have lived long enough to have watched Philadelphia voters elect and reelect and re-reelect the same bozos over and over again, proving the adage that insanity is repeating the same action again and again, expecting a different answer. Failure is a state of mind, and Philadelphia has it in spades.

  3. I hope he wins. However, the reality is He has a better chance at winning Powerball or Mega Millions than winning this election.

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